I said I was distracted recently?

How about something a bit different from all the corruption, what I have done, proof I have recently got and all that? Let us step away from this momentarily to something I am finding a big help, a pleasure and gotten me off cigarettes?

Yeah, well what happened was that one day I was in a local chemist, picking up my prescription meds and I was looking at the E-Cigarettes they have in their they source from Liberty Flights. I normally look at the cheap slim things in there but one day I picked up a leaflet that had much beefier e-cigs. One was called the ‘Cloud Chaser’ and I wondered why it had such a cool sounding name.

One time I was in their I asked if they actually worked, as after three years of quitting I found myself smoking again.

I had a little stress due to a loss of communication with someone and had started smoking, much to the annoyance and surprise of family and friends after staying off tobacco for so long.

Behind me was a couple and they started to give me a run-down of how good they are and how to use them.

I purchased one called the Premier, but despite the name it was a bottom of the ladder e-cigarette. I asked if they had a better one and they said ‘no’ but next time I was in there they did in fact have a better one! Dumb-arses.

Anyhoo after a few weeks I walked into Mirage E-Cigarette’s store in Waltham Cross and saw something looking like the Cloud Chaser of Liberty Flights, except this had a black tank atomiser and a neater design. I bought it.

Then I decided I wanted one to take out with me but my new E-Stogie was too nice. So I bought a small subvod kit. Battery did not last long enough and then I spotted an even BIGGER E-Stogie, called the Aspire Elite Kit, Aspire CF Maxx Battery and an Aspire Atlantis Mega tank on special offer, normally £95 but was same price as I paid for my smaller E-Stogie, about £60.

In this time the guys in the various shops, like the Juice Shop in Edmonton and Puff Dad E in Waltham Abbey, were remarking about getting a box mod. Except I did not like the look of them and thought they looked like bad 1980’s mobile phones! I told them all so too! Lol.

I then bought a Sigelei Legend only I wanted the 30 Watt version and they sold me the 15 Watt version. SO when I took it back they did not have one and I ended up paying more and swapping it for a damned box mod, the Joyetech Cuboid 150W, though it operates up to 200 watts, lol.

I was told before I bought it that it was not metal but plastic … wrong, when I got the damn thing out it was like a small steel brick! Nice.

I had heard of some laws coming in and read on the Internet of a series of, completely pointless and obviously biased in favour of the tobacco industry, laws coming in. One was restricting the atomiser tanks to hold just 2 millilitres of juice. Yes, you read that right they do not want tanks bigger than two MILLILITRES! A little over a third of that a teaspoon holds! With many tanks being 3.5 to around 6 millilitres many of the tanks would become illegal in just two months time.

I had been told and was reading into dripper atomisers. Technically these leak but in actual fact they do not unless you put too much in them. You take off the lid of the atomiser, held in place by o-rings, and literally drip enough juice just to soak the wicks which are made of cotton.

You guessed it, another law they want to bring in is tanks that do not leak. Great if it applies to tanks only but I just have this nagging feeling it will apply to dripping atomisers. Well they DO look like tanks and I doubt a corrupt government working with the tobacco industry will even bother differentiating between the two. Even when pointed out.

This is something I am going to be very interested in.

Another thing is them using exploding e-cigs or ones that catch fire? Because they do not and it is the batteries that do. A combination of companies buying batteries of the big five Sony/Sanyo/Samsung/LG and one other that do not make their 20A target and actually re-wrapping them and claiming they are 30Amps or 40, even, Amp batteries.

A bunch of idiots, not nerds as ‘nerds’ know their stuff, who want to brag about using low ohm coils under 0.1 even, fail to realise the laws of electricity, notably Ohm’s Law. At low Ohm’s your drawing far greater amps and if the battery cannot take it, especially so if they are badged 40 Amps and are only 15 Amps in reality, eventually the batteries will start to fail. The will fracture and before long, rupture. When they do you will get a small explosion or catching fire. With a lot of heat being given off and gases venting out.

