Well it seems like I was wrong on something.

A few years ago someone mentioned that the giant form of Pyrenean Fire Salamanders I owned and then sold, gave birth to fully formed Salamanders, i.e. without gill and not aquatic already black and yellow.

Now some of the Fire Salamander family like Cantabrian Fire Salamander, one small form of North African Fire Salamanders (S.s. algira when I last looked but are not), the Alpine Salamander, Golden Alpine Salamander and Lanzai’s Salamanders. These scientifically are, respectively, Salamandra salamandra bernardezi (one split into S.s. alfredschidtii, sensibly), Salamandra Salamandra algira, ¬†Salamanadra atra, Salamandra atra aurorae and Salamandra lanzai.

All of the species mentioned above all have one thing in common. They are half the body weight of the giant Pyrenean Fire Slamandra, maybe a little less and are noticeably smaller than normal Fire Salamanders, like the French Fire Salamander (Salamandra salamandra terrestris) and Spotted Fire Salamander (Salamandra salamandra salamandra). Hence I thought none of the bigger species would actually give birth to fully formed salamanders. I was wrong.

The naming might look complex, but it is bad to my mind.

The first name is the family, or genus, then the species name and then the sub-species.

However what is wrong with it is that it insinuates that one branched off from another but assumes the date and/or rather that there were only three events that could have separated them off from each other? Umm…no.

There were probably several ice-ages and we know not how often these have occurred. Also any warm periods, so that southern forms go up mountains and therefore get broken off, also would occur and number almost equal, if not precisely equal, the number of ice-ages that have occurred.

Think of it as a wave, if there was a lowest point that would be an ice-age and its coldest point, it stands to reason there would also be a peak in a warmer period. Up, down, up, down and so on and so forth.

Of course we know not what causes these right now but I am willing to go out on a limb and state our planet has been wobbling and still is from that huge chunk of comet that wiped out the dinosaurs?

Good God, my head is so full of theories it is not true!

I must write some books on all these theories and these amphibians … oh wait, I DID! LMAO!

Here is a little video of me getting something wrong … just for the record … lol …


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