I heard about a talk recently that took place on the BBC News 24 channel with Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty who spoke to a representative from the Retail Ombudsman regarding some trouble with Whirlpool washing machines.

I seem to have missed this one with the washing machines.

What I heard, though, was yet another thing I have been waiting for. That is to say yet another thing that I have long since stated on here and now comes to light.

Ombudsman do not do anything and as the two anchors on the news realised this they started to press the same question repeatedly to the ombudsman representative who kept dodging the question. He repeatedly failed to give a straight answer.

I am sure that the two anchors of the news along with the BBC News team feel they got quite a coup and will, like tens of thousands of previous times, lay claim to exclusively finding something out.

Ummm…weeeell, no.

You see this is something I find out about and along with everything else sent all the data off to all the major TV news groups and national tabloids 4 or more years previous.


It gets better.

If did not see it or get told about it you may well be wondering by now what the question was that was repeatedly asked that the ombudsman representative kept dodging? No? Well you should.

“Are not the retailers obligate to change a product they sold if returned and faulty?”

The straight answer was ‘no’.

Unfortunately for them that had they remembered, bothered and done their jobs properly the anchors would have asked that how can it be that retailers are allowed, well only the largest names/chains, to sell you refurbished, faulty so obviously returned goods but obligated to give you what you paid for?

It is nothing short of a fucking joke taken out on the British public who have themselves done themselves no favours by continuously making like Ostriches and shoving their heads in the sands over all these things for a very long time.

Probably would sound like my mother if asked ‘Oooh my jobs too stressful, I have too many things to think about an my kids are all a nightmare and I am always worried about them all the time’?

What instead they should be realising an therefore saying to themselves is..

‘Wait a minute? I go through all this stress, head to work and back each day, get watched like a hawk going to work and back each day to see if I fall into traps to pay more money than the taxes they want us to pay andd I get fucking CRAP for the little money I get?!’

I wonder how long the Ostrich look will continue for at times.

The other thing that was not asked by the two anchors of the Retail Ombudsman representative was..

‘So why the fuck do all you Ombudsman exist and why the FUCK are you getting our tax money to sit on your arses and not do anything while making excuses for these people and dodging direct questions?’

Just like what I went through I detailed on here with PC World, no not the damaged £150 Corsair PC Keyboard, and the Advent Vega PC Tablets they were only interested in repairing them.

If you did not read that, or the many other stories I have on here like it, I bought three PC Tablets and each and every one of them failed. As did their replacements … and THEIR replacements and in the case of two of them … THEIR replacements two over a period of fifteen months and then got refunded on all three.

Refunded on all three.

After fifteen months.

Hmm, I am just going to let that sink in for a moment…let the noggins do the math.

Ahh I now see that the Whirlpool products have been catching fire! Bejesus! Bloody hell.



I cannot believe how backwards this country of mine is. I grew up thinking all you needed to succeed and have a half decent life was a fairly good idea or be a good person and do good deeds. But no. Not so, it would seem time after bloody time.

I just hope and pray that there is not some sort of bitter twist of fate in all this and the person I helped acquire a lot of money did not buy a house and a new Whirlpool washing machine and the damned house did not burn down?!

The ticked list of my claims and theories that have appeared in the news, long after I put them on here I might add, is getting pretty damned long now. Well I say ‘theories’ but I forgot to add the long list of things I predicted and then acquired proof of in the way of secretly recorded conversations I had, letters, emails, recorded phone-calls and all manner of other evidence.

Yet despite doing all this, acquiring all this, proving all this, predicting all this and publishing and telling all this with little help or even belief from others and with no money or support it is others that will benefit from it.

Those that did not have a single hand in revealing all this.

Did I mention this country was all backwards?


So these are the Quangos they debated about getting rid of bloody years ago on TV and now I see why. In that debate they must have known only too well that these quangos were nothing more than a black hole from hell where the taxpayers money is concerned. Funny how this was failed to be mentioned at the time as well as betting reported on correctly by the news media?

Do not worry as I spent the next six years or so gathering evidence and then post all that I had about it via this blog.

But people will see the evil BBC as the ones worthy of being attributed to exposing the manufacturers along with the ombudsman.

Backwards, I tell ya!


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