There are times when … I think I get recognised.

Every now and then I will catch people … just standing there … looking at me. For a noticeable while as if they think they know me from somewhere.

Last year I had more of this than I did from the year before.

I have often pictured someone walking towards me staring at my eyes, as they are a permanent feature of my corruption blogging.

Those that know me … umm, well also know that I tried to hide myself when I am out and about and this matters not whether I am walking, cycling or using a bus. But I will not go into that as it will … well it will give myself away. Lol.

Just the other day I was in a shopping area, but cannot remember where, when I spotted a woman just standing there in the distance. I could see she was holding somethintg and I thought ‘oh here we go, someone trying to sell or promote something or even a charity?!’

I do not like charities and have not done for a fair old while and I have not kep this secret and features on here.

Because they seem have top tiers of fat-cats with the fattest one sitting atop the tree earning big bucks like those in banking or big companies. Your paying their salaries, not exactly helping anyone except those not deserving of help.

Sorry but this is the case.

I used to give to charities but then wondered why, after twenty years of doing so, the areas the charities were in made no head roads into the specific area whatsoever.

When anyone does make any breakthroughs it is never via these charities. Normally attributed to some university or college somewhere in the world.

So I saw this lady, pointed my head towards the ground and started to veer to the left. After several steps I looked up and this lady was looking at me. Head back down again and I increased the angle I was walking further away from her. I looked up again and this time she was fixated on me and walking towards me. I increased the angle further but when I then looked up she was upon me!

She handed me a piece of paper and I thanked her and then walked away, peering at the paper she had given me as I did.

Well what do you know? It turns out to be about an organisation I have covered before on here and helped out with a bit of posting and blogging.

The People’s Assembly and regarding a march going to take place against austerity.

Now let’s see as I have the note next to my keyboard … It takes place on the 16th April 2016 starting at Gower Street at the intersection with Euston Road NW1, know it all too well. The time is 1pm.

Here are a couple of scans …

PplesAssem 130316 PplesAssem 130316 B


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