Oh dear, what a terrible disaster and heart breaking scenes of devastation afflicting a naïve Europe once again.

Once again we have had a long list of innocent people killed.

One wonders when the naivety will end?

The new Nazis that think themselves the master race, or religion whichever you prefer as both probably apply, have a again.

Two things I noted from this cowardly act.

One was that the Belgian authority’s quite just days before that they had shot and apprehended one terrorist and that he was cooperating with said authorities.

Not enough it would seem.

I thought it was just the British government that would tell you any old bollocks just to appease you, get in power or just keep you quiet until they do pull their fingers out of their arses?

As this is Brussels and Europe’s naïve leaders all have offices nearby I’m hoping that they pull their sand filled ears into the daylight now.

The second thing I noted was how members of the public that had scraped through it actually smiled and even laughed about getting through it.

I wondered if this could be a sign of the fact that I’ve always maintained that people normally out on an act when on TV but in this instance and with the shock they have no time to compose themselves?

I was surprised at some of those interviewed, I really was. To me it was obvious that people had died and that was all that I could think about. I heard one interviewed state there was a mother with a very young or newborn baby and all I could think about was anyone there that had children or if any children died and just how terrible that would be.

Many just showed how happy they were that they were not among the dead.

It was odd how people just kept on running too. Way out on the open where you could see there was no danger they just carried on running.

Maybe it’s just me, my reaction would be to help the injured and had I come in close proximity to a living terrorist I would have gotten great joy from kicking his arse all around that airport. With a large crowd cheering me on, no doubt.

Also, these moronic radicals really do make me laugh … an act of revenge for what they did arresting that other tosser? Do they bloody well know how revenge works? Or do they think acts of revenge is only bestowed upon them? What do these low IQ morons think that arrest was? Picking on an innocent man for the fun of it? It was an act of retaliation for the Paris bombings, you half-witted imbeciles of deluded beliefs and tunnel vision!

Still people I hear and speak to are quoting how we should stop taking in migrants and I was also told two things today. A friend told me that there had been a bomb scare at Liverpool Street Station in London but noted there was nothing on the radio or in the news about it. I told him that it was in fact quite the opposite and that Cameron and others had stated there was no threat to anything happening in the UK! So the extra men are just bollocks one again because you feel we need to see them? This friend of mine telling me this disbelieved what I’d found out about the news media covering up terrorists with a bomb in a dinghy at Waltham Abbey’s White Water Rafting Centre while the Olympics were on a couple years back.

One I warned the secret services about several months beforehand, you better believe it.

He nodded in agreement instead of the previous looks of disbelief when I’d said they covered up that bomb in a boat incident on the River Lea. I only found out long after the Olympics when a local moaned at me about the money spent on the area. He then stated about the cover up and complained they didn’t tell them the truth.

Little did he know who he was speaking to. So I told him and do you know what he did once he learned the truth?

He turned his motorised scooter around one hundred and eighty degrees and sped off as fast as his invalid carriage could carry him!

I remember smiling as he sped off thinking “So? You didn’t really want to know the truth after all? Just someone that likes to complain about everything?”

I actually thought momentarily if this is why the government kept things secret? But then I thought better of it. Sure, I’m not naïve and don’t things should be. But they have taken it far too far in recent years and it had crept down the line to celebrities. Now they just want to hide their money, tax evasions and very sordid escapades involving some very sick and very illegal things.

Speaking of ‘sick’ it reminds me of the other thing I was told today.

I was told in a message, by someone else who also didn’t believe my theories, that Swine Flu is back and they are covering it up. I’m told that a number of hospitals in the county of Essex, Harlow being one, have been sending texts to the public. Sound expensive, much? The texts warned prior that if they started getting flu like symptoms to not, that’s NOT, go to hospital.

Well that’s sounds very odd as well as expensive and you would only do this over something very contagious combined with being deadly.

As the person who told me had just spent some time in a hospital in betting that one of the health staff or maybe another patient or patients told him if the Swine Flu.

It might not be Swine Flu and they could be just guessing that from the text messages but the messages were real, apparently. The Swine Flu was just an estimated guess.

Bad news send to be rather like that of buses and come along in packs?!

I only hope that the leaders in Europe get a handle on all this terrorism and quick. It’s the last thing a financially troubled, for a long time and long time to come, Europe needs right now.

But I think I’m going to cross every appendage over the European Championship, Wimbledon and even the Olympics in Brazil?! Then, of course, there is the Zika Virus!

Let’s hope and pray there are no incidents at all, especially widespread ones with many victims.

The Middle East is now Europe’s backyard –


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