Mr Corbyn should stop worrying and campaigning about the populace of other nations who would mostly be unappreciative of any help, then he or appreciative for five minutes, and concentrate on charity beginning at home.

I read the other day that a couple of thousand disabled people will lose their cars and mobility money.

Now this BBC report below puts the number at 10,000 disabled people to lose their help!

Does this mean that in a weeks tine it will be around the 15,000 mark?!

No amount of disabled people losing their help is acceptable.

Maybe Jeremy Corbyn is quiet about this because he plans on using the money to throw at immigrants, both illegal and otherwise, because he deems them more deserving than British people. Even disabled ones?

Even someone I know who was a big fan of his surprised me by stating he had shot himself in the foot by going to that camp in Calais and stating what he did.

If she thinks that then he has not only doomed himself and his party along with taking no notice of the majority of British people but put George Osborne into Number 10.

I think I’ll start looking for a new country to live in right now?! Lmao!

I find out so repulsive when they talk about their care of a group of people when it only every involves a group of people, let alone ignoring the disabled people to strut around in France about the way prior are treated there.

Hey, Mr Corbyn. Calais is not British soil and the people are not British nor are they French.

Trying being fair to your own British people before you go looking for brownie points among foreign people!


You had me yo until you did that with all your talk about fairness, which then went right out the window.

Motability cuts: ‘My car is my lifeline’ –


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