I am not going to state too much ..

But I have had a response from the first wave off letters and in the form of no less than FIVE text messages from a legal firm asking me names and addresses of all my General Practitioners as well as the Doctors and Hospitals that have all lied.

This is the first time I am attempting any of these things on a serious basis since I started blogging and of course since I started blogging I have acquired a great deal more DATA and recordings!

Now we shall see how this all pans out?

Remember .. this what I have done is unique and mountainous and along with the fact I have so, so many recordings there is this blog to consider.

This blog and the fact that well over 300,000 have visited my sites and the number that will eventually visit my blog over the next year. Even two years is not that far away, not when it comes down to the question of repercussion.

A friend asked me why I was doing this and I said I cannot lose. He looked puzzled and said “How do you work that out?”

I reminded him that all these people are out there that claim to perform a service and help, poor, disabled it matters not.

With me doing a good 8 years work at this and with all that I possess and all that I have done on-line then I should be a very easy person to apply and get help.

If I cannot then people will ask under what circumstances exactly dod these people really help and what are they doing for their money. If it strongly appears they do nothing than there will be a viral outbreak and then an uproar!

If however it turns out that one or two of the three dozen I have contacted then that works in my favour too, does it not?

He burst out laughing!

Now, so shall I …



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