While I was stuck in my house reduced to playing a PC game called Fallout 4, for the first time in four months since it bored me to death, I thought of something I should really point out …

Off the top of my head I have had three health issues that the NHS and a string of GP surgeries and yet another string of hospitals have spent year after year avoiding.

These are …

  1. Fibromyalgia Syndrome … I have had 20 years, asked about constantly for 13 and diagnosed myself before confirmation at Guy’s Hospital
  2. Right Knee physical Injury (Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury?) … I have had around ten years, confirmed twice and four years or so apart, the last one at Guy’s Hospital without asking
  3. Back Pain I have had 15 years and been asking constantly for 7 years or so I had proved at a Chiropractor 5 years ago, yet the NHS still wont confirm
  4. Let us not go into asking for a Hiatus Hernia repair for 20 years
  5. We also will not go into Inguinal Hernia repair pain or that they discovered a second Inguinal Hernia they said I would get, at the first one’s repair, they later retracted
Now I have maintained throughout this blog and showed paperwork going back God knows how many years for each along with secretly recorded audio stretching back 7 or 8 years.
These conditions and their diagnosis I am sure are known to the NHS, even if not whatever GP was dealing with them. They still lied though, no getting around that one.
I can say that and say that until I am blue in the face but if visitors do not seek out and listen to the audio there is little I can do.
Except …
If you think about it, why would they lie?
If the conditions were untreatable ones then they would just tell me what they are and that they are untreatable and that is job done. But they have not.
Fibromyalgia is indeed treatable, except your not allowed two of the best three drugs due to a corrupt European Medical Agency who gave a lie as to why they were disallowed.
It is a lie when they state that there were no trials done or the trials did not prove it when they proved it enough for the American National Institute of Health. That is their version of the NHS…except it is not entirely free. Though it might be by now? Lol.
The third drug is allowed but they will not give it to you because it is expensive, but will tell you it is not as good as the cheap crap alternative, there is a reason why some things cost more than others … because they fucking work! I have even been told that they do not give it because you can tailor the other one better, Gabapentin in this case. Good God, they really think they are superior and members of the public are idiots even if they have Degrees!
So why do they now just say these things are untreatable? Because first off they are and secondly you would then qualify for further help.
But as the kicking in the balls of the disabled people of the UK has shown, along with Iain Duncan Smith not being able to stomach it, they are willing to do anything to save money. Oh along with their chums careers … even if said careers entail nothing at all. I loathe calling jobs in the public sector including each and every ombudsman, careers. The word ‘Career’ implies that you are heading for somewhere or striving for something. They do neither of these.
So the lies are set out by government within the NHS that will save the NHS money along with local councils and the DWP. Possibly along with a few other fringe public services?
Also to get away with it only those at the very top, or within government know this because if not … well the cat would have been out of the proverbial bag a long time ago.
Though to be fair it was with PC World selling people refurbished goods as new, along with Argos and possibly others that may now come out now that some Whirlpool washing machines and tumble dryers have caught fire just as I predicted on here a couple years back?
I just remembered my friend called me today who is Type 1 Diabetic and he had a very dangerous fit and ended up in hospital Saturday night just gone. He told me that they left him in the hospital for 8 hours before he gave up and left and that his girlfriend had read on the Internet that a Hotpoint Tumble Dryer they purchased had several reports of them catching fire.
I lose count of the time that someone that previously thought me mad had recounted a story or incident and I end up resisting an overwhelming feeling to tell them @ I ‘ffing told you so!’ Lol.
So with that being ignored since at least 2003, when The Guardian newspaper reported ‘PC World being caught selling refurbished goods AGAIN’ and that title clearly showing it has happened several times previous … well anything is possible.
In this instance and the subject of the NHS and the health service you only have to ask yourself why they did not bother to tell me? Why evade the issue?
Plausible deniability by stating they are idiots. I already have had one GP trying to make me think twice by asking ‘Maybe they were genuine mistakes?’ NO!
There is a reason I apply so much pressure … so that when they are wrong they look unfit to hold their positions. Except that I have had several GPs admit things to me and on file too.
One said that he lied.
The other admitted that the NHS ask them to lie to their patients all the bloody time. She quit immediately because she had the intelligence to realise something that no other GP has managed since. That they will run a mile and hang the GP out to dry when caught out.
Dr Huq was the one that realised this.
Doctors Gubbay (who lied several times and evaded in a big way), Kumar Senior and Junior and my present GP, along with a few others I cannot remember the names of, have failed to realise this.
I received a cheque for over £4,500 because of what I knew of their tricks. Achieved by asking one simple question of the DWP…
‘Can I have a copy of all the medical letters, please?’
Well … OK, yes it took a long time and a lot of setting up to do before I could ask that question. When I did they said what I knew they would “We cannot find them, we could not have had any’ except I had the proof right here and on my blogs that they did. When they realised that I received a phone-call.
One week to ten days later without any more questions asked or any Doctors letters from my current GP, an amount of £4,500 appeared in my bank account.
Unfortunately for them that was only ten percent of what they owed me!
I have told them consistently and for over ten years of the exact same symptoms. There was a period of three years when they paid me DLA but then cancelled it and nothing for 7 years until I proved it and what I had once and for all.
It took me a whole year to get them to fall into my trap, at the DWP and Atos.
So where is the other 7 years worth of DLA they should never have cancelled?
Quick to take you to court when you owe them £100 for council tax or some fine for fuck all, aren’t they? ASk them for the money they stole that runs into tens of thousands and they turn deaf dumb and blind and it is like talking to a wall … NO RESPONSE!
So I strongly advise that if someone you know has come to you with claims like these, do not forget I provide the evidence, not suggestion or insinuations … EVIDENCE, and you have scorned them, disowned them or cast them off as mad .. think again. Because if they were decent friends of even family … let me tell you that being on the receiving end of that is really not a nice place to be.
Trust me on that if nothing else.

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