It’s been a very bizarre time lately.

On the one hand I’ve been chasing down more diagnosis, of which I already know I have, from the NHS. I mentioned recently a DEXA scan taking place in March? Already done. Quickest I have been in and out of any medical building, in my life, ever!

My reputation most certainly precedes me.

They also did not scan the base of my neck, which is where the osteopenia showed up.

On the other hand I’ve a situation that’s really mystifying me and for some time now I’ve started to get worried and wondering if I should be gearing the worst?

Of course like everything, always, ever, everyone has a completely separate theory and everyone thinks they are right. Except only one of them can be.

They know absolutely nothing of the situation and for some strange reason for they need to repeat these theories despite it being insulting to two people.

Why do idiots do that?

What’s worse is that I have two scenarios that are even worse than theirs!

First is that the person who has strangely gone incommunicado for no reason had been hurt … or, dread the thought, worse?!

Second is that a beached whale is benefiting from … treasures that arose because of their … amoral, bizarre, lazy and evil nature in the first place. Or someone else being chased because of some romantic delusion who themselves are an amoral plotter of sorts.

So I’ve been in fear for some time now and I don’t know for what reason this is or why I feel like this.

So I’ve been trying to preoccupy myself with other things which are limited due to funds I’ve handed out to others over a period of a year.

Hopefully inside of a month I can get my hands on a replacement to a bridge camera I dropped and became faulty six months ago? Fingers crossed.

And still the weather is and has been absolutely shite for the whole winter which is not the best time for me to deal with stressful things at the best of times.

I waited a few weeks. I waited a couple months. I waited until after Christmas. Waited until the new year. Waited until after my birthday. I waited until after their birthday. Waited until after school half term, have it another week in case half term up there is a different week.

Nothing. Nada. Nil. Zilch.

So others just want to be spiteful, jealous and green with envy while I fear there scenarios each worse than their uneducated and spiteful, offensive and bizarrely repeated theories.

While being used and listening to some pathetic moaning with reasons so bad that it puts into perspective how people see serious things as trivial in others but there own trivial things they make sound serious.

There is also the recording pondering of having to take a trip away and possibly do some detective work and stealth like observations?

Dear God!

I also watch while someone I know gets several phonecalls every single day which is irritating, not to mention rude, and I hear nothing in three months, other than one response to an email two weeks or so before Christmas.

You try to help make someone’s life better and it comes as a bit of a shock when the one you have helped had made your life very difficult and especially when you don’t know why.

I did say it was winter. Well I do a great deal less in winter, no cycling, photography and filming and camera buggered anyway.

Just surround by limited intelligence that know still the answers to things they have never once been directly involved with. Because for years of getting it wrong and now they have the tiniest thread to cling onto to prove themselves right fit those four years.

It’s effing irritating, let me tell you!

Enough to force me to move home this year but neither when nor where I was expecting to move.

Still I have a few things I’ve been trying to get in the post for a couple of weeks and hopefully through one of these I can finally get to the place I expected to be about now.

Fingers crossed and better cross everything else while I am at it!

As for the title?

In and out of a hospital with little said might seem like nothing but in fact tells you something.

That my reputation in the NHS and Barnet Hospital really does precede me.

If you have not been following this blog that long look up a fraction of my 100GB of data on here by searching ‘secretly recorded audio’ and/or ‘NHS corruption’, ‘NHS failures’, ‘Barnet Hospital’.

Though there are five hospitals in total that feature in the secretly recorded audio list and many several times or more. Also five separate GP Surgeries feature too.

Add in a couple more in the paperwork list going back to the early 00’s and further back still.


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