I am not having a great deal of luck lately.

On Thursday morning I awoke with my back seized up and unable to even put my socks and shoes on, after an age getting my other clothes on.

This was followed by a seizure or cramping taking place in my right forearm the morning before, though the worst of that only lasted an hour.

I have been chomping at the bit to get out on my bike and waiting, mostly in vain, for decent weather so that I can start getting some photography and videos under my belt. Though I also need to buy a new camera which is still a couple of weeks away.

Tomorrow was looking like it would be half decent on the weather front.

Except as of right now, Sunday morning, and a whole three days after my back seizing up I am still in a great deal of pain and am confused and worried as to how and why it has lasted this long. So along with the confusion and worry I am concerned I may not get out on my bike with my faulty camera as I was planning to do tomorrow!

I am currently at a loss. I simply do not know what to do. I do not know what to do today as well as tomorrow, if my back is still the same. I have tried some stretching and my Maji back roller device. I was stuck in a seated position for like an hour mere moments ago.

So I have been wondering whether nor not that if my back manages to give me another day without being able to cycle, which is my lifeline in the warmer months and vital to my blogs, I may have to go to Accident & Emergency.

Oh and I forgot to mention the advice given by the last GP I saw…

“Buy some pillows”!


Some bodily functions of the … ahem, southern quarter are also difficult and cause my back to seize up in pain! Lol.

Oh yeah and I did not get the phone-call I was promised so I went into my GP surgery and made an appointment. This time I explained I had been made the wrong appointment and that I wanted my usual GP, Dr Dharman. I thought we must be later into the month on March than I had initially thought as the appointment was made for the 31st March, 2016.

Now whenever I make an appointment the period of waiting for said appointment has been as little as two days to a maximum of ten days, which is extremely rare by the way. But at the time of making the appointment the period has jumped to fourteen days.

Avoiding me, much?

Since I handed in that X-Ray prior to Xmas this has to be the longest in history that health professionals have taken to view a patient’s x-rays?

I cannot remember the exact date I handed them in … but I have been in three times without an opinion on the x-rays and I average a visit about every six weeks. They used to ask me in every month during the first year I was registered but that has tapered off. Oddly about the time I was asked if I was recording the consultations. You do not ask a patient who openly admitted to recording previous GP’s and all hospitals and over a year into being registered of they are recording you!

That kind of lets the cat out of the bag that something was said. Lol.

It also seems to suggest that they want to fuck you around but are checking first to see if they are likely to be dropped into the mire before they do. Oh dear.

I have explained in the past that the trouble with evil and corrupt organisations is that each … iteration of … actions takes a little longer each time. For them to start to feel confident once again about fucking you about, when you have already caught them out, takes a little bit longer each time.

Only they think I only started what I was doing at my previous GP when they caught me out … or rather someone within the higher echelons of the NHS called them and told them I was recording everything.

Let me stress that this is merely an insurance policy but I knew they ha lied and evaded health issues for many years and was also proving that I was not only telling the truth but that I did indeed have the things wrong with mew that I claimed that I had.

The NHS not only saved their own arses but completely destroyed my social life by making me look a liar and if your really, really smart you can find a comment from a man of the cloth who comments on my blog stating that his family went through hell, sorry for the pun Vicar, more tea?, because of this and that through me they realised it was not them but the NHS themselves. So it would seem that even men of the cloth or not beyond being lied to, used, manipulated and refused by the NHS.

Yeah well sorry but if you think I am going to take you on face value you either are an idiot or you think that I am?

I did, after all, self diagnose Fibromyalgia Syndrome and then side-stepped a great many attempts to dissuade me and prevent me from getting a confirmed diagnosis. By being told, much to the dismay of the Fibromyalgia Association UK, that there were no Fibromyalgia specialists anywhere in the UK! Then insisted on a number of tests before they would refer me to Guy’s Hospital. Where they diagnosed not only Fibromyalgia Syndrome but also spotted that I had a physical problem with my right knee! One that I had asked them about for several years but also got messed about with, lied to about and even had an MRI cancelled citing me as the reason!

The diagnosis of my knee along with the test he performed, a Dr Kirkham, and my crying out in pain from the test were all omitted from the letter to the GP, luckily for them not the Fibromyalgia Syndrome though they made an attempt at being … VAGUE.

If you have not read all about hat and heard the recordings then … where have you been?!

Added to this are many more than several others and one of the best recordings on here is a specialist, called Darren Francis, at Chase Farm Hospital admitting he falsified ultrasound tests made on me. The painful black lump from an inguinal hernia repair they found along with a second inguinal hernia, both in my groin, ended up with an ultrasound that was crystal clear?!

Well I recorded myself pulling Darren Francis about the falsification and in the recording he not only admits this but re-dictates a letter to my GP at the time. That was my third of five GP’s under my current address. Yes! I have changed my GP several times because of incompetence, lies and evasion.

Yes that recording is published.

So here we are again. Every single thing I have attended the GP and hospitals for have not been resolved except for maybe my night cramps. But then these can take over a year to arise or take place two or three times each year. SO it is a definite maybe!

All this so a bunch of people can carry on being over paid at the expense of hundreds of thousands of people putting up with varying levels of pain and even DYING.

Well it is only a matter of time before this breaks out as a story. Like everything else I have ever talked about, it always comes out in the end. Normally several months to a few years after I predict them! A shame that.

Which then begs the question and I hear long standing visitors asking themselves …

‘Wait a minute? Did he not say he contacted all the TV News media and all the national tabloids about this prior to starting his blogs?’

Well YES I did! Lol.

Yup, 2016 is going to be verrrrrrrrry interesting.


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