I have now been doing this a very long time, to me it feels like forever.

I can now actually say that I have been doing this year after year and as of August this year, 2016, that would have been a full four years since I actually started with my first blog. Not actually this one but the same blog nonetheless. Well I had to have a back-up plan, just in case.

Now that I am able to say that I am going to … try a few things.

Last year was a bit low on the content front partly because I am in a period of waiting for a false sense of security to set in, with every possibility it might never have happened. Also the weather for the warmer months was in essence … crap!

As stated many times from the very start I have many facets to my plans and my main plan has back up plans.

This, in essence, is PLAN A.

PLAN B was in competition to see if that finished first or this one did. Plan B did in fact finish first but not in the way or at least when I expected it to. So it has completely flat-lined and no idea if it will ever be resuscitated. This was that legal battle I referred to so many times.

There has been no communiques regarding this since it ended at the end of October 2015 and your guess is as good as mine as to why this is.

But I did say ‘many facets’ and ‘my back up plans have their own back up plans’.

A couple of days back I put PLANS C, D & E into effect and I still have a PLAN F.

I will just state that I have  put these into effect but not actually what they are right now but I will before very long. I want to just wait that I got some feedback before I do.

It is more to do with finding the right support for what I do and in the process getting some credence to what I do.

But like everything else it may just turn out to me just ‘stress testing’ things out there that claim to be of help and get given money via the taxpayer or via donations that do not do anything, cannot do anything or as in most cases, no intention of doing anything.

Despite tipping over the 300,000 point in visitors some months ago now it would seem that I cannot rely on that to progress further.

Devices get used, they get old, they get damaged and they get faulty and it seemed reasonable in the beginning to think that by the time the warranty had run out things would be … well at the minimum, self sustaining. But they aren’t. In fact I have technically run through the equivalent of three warranty periods and by August, FOUR!

When I purchase my new camera I will have a year or two before that warranty expires, provided that I do not drop or break it myself in that period!

There are still other things I need and even the camera I will purchase is not along the lines of that I should be using! £2,000 short of the real one I should be using, in fact.

As well as items there is the question of range to consider. Mobility is a limiting factor, as of right now getting to the bloody loo is painful enough!

I am after all, disabled. My Fibromyalgia alone is formidable and as well as the list of pains it comes with its own set of embarrassing symptoms too. Then you can throw in my right knee physical problem, the sudden vomiting from Oesophagitis and currently my bloody back pain.

I have done more research on Fibromyalgia, many posts on this blog, than any Doctor I have met and even have a few sound theories I have not read about absolutely anywhere.

But I need to do more and for that I am going to require some … help.

That comes via the Plans B, C, D and E.

I am sure I will be posting about it in about a weeks time and no more than two weeks at a guess?


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