So yeah, stop idiots from re-wrapping batteries and other idiots from fucking about being braggers without brains as well as stopping the sale of tanks that leak like sieves, yes. But do NOT use it as an excuse to get people off e-cigs and back on fags because your mates work in the tobacco indsustry and your missing a black hole equivalent in the way of taxes.

You see? This is what I have ALWAYS had an issue with!

They do not add taxes to something to convince you to not do it, use it or eat it because it is unhealthy, it is just a lame excuse for money.

Then this money is used NOT in the area it is taken, like health and a corrupt NHS, no! It gets used to fund something it should not be. Now everyone is going over to vaping as it is much healthier and you can still get your nicotine fix as well as completely control your nicotine amount as well as drop it in increments, as I have done. So now they have been missing a whole bunch of money, because people are now literally giving up smoking which is what government said they wanted. So I was expecting something really, really lame to be announced that made the whole thing look completely and utterly obvious.



Anyhoo, back on track. I bought another to go out with, thought it was too nice, but something else, but the batteries they make are naff, even the top ones, and didn’t last.

I also wanted a box mod called a Snow Wolf and thought if I ever bought one it would be that one. I ended up with that Joyetech Cuboid and then bought a Snow Wolf anyway!

I started buying different tank atomisers, like two Kanger Subtank Minis, an Aspire Mega Atlantis and an Aspire Triton 2, which is currently doing something wrong. Then a Kanger TopTank Nano and then I started worrying about not getting a dripper. So I buy a Tesla Clapton Dripper! Then I buy a Mutation X V4 dripper. Then I read about something called a Velocity. By this time I am watching an American dude called Rip Tripper I really like to watch on these things and I order a mini Velocity in silver. Then Puff Dad E, who previously told me they had no Velocities in stock, had a full velocity in black in a cabinet. Hmm … better get a back up?! LMAO!

Just as I was buying my very last piece of hardware I see this Mephisto dripper, all copper and gold with engravings and shit and I say, ‘oh that is pretty!’ and remember that Mephisto was the arch enemy of one of my favourite Marvel heroes, the Silver Surfer …. you see what I am doing here? Coming up with lame reasons to buy one, and I did and I did. LOL.

Then there was all the e-juice flavours!

Oh my God … a Charlie’s Chalk Dust, two Wick Liquors, three bottles and flavour of Ruthless later along with a Pancake Man, SY4 from Mirage, Zeus Juice Dimpleberry an Avant Garde and a whole bevvy of others and then WHAM! Vaper’s Tongue …

Just waiting …

Just waiting a bit longer …

just waiting for idiots to flip and start typing comments about how it is nothing to do with your tongue and to not call it that before I point out that my Fibromyalgia means ‘painful muscle tendons’ and that is it’s official name but has nothing to do with those things and to stop being offensive to others just to attempt to make yourself look brainy.

Your not, your only succeeding in making yourself sound like a rude and arrogant idiot.

Anyway … those just into it or thinking about vaping, especially from cigarettes I have typed this out, have done a couple of videos too, see below.

Word of warning. Nicotine strengths go from zero through 0.3 (or 3), 0.6 (or 6), 1.2 (or 12), 1.8 (or 18) and some finish at 2.0 (or 20) and even 2.4 and 3.6 (24 and 36 respectively.

The decimal point is only there if it is labelled in percentages or milligrams. Just remember the number as they work out the same, three or six and so on.

Also if your going to go straight to a sub ohm … you miiight want to stay away from 20mg and higher, lol. You will feel the nicotine on your throat, they call this a throat hit. Stronger ones are more for like cigar smokers, lol.

I started on 18 and 24 but am now on 3 and 6, but do have one bottle that is 12.

I have been to the Juice Shop, Puff Dad E, Vape Co or London Vape Co (two of them), Vaporium Cafe, Vape On the Green and Krayzee Vape Cafe. I think that is all, lol oh and Mirage E-Cigarettes in Waltham Cross.

More in the videos 😉 …

Hardware ..


Juices .. Big Group Test, lol …


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