I have stated it on here for the last 3.5 years plus.

I have stated to friends for far longer.

I told all the national tabloids, ombudsman, government, Doctors, hospitals and the NHS themselves, namely NHS England several years ago too.

I even told a whole long list of solicitors firms when I tried to get legal representation to take legal action against the NHS too, again several years ago.

None of them listened, took any action or even reported anything along with acknowledging me.

The only one that did was the late Michael Meacher MP who emailed me back in late 2012 asking if he could use my data in the House of Commons and send it off to the national tabloids.

That was the second time the tabloids got my data and yet even this time there was absolutely no acknowledgement from The Press. For as much as they like to expose everyone else for getting up to no good they themselves also cheat and get where they are on the backs of others.

I had pretty much expected the news media to be as corrupt as everyone else and though many that knew me thought me mad several years ago they all sing to the same tune now. Many that insisted me mad will WhatsApp me, text me and call me when they hear of anything I have not heard of in the news or stuff they have heard which is a mirror image to things I stated and posted a long time ago. Well, they do claim it is news so if I stated it even 6 months ago it is OLD NEWS. Lol.

What it was that I stated is that all of these people will be costing lives but in a way that would be extremely difficult to detect. I mean, look at how difficult it was for me to get legal representation in the past? I am doing it now and with a pile of evidence too! If I cannot do it with everything that I possess then how can anyone else? If those accused are well aware of this and with no legal aid in existence, or at best very little, then do you think they are going to care?

This taking place at a time when everyone else is struggling financially and they will be feeling that there is almost zero chance they will be taken to court.

Now imagine this happening over ten years. Imagine how many evil people will be in these positions that will not have a care about a human life by then?

All because you are not doing anything right now.

I am hearing that lives are being lost that has the NHS to blame although what made me laugh was that in one news report it stated that NHS England were investigating?!

I have contacted NHS England about this for a fair few years going right back long before I even started blogging! I also approached the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman no less than three separate occasions. NOTHING. Even in the last one that must be getting on for three years, must be over two now, I have to write to them every couple of months just to get them to say they are still working on it. If you have been here long enough, do you remember that?

Do you know what I have been doing with the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman? Showing that they, along with the NHS England and the General Medical Council, are corrupt.

But how?

Well instead of poking them with a stick to wake them up every three months or so the last time I decided to leave it. Now I am going to have to go back and check at some point but I am sure it has now been longer than 6 months? I had poked them three or four times previously every three months, at a guess. Because I believe that even 6 weeks is an unreasonable amount of time to leave people without contacting them yet that is what everyone seems to take in government and public offices. So three months going by and having to contact them should be embarrassing?

Except they did not seem to think so so this time I left it and decided to leave it about 6 months or more.

You can imagine how I will word the next correspondence to both the PHSO and NHS England? Lol,

So now there are a flurry of reports coming out by the news groups that ignored me many, many moons ago. Here are a few … that I most certainly contacted four years ago in my very last wave of contacts with any tabloids and TV news groups …

…huh, and they want to whinge and whine and blame the Internet on their dropping sales?

No, it is because no one trusts you as your terrible at being corrupt! Lol. Try not ignoring what cannot be ignored, no matter how much they pay, what they do for you or any other perks you might get.

The public are not entirely stupid!

You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time. I am amazed that you are either not familiar with that line or just decided it was all bollocks?!


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