I apologise for being a bit … distracted of late.

I typed out a few posts on my word processor with the intention of posting them up in a few days time but have not done this thus far. They are several days late but will go up in the next week.

As of right now I have been pre-occupied. With … other … things. One of these is vaping.

Though this is not going to be about vaping I will state that something on that is coming soon, as I have acquired several more things and tried several more flavours. I am also planning on a couple more things and several more flavours over the next week and the week after.

So I am not sure whether to do something now and then do another or leave it until I have acquired my planned bits and pieces.

There will also be included a funny story about my loss of taste as far as vaping is concerned that was quite bad. I will also throw sarcastic comments towards those that like to think they are experts and simply have to see themselves sound intelligent by coming up with solutions which turn out to be statements of fact. Oops!

No today I just want to explain briefly that I have indeed been tied up with the NHS once again and that I have had an odd comment I have expected more communication from. The latter has not occurred just yet but I am half expecting … something.

No, I went for an x-ray of my neck and back and of course me being suspicious expected foul play and foul play was exactly what I got.

When I attended a GP appointment I said that I ‘know’ what the answer will bve for the x-ray but let me have it anyway.

Now I will just say that an x-ray of my neck was performed while standing up and then I was walked over to a bed and another x-ray machine, laid on my back in a foetal position, so my back is even more stretched out than normal, and had another x-ray performed. Well … there was a series of x-rays and the radiologist actually said “Well, I have a shopping list for you today” which I found odd especially as my back was not x-rayed while standing.

I pointed this out and he said that they only do “weight bearing back x-rays if it is requested”. Thereby passing the buck, so to speak. A lot of that happens so they can get away with their crap.

However the reply I got from my GP was nothing short of a surprise.

Other than arthritis, yeah, yeah, I also was told that in the neck x-ray they picked up on Osteopenia and that I would need to attend a scan called a DEXA, Double Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry.

Osteopenia is a bone thinning and what they call the intermediate stage between normal bone density and … errr BRITTLE BONE!

Now if you have read enough of my posts you will note that way, way back and several times I have mentioned how not only me but many family members have never broken bones?

I have been hit by a car quite badly, up bonnet then windscreen and along the roof and off the side onto the tarmac, and fallen off roofs as a child and never broken anything. Well another branch of my family is quite the opposite and all suffer with brittle bone! I always remember one limb or other being in plaster and we did not see them that regularly!

I also explained that when I saw the film called Unbreakable with Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson it made me think about my own bones and that of my second cousins. It seemed to be a mirror image of that of the films storyline but except took place within the same family.

So when my GP asked me if I had heard of brittle bone disease I replied “Your joking, right?!”

I then went on to explain that which I have told him previously as well as several other previous Doctors of both GP surgeries and hospitals. Really, really good at taking vital and important notes these people. Though are really good at doing the wrong scans, performing scans the wrong way and scanning the wrong areas. All of which I have since proved several times each.

So I am a little … confused … well not actually. Though I do have a theory I will not get into right hear and right now. Just want to state that I do indeed have a theory on this.

Now I have a DEXA scan coming up and I have already been wondering exactly what they will scan?

I mean to say that if they are worried enough to send me for this scan and it is linked to my back then it stands to reason that they would scan my whole back?

In fact going on first hand experience with family members with brittle bone you would think thata they would scan every single inch of me? After all they only did my back.

Now here is where it gets a little … weirder. Where exactly was this Osteopenia location? The base of my neck!!

I will repeat, the base of my neck. Anyone care to hazard a guess, except for those of a particular ailment who will be all over this already, what the significance is of this location?

The base of the neck is where the kick in the central nervous system is that causes Fibromyalgia Syndrome that stops us sleeping correctly, non-restorative, and gives us pains anywhere in our bodies, causes memory lapses (Fibrofog) and all manner of other conditions and symptoms including that of the skin.

There are a possible and I should say ‘KNOWN’ symptoms of which I have around 120 and a couple not mentioned absolutely anywhere I believe is down to Fibromyalgia.

Now do you see my confusion?

I have a possible condition that never has inflicted my family branch in any way not even close but does badly affect another.

The location is in the base of the neck where the source of my Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

Both my back pains and my Fibromyalgia pains I have complained about for well over 15 years and got so bad that I approached a private chiropractor and that must have been over 5 years ago now?

Hmm? I have droaned on longer than I thought! Lol.

So here is the letter …

DEXA 280216

Oddly enough I never imagined in a million years I would be doing this or have gotten this far.

I thought that in March of this year, 2016, I would be off moving somewhere some distance away and be approaching private Doctors to repair the damage that the NHS have done?

However that appears to have not taken place and nor looks to be happening so a few months ago I thought I would take another stab at getting the NHS to look at some things and see where that goes.

Despite the fact that I have stopped smoking and vastly reduced my nicotine intake and taking 10mg of Ramipril my blood pressure is still testing high. Seems to be between 140 and 170 Systolic and that is ALWAYS after resting a while. But it does not seem to be enough to worry anyone and I am told it is because of the Fibromyalgia it occurs and why I have not been referred.

It is funny because I thought that a high blood pressure kills you eventually regardless of what causes it and I know it is what killed my father in hid mid fifties and I suspect my Uncle who died about the same age as my father.

Factor that along with being stuck in because the weather is cold, miserable and bored out of my mind with nothing to do, cannot cycle and need a new Nikon P900 bridge camera, at the very least, to continue my photography and filing for all my blogs and YouTube account and you can imagine things are … frustrating, somewhat?

Oooh I do not believe it, the sun is shining! Not for long, I bet?


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