Well it has been a long, long time since I first contacted the PHSO.

That is the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman who you pay for the running of, building, rents, council taxes and all the admin, salaries and no doubt a fleet of cars too?

I have left it an inordinate amount of time, quite deliberately so, knowing I would hear nothing from them despite me poking them with sticks to wake them up every two or three months previously.

They have taken absolutely no action or even investigate anything whatsoever.

Here is me now poking them with a stick with some very, very harsh words and accusations …

Here is a screenshot from March 2015 and it all started before then and I am given them some documents of reports I typed put detailing my recorded audio and telling them, even then, that I expect them to do nothing and they have acted, or rather inaction, exactly as I predicted they would.

So I actually warn them I am watching them, fully convinced of their corrupt ways too and that I will publish them whatever they do or indeed do not do!

They still have the confidence to do nothing and not be concerned with any comebacks … because their aren’t any.

But you will still pay their bills and salaries for them! LMAO!

Such a joke these clowns and so, so easy to expose them in a way they completely fail to understand or even realise the implications of that come along down the road … email after screenshots

PHSO 050315 PHSO 240316


EDIT: It seems the email no longer exists, I am searching for another email address to send it to and I am not the only one that suspects the PHSO of corrupotion and here is a link to others contacting them and getting absolutely nowhere with some interesting comments to boot …


EDIT: Found email FROM him/them stating they are out of the office until the 14th November 2014 which would have been a reply to an email I sent them over a letter I sent in the post, so likely started several months earlier than the time they emailed me. So somewhat prior to early November 2014.

Dear Jonathan White

Well if there was ever the evidence that ombudsman, no matte WHO they are and WHAT they cover, not only do nothing but never have any attention of doing anything I think you have one of the best ones there is.
Or should I say that it is ‘I’ that have one of the best ones there are.
I set out on a five year plan to blog about not just the corrupt, wrong, incompetent and badly run public services in the UK but to highlight the complete waste and disregard of the British public’s taxes.
I have had to literally POKE you with a stick to get any responses out of you and added to that the last time, as I explained on my blog, I decided to leave the PHSO alone for over 6 months. I predicted that in this far lengthier period of time you would not contact me and therefore do absolutely nothing. This despite the fact that I have way over half a dozen of a mixture of emails, compliment slips and various other things from you.
While I left you to walk right into one of my traps so I could highlight your failures and prove my prediction that you would not do anything, not even come to a conclusion that they were not to blame, because you cannot, I concentrated on the DWP and have continued upon my path with the corruption within the NHS.
This therefore means I have had a great deal more data since I very first approached you.
I have had many members of the public express utter shock at what I have told them as well as friends, family and all my visitors to my blogs and YouTube channel who are now starting to see. This also includes men of the cloth one of which left a comment of thanks as he realised his family had been lied to and cheated along with other health professionals.
In fact one private osteopath burst out laughing at hearing how I was x-rayed, refused x-rays and had x-rays cancelled before then expressing her concern at how bad the NHS is.
I have also been chasing after the government and you may note that as far as running the DWP is concerned and Iain Duncan-Smith, who I gave a very hard time for three years, along with Michael Meacher using my blog to attack him in the House of Commons back in 2013 and Nick DeBois being corrected by me when he said that the Tory Party found out what Atos was up to and they got rid if them and he got a shock when I informed him he was looking at the man that highlighted their lying ways and tricks and that it was I.
The last time I checked my overall figures of visitors some months ago it had tipped over 300,000 and it is now raising each month faster than ever.
Over the next 7 months or so it will continue to increase its monthly figures and will not be long before it tips over a million visitors.
I can assure you that in those 7 months there is the possibility of several things occurring that will see that rise increase in an exponetial fashion.
I also posted that I found it quite hilarious that the news media, stealing ideas that I informed them about over four years ago, reporting on deaths within the NHS that NHS England are investigating to be quite hilarious.
The NHS is just one in a list of organisations, mostly public funded, that I claimed would be costing lives with very specific details as to why and how they are costing lives.
This includes Police Forces, the DWP, Local Councils and even energy companies.
I assure you that the list goes on and my data and my posts have continued to grow ever higher. This results in anyone I approach having absolutely nowhere to run or hide.
If you do not do what your paid for by the taxpayer for the taxpayer the proverbial is going to hit the fan before very long and some of them already are.
So what is your explanation this time for doing nothing and not contacting me in a period longer than 6 months?!
I just found a screen shot regarding my contact with you from March 2015, so that is a year we have been at this with no information, action or even some lame conclusion blaming me or calling me a liar?
Martin Haswell BSc

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