This afternoon I sat somewhere I was not expecting to, nor was heading to nor even intended to be at all, sitting on a grass patch, in a village just outside London. I was there over an hour after a mile walk, or rather hobble, avoiding trucks, cars and vans as I was forced to walk on the road!

I wondered if I was ever going to get back!

Let me explain ..

I had visited a vape store to pick up a couple of things and a 30ml bottle of Barbed Custard. Only waiting at the usual bus stop I got on the bus only for it to not go straight at a large roundabout at Waltham Abbey, so heading for Waltham Cross, it turned … RIGHT!

Odd as I thought all the buses going that way went through Waltham Abbey going the opposite way.

It seems not!

I thought I mist be going to Upshire then and when it reached the Crooked Mile roundabout it turned … LEFT! Instead of going straight across.

It gets better … and then it gets unbelievably better!

I then think I will stay on the bus to see where it goes, now heading up roads that used to be my local roads years ago, towards Nazeing. Then I realise there are no bus stops and I think ‘no matter, it will likely go left towards Nazeing and then to Broxborne and I can get a bus back from there.

Except … NO! The bus goes straight on towards a place I have not been through in likely twenty years, Bumbles Green. So I decide I better get off the bus and ring the bell, only as I am heading towards the front of the bus with me thinking the bus is going a bit fast to be stopping for that bus stop, it goes straight past it!

“Excuse me, you was supposed to stop there, I did press the bell!”

“Oh, sorry!” he replies and asks me where he wants me to be dropped off. I see a pull in and point “THERE!”

He pulls over, I alight the bus and he pulls away as I look around and realise I now have to walk about a mile IN THE ROAD!!

Trucks, vans and cars go past me as I limp back towards Bumbles Green. I walk through the village looking for the bus stop on the other side to get back to Waltham Abbey … except there isn’t one!

Eventually I come to a roundabout and see a road heading west off it, a bus stop on this road and know this will take me to Broxborne and therefore the buses must take me there. Except on studying the four routes only two go there and the next one is an hour away! I just missed one, apparently.

So there I am … sitting on this patch of grass wondering how in the hell I ended up there and just how things can go horribly wrong.

You sit there for so long you wonder if a bus is going to come at all? You then start wondering that there may be a strike you do not know about? Or the buses have broken down? All the things that may prevent you form getting home, or at least getting back in a reasonable time.

I had something on me I was supposed to drop of at a mates, I asked me to order him something.

Once again I realise only too well that people without motorise transport are taken for granted, or everyone and everything is built to expect you to have your own transport.

I think it is just being registered disabled these days that puts this things more into focus?

It also is a sore reminder of what goes wrong when my Fibrofog causes me to lose focus on what I am doing.

Luckily it only added around two hours to my journey, maybe slightly more, and I put off dropping a parcel off at a friend’s until tomorrow.

Then I went to put a new Smok TFV4 Atomiser tank on one of my box mods to vape on and the darn thing leaks everywhere! The last 5mls of my favourite flavour, Wick Liquor’s Carnival, goes everywhere.

Thinking there must be a dodgey o-ring on the OCC (pre-made Organic Cotton Coil) I take the RBA (Re-Buildable Atomiser where you only have to change the cotton and not the coil too) out and put that in. Only when I fire it up I get no vape?! I try again and nothing. I then fire it while looking at the screen and it says … ‘Check Atomiser’?!

Oh great! This is just … GREAT!

What a day. I change it back to the original coil, the RBS was only a single coil anyway and I prefer at least a dual coil and three at most, tightened everything really tight and … no bloody leaks!

It must have just been installed by a cack-handed moron?

So after travelling and seeing a third of Essex, unintentional, I do not have to go back with the atomiser tomorrow and do it all again! Phhhheeeeew! Lol.

I tell ya, just the short term memory issues of Fibromyalgia alone, let alone the dozen areas of pain and the few embarrassing things, is a .. fecking .. pain … in the arse! (Father Ted accent)

At least I now have my RBA for my Smok TFV4 Full, dual coil of course, and now have a Smok TFV4 Mini and though it is nice I did want a Smok TFV4 Micro but no one seems to have them. When they do they appear to be with a kit and a 80W, I think it was, Smok Box Mod.

“We don’t stock them” said Craig in the Puff Dad E store when they do the full and mini and O pointed out that no one does! They are always with the kit and God help anyone who has a kit and breaks their atomiser ‘cos you cannot buy another one. Not in the UK, lol.

No, no, no I am NOT buying another box mod! Lol, I have the Snow Wolf and the Cuboid, I do not need any more … no pausing and thinking about it, no!


Oh yeah and I picked up my free 30ml of Barbed Custard by Vapemunki, which is one of my top four flavours.

I have been through three dozen and I have three new ones on the way, Suicide Bunny OB, Marshmallow Man (as I got fed up waiting weeks for London Vape Company to get them in) and .. umm .. something else .. cannot remember … ooh a new doughnut flavour by thjose guys actuall called the Doughnuts Juice company…oh sorry Donuts Juice Co, lol. AMericans cannot spell, I forgot, hehe.

Repeat after me … (in a Stewie Griffin voice) Cookie .. Dough … Dough .. Nuts?! Lol.

Anyway they do three doughnut flavours and I ordered one and no not the strawberry and blueberry! I said in a recent post that americans seem to think that Waffles is a Strawberry flavour, Dougnuts taste of strawberry or blueberries and all cereals taste of granola!

Good God, thankfully they did not invent them as they would have thought they all tasted like shit without half an vineyard, orchard or half a punnet is dumped on everything?

I just love waffles on their own, a little maple syrup at most.

Pancakes with sugar and a touch of lemon.

If its gonna taste of a bloody fruit or berry then bloody well call it that!

If you want doughnuts without the over bearing fruit … Wick Liquor’s Carnival!

Their Boulevard flavour is a nice vape too.


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