Well what do you know?

Is the pressure applied started to have an effect?

Has it become obvious to one or two in government that what I do is never ending and my visitors ever growing and that it will be sooner rather than later, dead or retired a la Savile, you will be burned at the stake?

Has it become obvious to you that the inhumanity and crimes against the British public are going to backfire because of the plans to mug the most vulnerable will become widely scorned very soon?

Worried to be in a British government that’s going to look like crooks to any other decent and humane country?

Iain Duncan Smith has quit, or ‘Duncan-Smythe’ as I like to call him, over the plans to quite literally mug the disabled of Britain.

Funny because if someone in the street did this they would go to prison for a lengthy spell. They would not even need to be disabled victims for that sentence to be handed out!

As for Mr Bonehead … sorry I mean ‘Osborne’ … what a set of numb-nuts he had and I’ve pictured a scene of a desert plane with a tumble weed rolling along and the cry of an eagle from up on high inside his skull.


I still sit there listening to this crap and reading this crap and asking myself how it can possibly be that they will attack and mug absolutely anyone before they even think, let alone broach or mention, the issue of the countless QUANGOS, like the dozens of Ombudsman for a start, that sit around and do fuck all but chat shit while sucking taxpayers dry.

I might have joked about it and these being family members of MPs and chums but the avoidance of these QUANGOS must have something behind it?

I wonder how long it will be before the news media realise they cannot avoid asking these questions themselves?

Too late! That ship sailed many moons ago without a sextant and is long since lost.

I’m afraid that over the next six months it’s only going to get worse, because I’m going to make it a great deal worse.

Come into my parlour, said the spider to the fly!

I would rather not me remembered throughout history at all than be remembered in the same vein as these blind fools.

Iain Duncan Smith quits over planned disability benefit changes –


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