I was reading the report below regarding the interview of Iain Duncan-Smythe by Andrew Marr on the BBC.

It makes me laugh these days to read stuff about the BBC stating at how others have launched attacks upon others. Glass houses and all that. A blistering attack on the government by IDS? Oh?


I cannot believe I’m going to defend IDS here by asking which ‘blistering attack’ they are talking about?

I think the one I’m asking it of, or the ones, are all holding wooden spoons that look like they were dipped in something?

But the part that got me all annoyed was Downing Street stating that they are doing this for everyone and that they are being fair?!

Are you fucking kidding me, Downing Street? Jesus you people really do need to all by some pencils and go back to the drawing board!

I never saw, nor do I listen, to these budget announcements because I can’t remember the last time they were both interesting or attacked one vulnerable section of society or another.

I did get to hear that there were cuts to disabled people yet again but tax breaks for the rich and wealthy.

Now you idiots have always maintained that your ways of doing things and helping the rich gets the economy moving again, crap, and helps creates jobs? Where? How long, exactly, have you been banging your heads against the wall on this one this time around? Six years? Seven maybe? More to the point …

How many more years are you going to keep robbing the sick, disabled and poor before you realised this way doesn’t work and in the past it was merely down to coincidence?

The horse has quite literally been flogged to death but still the Tories stand there in a queue each wielding a set of defibrillators hoping this time will be the … time!

Suddenly I’m thinking of a Family Guy scene poking fun at Sean Connery’s James Bond when he keeps telling a woman he is going to have seed with her. She keeps telling him no and he keeps asking. Eventually she says yes and he looks at the viewer and says “See? Fifty ‘No’s and a ‘Yes’ means, yes!” Lol!

Now read ‘fifty SHIT YEARS and then one good one means our ways work!!’

Except General Elections are every five years and not every fifty, Mr Oddborne! Sorry, Osborne! Lol!

How he thinks he will get voted in as Prime Minister at the next general election, I just do not know! Unless of course the next time around has a really bad ratio of extremely naïve, amoral and utterly incompetent British voters in which case I really will start looking elsewhere for a home?

It worries me no end not only the damage to society he is currently doing but what he would do if the British public are stupid enough to vote him in si that he thinks 1) He was correct and 2) He can go even further?

In fact I’m in the ‘out’ camp over Europe except for one single solitary concern …

That leaving Europe the Tories will use as an excuse to treat the vulnerable and the poor ten times worse than they do now?

There is no bigger sway for me over the Brexit question and I certainly don’t want any ‘STAY IN EUROPE’ politicians giving me a bunch of lying crap to get their own way either!

In fact I cannot help but wonder if each and every politician had given agendas, or offered sweeteners by one camp or the other to promote being for our against it?

As I’ve proved over the last 3.5 years in here and realised around 4 years previous to starting the blogs … everything I’ve looked into is corrupt to one level or another and some to extremes too.

I mean, there is nothing worse than a bunch of Doctors and Nurses being paid their salaries by lying to patients, unless they have no choice of course, and leaving them suffering si they continue getting paid.

Unless of course you know of some in which case I’m all ears?

In fact providing there is something and evidence had been acquired I will fully support, and have on here, any one person or group of people that investigate and expose corruption absolutely anywhere.

What’s extremely troubling for me and this is for every minute of every day is that it’s not a case of knowing who I can trust but that I have no one at all I can trust.

I would so dearly love this not to be the case but I’m afraid it’s true.

At least, for now.

Duncan Smith warns government risks ‘dividing’ society –


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