I have had an ongoing spat with Eon Energy, who wanted to charge me £60 each for two call-outs.

Oddly this then changed to £50 per call-out when I complained.

I told them to take me to court back in November, 2015 and that I would not pay them until they do and left it at that. Unfortunately quite some time has passed me by, happens when you have memory issues, and to my shock my balance that I thought would be about £300 is actually over £600?!

Quite how this has happened I do not know, though now that I think about it I may have an idea?

At any rate, they conveniently started sending me letters, though no more call-outs, which I ignored as I had made my position clear. However this has now gone on for so long and I was not refusing to pay for electricity, per se, only the call out charges I thought I had better pay them.

I did not want them going top a court, omitting my messages in their communiques and acquiring an order to fit a pre-payment metre. I still would not have allowed it anyway. Even if I had to use force.

If I know I have a moral stance and that my enemy has abuse their position, lied and manipulated and especially with the law then I am fully prepared to use force.

Because as it stands and has done for some time now the legal system is totally fucked and many people have no rights and nor is there the mechanisms in place to force many of the laws they reassure us with by putting in place.

In other words they talk a load of crap when they put these laws in knowing damn well that there will be nothing there to enforce them. Because that takes huge amounts of money that ever more people are finding themselves very short of.

So I paid off a small amount, told them I will pay off a large amount over the next 60 days and sent them the following message …

Dear Sirs

I am still waiting for you to take me to court, something you seem to have conveniently forgotten while waiting for my bill to rise drastically. I now notice.

Somehow I very much doubt your figure of £600 odd is correct. I have only had a heater on for a total of about 10 hours.

Now as a reminder I am at odds with your call out charges!! Remember?! I am refusing to pay you for those call outs.

So as the bill seems to have suddenly leapt up to over £600, by some miracle only known to you, I am going to get the bill down to £120 over the next 60 days.

I have not gone out of town as I thought I would. Nor have I had my money retunred to me after winning the court case, which was reportedly £750,000 plus.

Currently I do not know why this is.

I might also remind you that I have Fibromyalgia, along with a damaged right knee, so disabled. But along with the pains the Fibromyalgia causes Fibrofog which is bad in my case.

In means I have memory lapses, so your ‘convenient’ memory seems not quite so convenient any longer.

Also I do not want you to approach a court without my knowledge claiming I am refusing to pay for electricity, which I am not.


Martin Haswell BSc


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