People are funny at times.

They like to be right and they like to work things out for themselves. But there is so much more to the psychology than that.

Today I had an unexpected conversation with an unexpected friend who I happened to bump into doing a favour for another friend, who has themselves been dismissive of certain things.

We chatted for about an hour when I made a reference to the NHS. We ha started speaking about corruption when my friend stated

WHY is there no parking allowed down this bloody wide road?”

..after some nodding in agreement and rubbing your index and midddle finger backwards and forwards over your thumbs he went on..

Near me there is a road that for years you was never allowed to park along. But it would have caused no issues whatsoever. Only now they have gone and put parking spaces down it and are charging for it. So now they can get money for it it IS OK to park there?!”

Now I think highly of this man’s intelligence. Only there is one problem. His agreement on corruption is very easy to acquire…except for one single instance.

Stray into the area of medicine in any way shape or form and he defends it to the hilt. On this occasion he rubbished everything I had done and achieved.

Has he been on here and read anything I have put about the NHS? No.

Has he been on here and listened to a single things I recorded in any of the five hospitals or five GP surgeries? No.

So I started to go through explaining things one by one. If you do this then you should listen to what the defendant has to say. To the end. Except I am well aware that people do not.

I gave a scenario of being told lies.

I got given a reason by my friend that this could be innocent. Was not a good one.

So I went on to explain that I had another GP to admit to me that the NHS have told GP’s to lie about patients, do not send them for scans as they do not want to spend money on the scans and the treatments that will need to be administered at the end.

I got another reason…though being told that she did that to cover herself is actually a reason or one GP being thrown onto the bonfire so the NHS can carry on being defended?

The latter I would wager.

So I went on to another scenario, a specialist/Doctor at Chase Farm Hospital falsifying an ultrasound result on not one single finding but on TWO!!

I quickly explained and the drugs Amitrptyline, Gabapentin and Pregabalin and how I knew that the NHS were already well aware of my Fibromyalgia and had been lying and keeping it from me for a minimum (that means MINIMUM FOLKS, not MAYBE) for 2 years and anything up to 180 to 20 years.


I also told him that professionals in medicine agreed with me.

Then I got the answer that had told me I had defeated his attempts to defend the NHS. Because he asked one simple question made up of two short words.

“But, why?” he asked.

The answer I give is disabling … “I do not know…” because everyone thinks that I think I know everything. Except I don’t. “..but money is always the end reason in all cases. They are told to lie”

He then piped up with a reason that I had to look in disbelief at him upon hearing it.

“Well they are not lying then if they are told to say it.”


So government and politicians who are not Doctors can tell Doctors to say shit about medicine and drugs that is complete bullshit and then it is not lying?!

Fuck me, why do I argue? Well it was an argument. Well ever so slightly warm disagreement. Lol.

Well I was getting warm because I was told I talked bollocks and then not allowed to reel off all the reasons and things I had done over a period of 7 years, let alone the asking of them for over 13 years!

“No, mate. That is lying.” No matter which way you cut it, someone who is NOT a Doctor or specialist telling Doctors and specialists not to treat, diagnose, send for treatments, scans, tests and such is Doctors lying to keep their overpaid salaries.

Still wasn’t having it and made excuses that he had to go as I was getting the last nails into the coffin.

But what people do not ask themselves is why I tell people. Does someone pay me a nickel every time I speak? Or every time I help someone, or just inform them? No.

But I am informing. I am pre-arming people because they themselves have Doctors. They themselves may find themselves in hospital with something and their lives could be at risk at any time. They are after all friends.

But there are always times when I wonder. I always get dragged into these conversations and then get disagreed with.

Funny as I thought that pointing out or in this case REMINDING people that I have not only been recording for well over 6 years but have posted all of it on my blogs! I also remind them that I have now had well over 300,000 visitors in far less than four years and that no one has so much as disagreed with me. I am sure that will happen online and my only hope that any one that does does not make idiots of themselves. Talking bollocks is so, so easy to do on the Internet and you can use a false name to do it if it does not work in your favour.

