When I started vaping I wondered about a great many things.

One of these was why nicotine gum was so expensive, plus only get for a short time on NHS prescriptions.

I never touched a roll up since I started vaping and did try a couple of times and hated the taste, normally because my single battery ran out.

I also asked myself how the tobacco companies and government had not attacked the vaping community due to loss of profits and taxes.

Note I have started and well known for being against taxes for one thing be used to finance or run something completely different.

For example taxes on tobacco were brought about because tobacco was bad for you, your health and those around you. Except this high tax on tobacco lasted decades. Billions were paid in taxes each year that the government would get used to having lying around. But wait? This was to stop us smoking? What if it worked? No money. But instead they did get money, lots of it and for a very long time indeed.

A recipe for disaster.

But what was to happen if suddenly and quickly that money evaporated?

For the longest time I waited fruit for a single example of this happening and without realising it was about to stumble across this in the process of taking place when I started vaping.

I had barely been vaping two weeks when someone mentioned that laws were coming in. At first I thought ‘well, alright. There are idiots that will blow off their own hands by not taking into account Ohm’s law. But you could do that with electronics bought from Maplin.’

Today I heard of more things they are going to bring in and I said out loud “Your joking? Noo?! How can they do that?”

What got me was that they wanted to ban the sale of atomiser tanks you put your e-liquid juice in?! I simply could not believe what I was hearing.

Tonight I looked up what was going to come into effect and to my dismay something I have not even been into a month is going to be screwed up by government, as send to be the case with anything I have done for the last twenty five years, I kid you not.

If you limit the size of tanks the only thing they will succeed in doing is getting literally gallons of e-liquid all over the fucking place because you will have to refill every five minutes. Then they will be moaning about the cleaning costs.

It occurred to me also that they will have to tax something else, I hoped would be ludicrous and obvious, because of the numbers of people jumping from smoking to vaping.

Then I heard about the ‘sugar tax’ and thought “Oh! HERE we go!!”


Well that was bloody obvious, well except for one idiot I know who doesn’t pay taxes but somehow likes to defend all the idiotic and obviously corrupt things the government do.

Even after agreeing that taxes paid on one thing, supposedly to stop something unhealthy, for something else entirely.

I cannot believe that the government are going to be quite that obvious and despite the fact I would like to vote for leaving Europe in the referendum I cannot help but wonder if the British government will take even more liberties than they already have from the British born people?!

I will now be paying close attention to the laws bought out in May of this year and I will email them demanding an explanation after accusing them of mire corruption.

Governing is what they are paid to do and if they failed to see what I have done for twenty years … well that’s their fault and no one else’s.

While searching online I found a petition to sign that goes to the government basically telling then where to get off.

You don’t have to be a vaper to let the government know what they are up to and to say ‘no!’ Enough is enough and you cannot treat the British public like they are all idiots, fuck things up year after year and expect us to pay for it and therefore bail you out time after time. Until you’ve retired and gone off to a make believe job paying you millions and then write autobiographies paying you millions.

Well there are enough idiots out there to buy their drivel and make them millions.

I commiserate with anyone intelligent and fed up with the state of things.


The petition link …

Take Part


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