Hmm…do not want to go on for an absolute age on this one but…

I bought these, so-called, hiking shoes by Hi-Tec.

If you look at the soles you will note that on the ball of the foot the knobbly black bits are nearly flat completely over a large section.

Turn your attention to the heels and you will not that on one side the black rubber has worn through completely down to the grey mid-sole which itself has worn away a fair bit.

What is both shocking and annoying is that this pair of shoes was purchased from Millets either at the end of October, 2016, or the beginning of November, 2016. These are therefore 3 months old and I am afraid it gets worse still.

I had a previous pair of these of an older design that lasted not two or three months but two years and added to this while I owned the previous pair I was not in possession of a Freedom Pass, giving me free travel of buses and trains, but have been for almost a year now!

Meaning that this pair did not last three months even though I used buses a bloody lot more than I did with my last pair of Hi-Tecs!

More annoying still is that I only bought these because Millets failed to have five other pairs of shoes of both the Salamon and Merrel brands.

On pointing this out to a local mate he told me that whenever he is in their with his girlfriend and she has suggested he buy shoes in there that he always tells her he will not even bother asking as they never have his size in stock.

I was shocked to here this as he was when I then told him that I asked to order the other five pairs on offer and that they never had any of the five in my size, 11, anywhere in the UK?!

How does a store like this survive when they are obviously renowned for never having things in stock for year after year?

One has to wonder if they were handed any … well, handouts by the current or previous government of the taxpayers money?!

I mean it is not like this has not happened before is it?

If this did turn out to be the case then that begs the question ‘How have the news media and all thoe tabloids missed it?’ and ‘how often have these handouts taken place?’

I am emailing both Millets and Hi-Tec to complain and see what they say?

Will, as ever, keep you posted.


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