Pathetic individuals hiding behind stupid ass names making themselves to be bigger than they are, smarter than they are and on many occasions dangerous and aggressive than they actually are!

These types of people take up valuable oxygen and the worlds resources and should be put down … AT ONCE! Lmao.

Anyhoo, back to this friend.

Simply will not have it.

At the start of this blog I made the following statements …

People are funny at times.

They like to be right and they like to work things out for themselves. But there is so much more to the psychology than that.

So you might ask what was funny?

Well remember I also said that I ‘knew’ this guy did not agree with me?

Now we had another friend standing there who slunk out the way at one point. When the one disagreeing left prematurely I mentioned his reluctance to either listen, let alone agree. I was shocked when the one listening then went on to say what he thought was going on. Because I have been aware of it for quite some time … even when I said what I did I said “..agrees on everything to do with corruption until you stray into the world of medicine.

What did he say?

The thing is because he has worked for Glaxo Smithklein all his life he is defensive of it, his wife [who I also know] has always worked for them too”

I simply answered “Oh I know, but I always thought of him as being intelligent and thought he would eventually see. I have always known he disagrees with me.”

You still reading? I mean you! The one reading this?

I got loads on the NHS and if you want to defend them it is here to see and listen to. Somewhere on here. There are dozens on the NHS and there will be more. As soon as I know they have lied the lies get posted, it is as simple as that.

Do you work for the NHS? If you do I would wager you have shaken your heads several times?

I have a shed load on the Police too. Merseyside Police and the Metropolitan Police. Do you work for the Police? Are you shaking your head now? Sorry the same applies here to you also!

These two industries are not alone either as I have a mountain on local councils! The list of these is over twice as long as the Police Forces. Enfield Council, Epping Council, Waltham Forest Council, Hackney Council and Wirral Council. Ooh, that’s FIVE! Told you I do not keep count, lol. Oh and the FIBROFOG!

Do you work for local government or a local council? Are YOU now shaking your head in disbelief? Ooops sooooorrrryyyyy. Same applies to you on here as well.

I do not care if your mother, nan, son, daughter, dog or BUDGIE work for any of the above organisations the truth and the facts are exactly what they are and cannot be twisted or bent to suit someone’s agenda or to stop them feeling embarrassed. Because THEY did not spot it.

Hmm … let us have some fun??

Work for an OMBUDSMAN?!

Oh dear. Oh deary me, lol.

You see my list of five councils? Well I am NOT going to list them and the number is well in excess quadruple that of the local council list.

Oh and then there is the DWP and Atos.

Oh and HMRC.

Umm…there are a lot I cannot remember.

What I also cannot remember now is the amount of data and this tipped over 100GB quite some time ago now.

In fact if I was forced to estimate the figure I would wager it would be in excess of 110GB.

You are aware of just how much data that is, right?!

Not even half of it is on here, in fact I would wager less than a quarter of what I have is online.

In fact do you know what I said to our mutual friend after Mr disagreeable left? I explained that I was well aware of why and have been well aware for FIVE YEARS that I will not only get that with people I meet and/or know but this was a common problem online too.

Apart from the news media. Oh yeah, I did them too and am still doing them all the time!

Because I gave them 20GB of front page worthy stuff and then spent over four years watching my stories come out, or similar ones where they went off and got a parallel story they can call their own.

Been going on so long that one man who has been dead for over four years and one been gone for three years noticed it before both of them VAMOOSHED on me!

Oh but I do still have the email from the late Michael Meacher MP, RIP, asking if he could use my data and … hmm … oddly died. Just when I thought I may meet him over all this, he dies.

I have been making Ostrich references for four years. Now I am to THE POINT! Lol.

So I am trying to save the world and I have many, many others trying to keep it how it is. Except… they also complain about it. But are keeping it how it is.

Hand across forehead

You can shake your head for a thousand years but it simply wont change anything… which… kinda is the problem. LMAO!

EDIT: I spent a few years not believing it myself before starting to keep all paperwork and them went out and bought a smartphone and recording devices.

I still ended up finding things far worse than I could have predicted getting. That simple.


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