I’ve got to rummage around the Internet once I’ve posted this.

A couple mornings back my .. err .. back was in great pain as I woke up and it took me thirty minutes just to get dressed. A sorry and very sad, embarrassing scene in only glad no one was around to witness.

But for the first time ever my premonitions of not actually being able to do the simplest of things one day came within the tiny measure of an inch. In other words, had my reach been one single inch longer I would not have been able to get dressed. For at least a couple of hours.

My back remained tender since that morning. Err, yesterday morning now that I think about it. Damned Fibrofog!

As I’m lying on my bed tonight I started getting some twinges with some serious deep pains thrown in. As I shifted around every now and then the pain seemed to become aggravated. Then one one shift from my left side to my right … WHAM! No George Michael did not crash into another store in a car, my back pain just rocketed of into orbit!

It feels like something is locking up in a big way.

I just attempted to get off the bed and as forgetful as I am with everything else I attempted to move quickly of the bed. Boom! I sat back down, then tried to get on my feet but in a very crooked position. Legs bent, rump sticking out and chest bent forwards.

I was rather … eager to get to … the loo! Lol! I was panicking for around ten minutes that I was not going to get there. After a couple of minutes I managed to right myself and become upright, thank God!

Hmm … Tramadol! This is why I’ve been taking them for five years or so but fear now they are becoming ineffective?

I really must write a list for my GP. I have made an appointment to see him and let’s see if I do this time? It won’t be good fit then if I get switched again like last time. Or if they have failed to look at my X-rays for the fourth month in a row and fourth visit.

Because evading the issue will be becoming obvious, evading my back issue after what I’m going to tell them wont go down well either.

Make no mistake I will be straight to the point of what I expected and remind him of what I’ve said before. The fear I started here that had now come to light was told to them.

Medical notes are taken for a reason and the surgery Doctors are well aware of my degrading memory as I’ve told them that too several times.

I’m the one with the bad memory, they have computers and take medical notes.

No one should have to visit for times to get an opinion on an X-ray. But there is indeed a problem.

There are two things on the x-ray that their methods have managed to avoid by not performing weight bearing x-rays, desire pointing out several times that my discs have collapsed.

Explaining how my x-rays were performed to an osteopath had her laugh then express her shock. I had the same thing with a chiropractor 4 years back. No, before you assume this started for years ago, it did not. I was sent to an osteopath, located in Leytonstone, by a previous GP way back in 2005. Before I moved into Enfield even.

It goes back way before that!

This is another in a long list of things I’ve been asking the NHS to deal with for way over 12 years. Closer to 20 years for my Hiatus Hernia, Fibromyalgia and my back. ‘Funnyisms’ and wrongly diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis, Tenosynovitis and other things along the way is all I’ve had.

I won’t be taking the advice to buy pillows!

It all had to end somewhere, this had been tried on me before, the evasion and if you’ve followed long enough then you know that did not work out well for several GP Surgeries, several hospitals and the NHS in general.

I’ve never failed in anything I do not in recent years.

Oh and then there is the new inguinal hernia they diagnosed, at scan, then stated there was nothing there not realising if been told already I had a hernia and also seen the screen.

Like everything else these were recorded and available on here and I’ve stacks of recordings that never got published on here too.

Oh, cutting this short as I’ve just had a call to say one of my brothers had been taken to hospital.

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