Well this is a strange BBC report?

Suddenly and after it is becoming obvious that’s it’s not just the British people throughout Europe that is getting both feed up and worried/scared about the immigrants moving through out Eyrie we are given some new numbers.

New numbers by the BBC that I have to wonder to their source and conveniently claiming that their are far more refugees in Arab countries in the middle-east from Syria than there are in the while of Europe combined?

I find this extremely difficult to believe and totalled up with the numbers in Europe as a whole and the fact that they keep on coming, and going back and that Russia is not included you have to wonder where in the hell they are all coming from?!

I have also read that it’s claimed some Scandinavian countries have been letting immigrants, or leading immigrants across into Russia.

I don’t know any details of that last statement and it would only be what the media stated at any rate.

What is something to note in the below report is that it turns out that the Jordanian public is getting pissed off and irate over the Syrian refugees?!

Say what?!

What a moment? Why are one nation of Arabs getting fed up with the Arabs from another nation? Do they know something everyone else does not?

Possibly there was some bad blood between the Syrians and Jordanians previous to the exodus? Who knows? The Jordanians probably but that’s not reported on in full. Surprise, surprise.

What can be taken from this report is you can hardly blame anyone in Europe to not want to help out these people when their own DUI not want to know. It’s as simple as that.

Ask me personally, or worse still argue with my points on this subject, and I’m afraid to say I will point you to the horrific points I provide not just the dark details of but provide no end of truth too.

There may well be more during 2016 too.

That’s provided someone I know was not paid off, of course. That was always a possibility in my mind’s eye.

Everything is always a possibility in my mind’s eye.

Almost everything is down to whittling out the chaff to get right down to the wheat.

I have always only been interested, and still am in nothing but the truth.

I don’t care about politics. I don’t care about being politically correct. I am only interested in the truth no matter how ugly it is. Only then can you deal with the evils, once you know both what and where they are.

But there are powers that, fit the life of me I don’t know why, want to bury the truth. Likely for personal gain and career advancement than fit the well being and safety of others.

I’ve been and seen the absolute worst that this entails and then some and I still have not been able to speak about it. Not until I have figured out, one way or another, that I was betrayed.

Despite the length of time involved already I cannot be entirely sure until we get past a couple of dates. Those dates reside right within this month of February.

In the meantime and to me the bad guys on both sides are still winning and I cannot for the life of me explain to you why this is. If indeed they have won I am not sure I can explain to you his they did.

I can, however, provide you with a shortlist and I can assure you it will be ‘one of the above’ if and when I do this.

While I await this I can at least feel a bit more relieved I will not suffer the same fate as my father who died in his mid fifties.

This is because I got back into the bag habit of smoking like a trooper which raises my already high blood pressure and cholesterol which I take, now, 10mg of Ramipril for.

As I explained in a previous post, just earlier today, I have taken up vaping and am shocked that this got me off tobacco entirely!

As my father died of a burst aneurysm I don’t think I need to explain that the two things I’m taking pills for were what caused his death, along with the BBC of course as I’ve long since explained on here a few years back.

I’ve nothing to hide, nothing to lose and never hurt nor harmed anyone or anything.

That makes me a very, very difficult and even dangerous person to do battle with. My advice would be, don’t.

So far no one has declared to me face to face that they intend to do battle with me and despite my attempts to force the issue I’ve been unable to get a single public body, dozens of, or private body to take me to court.

Even to receive a single threat via a solicitor to close down my blog. Not that it would make a blind bit of difference.

I did mention I had nothing to lose?

Not… exactly… strictly true but I’m very, very close note to having absolutely nothing to lose.

Oddly this is exactly the position I was expected to be forced into feeling during 2016 at some point.

I had hoped I would not be bit fully expected it just the same.

What happens from then on in is going to be not just interesting but I imagine extremely productive too?

Not long to have to find out what with this being February of 2016 and all and me more than capable of going to some pretty extreme lengths to be productive.

What the Middle East is doing about the refugee crisis –


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