Remember as I explain this, or tell an anecdotal story, that I am in no way religious, far from it.

I have stated before many a time that I am a scientist.

Sometimes I note that scientists are religious and I am sorry but the two ARE mutually exclusive, in the long understandings of both. Unless of course those religious have gotten their view of God, or indeed Gods, wrong?

I had Jehovah’s Witnesses at my door this morning, along their long journey to turn people good and save their souls.

I am not nor never have been a Jehovah’s Witness but I have always had a link to them. My best friend at secondary school was a Jehovah’s Witness and of Jamaican descent.

I used to have a highly intelligent Jehovah’s Witness darken my door and I have no doubt I have mentioned him on here, though I can never remember his name. Not seen him for a couple of years and I hope to … hmm I just hope he is OK.

Today I had a couple of gentlemen and a child belonging to this faith and at my door. I have gone from being against them due to their mad ways of sticking too strictly to the bible to understanding their plight a little.

There is n nothing wrong with trying to save souls. Their is, to my mind, something wrong with not wanting nor never trying to save souls. But maybe that is just me, it certainly seems so most of the time.

So I had another intelligent gentleman and we chatted and I told him what I did, the thinking being that when they are trying to turn me good explaining what I have done, am doing and will do via my blogs and YouTube channel they realise I do not need saving.

In the hope that this saves both of us time, which is mostly of the essence.

But he listened along with his colleague in awe. With each revelation, sorry no pun intended, his eyes grew wide. When I explained about my daughter and the paedophile rings they looked like they were going to shed a tear each.

He then gestured to shake my hand and I did so.

He then read a scripture that seemed so parallel to what I do and fine, I remember it was from Corinthians and was to do with people not believing in something? I told him that was what I found the first few years I realised how much was evil and corrupt.

We talked some more and I told him I had already had a comment of thanks from a man of the cloth and he was taken aback by that. I said that he himself had been made to look and feel like he was a liar and that my endeavours had helped in removing that feeling from him.

Sometimes … no most of the time simply removing someone’s feelings of extreme negativity is the best present you can give.

I know I have done this already, doing it right now and will continue to do this and this is what strives me most of all.

I did do this with my own daughter several times and am only glad I was there to help and be a Dad for once which is rare for me. Quite unfortunately.

Yes, OK, she is not speaking to me right now and has not done for months on end and I do not know why. I can hazard a few pretty good guesses and one of them will be near the mark, I guarantee you that. But I did what I did because I wanted to and not just because I had to.

I think this was realised by the flat capped gentleman at my door.

After speaking a while longer I told him of the time I was called a “Warrior of God” before telling the misguided gentleman, called Martin or Martino something like that, that he was barking up the wrong tree…”I am not religious … I cannot be a warrior of God” I told him. “It doesn’t work like that” he replied with a wry smile.

He asked me what I thought was behind it and I said that I did not know. It was not the General Practitioners, for instance, in the NHS’ case but someone higher up.

I then said many would think it is government itself and although they are partly to blame it is not them either. I toyed with the idea that there was a group of powerful people, careful Martin You might sound like an Illuminati conspiracy theorist, that were behind it?

Naive and feeling like I have the flu I failed to realise what he was aiming for, which should in all honesty have been bloody obvious to me, lol.

He reached his idea and conclusion by stating a very famous line from the bible used so many times …

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled …

He started and I then jumped in at the pause …

..was convincing the world he did not exist.

He looked shocked that I knew that line. I know a inordinate amount of lines and have dozens, of not hundreds, of my own. Lol.

He also looked like he was a little choked and once again wanted to shake my hand.

He told me to keep up the good work and they left, leaving the latest issue of the Watchtower with me, as always.

I should have told him what a couple of his colleagues had heard me say …

I may not believe in the Devil’s existence but I would be a fool for not recognising the Devil’s work. You do not need to be religious to know that there are people who would do his work.

Maybe next time he comes calling?

Maybe of there is a God I might be mane an Angel?



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