Been busy trying to tidy up the place. My home that is.

I have been busy with other things I will get to before too long.

I have also managed to give up one vice while I have also got into something new, once again more on that soon when I manage to get around to it and take some pictures and maybe a movie or two?

I am also on the cusp of two events.

It has been a very, very long wait. I am hoping it comes to an end and while I type that I know that one way or another it will come to an end.

Either something happens or it does not. If it does not then the message given out is very clear, very clear indeed. Not one that I either wanted nor considered for single second I would get the whole while I was helping and working on something.

They always speak about things in life being there to both test you and teach you … but not this one … this is a learning process that no one wants to experience.

I am also late in getting off a second wave of letters to literary agents and am also considering at this point at contacting solicitors now as well as companies with goof reputations in the hope of getting some advertising deal. In the event it turns out that money I thought would be returned last October, 2015, is not returned and indeed not there at all. That was what I never considered.

It has been a miserable winter and my heart goes out to those in the north of the UK getting far more intensity and frequency of that we have had in the suburbs of London!

After God knows how many storms we, or rather they, have Henry incoming.

Those that have been here enough times and long enough know that I cycle a lot. For anyone trapped indoors or have difficulty or being put off going too far I implore you to get a cycle of some kind.

For me it is a mean to escape, I can get among the wildlife and nature in about 30 minutes and not be near anyone else. It allows me to think too and I can even get creative by carrying in my backpack notebooks, pens and even a tablet PC. I often carry other gadgets too like a bridge camera for one, if it is good weather, Spring or Summer or I am able to get somewhere to film British birds that are winter visitors only.

I have pains in my feet, hips and other places caused by Fibromyalgia. I also have some kind of back problems and a physically damaged right knee. The cycling helps with most but does aggravate the knee, if I am honest. Luckily not too much.

Also Fibromyalgia can, if your really unlucky, get so bad that you can wind up bed ridden.

Anyone that knows about Fibromyalgia, including the very few Doctors out there, will tell you that light exercising keeps the pains at bay, not gone per se, just at bay and stops you winding up bed ridden.

Do not do too much and do not become a couch potato. It will only get progressively worse.

In the news I see that the sudden deaths of celebrities keep on coming with Terry Wogan being added to the list. It is quite bizarre I must say.

Also more corruption keeps on being exposed.

One wonders when it will end? Hopefully and eventually they would have exposed everyone and it will end. Hopefully then things can and will get better?

I have done my bit to expose as many as I can and the list runs into dozens … no literally, lol. To the point whereby people high up in organisations pick up the phone to warn others of what I am up to. They also still try and second guess me but … well, they are just wasting their time.

Carry on playing games and trying to second guess while wrongly assuming your the most intelligent man in the room and you just play right into my hands.

Tomorrow is February 2016.

From tomorrow we have seventeen days. Seventeen days where a great deal can happen.

Separate from this are some endeavours of my own. I have to send off a second wave of literary agent letters, but I am not expecting to be taken on, just lied to and I have already which I will get around to aty some point. I own books on becoming an author that states that almost all literary agents are basically idiots. Almost all sit around waiting for a template that has already been created.

Putting that in a straightforward example everyone would love to get something along the lines of Harry Potter because of the popularity and the money it made. Except Harry Potter has already been done and anything else would seem like a rip-off and not make 1% (one percent) of the money that Harry Potter made.

Quite possibly the percentage should be in small fractions? Lol.

Some state that they are destroying literature.

It is all about have something interesting to say, explaining and proving facts not known before, or theorised and/or suspected. It is about getting things across that everyone can fully understand and see without the chance they will walk away without really looking.

Now save for posting my secretly recorded audio files and photocopied reports in every single post when they number in the many dozens I do all of the above in the previous paragraph.

I have also always been told this by fellow degree students, friends and family and have even been told by them all and a member of Mensa that I have a unique way with words and explaining things. A previous employer, two solicitors also friends, also said the same and stated I was very good at teaching and should do that.

Dozens and dozens of intelligent people, professionals, scientists and solicitor along with many of your average bods all of which number in the hundreds have told me to do EXACTLY what I a doing now. As well as write the books I have written.

For some strange reason literary agents cannot see what hundreds of others have all seen.

The only difference between all of these people from my past and that of all the literary agent is that the former have met me. Maybe that is the key difference?

I am often told after a first meeting that I have blown people’s minds or they cannot believe how much I know and even that I should me a millionaire with my knowledge.

Oddly there is someone I should currently be teaching absolutely everything that I know and everything that I can do.

Annnnd were back to that approaching dawn.

I have also just remembered of another item I need to take photos of and post about which is very disappointing and involves two companies. Two more companies to add to the ever growing list and one a manufacturer and one a retailer.

I am shocked to have to say what it is I will say. Especially when I tried to purchase every other item from the high street retail store and they did not have a single one … or pair, I should say.

In 1985 I bought their product and swore I never would again and here we are thirty years later and once again I am stating that which I did in 1985. After already having good item of the exact same thing which I have owned for two years. Bonkers, is what it is, lol.

The other new gadget I have I have loved, found a bit tricky and then went out and spent a lot more on another bigger and better gadget! Money I had not planned on spending but I simply could not resist after buying the first one.

I cannot put the damn thing down!

I have looked into this … past-time and discovered a few odd things. Both good things and bad things and after doing a post on here I might skip it over to my computing blog? Or maybe keep it going on here?

So I am working on several things currently and we have seventeen days in February that re going to be … a little odd, if I am honest, and quite … productive in more ways than one.

I also wonder if this year of 2016 will be the one whereby I end up hearing something linked to me being mentioned?

In the meantime I have to endure such rotten weather that induces such painful levels of boredom that it is simply unbelievable.

Dammit! I also still have to look up the insurance cost for the car I have been offered!

I keep forgetting. I forget a great deal of things. Thank you Fibromyalgia!

I have got to expand, or find a way of expanding this year.

I had planned to be moving north about now. This would be to allow a relative of mine to be able to get to me within an hour. So they could see me whenever they felt the need to. I thought that would be happening about now and probably would too had I been allowed to do as I wanted to and not had a door shut on me.

Yes it can be better late than never but it is starting to very much look and feel like never. With one man’s words ringing in my ears like a loud foghorn has gone off beside my head!

These boots were bought for walking, lol pardon the reference, have now presented me with a problem. So if I was asked to whisk myself away I am back in the boat I was in back in September and October of 2015!

So may things and tools needed and not enough cash to acquire them all!

Even more annoying when these things and tools should have all been purchased by Autumn 2015 and I simply have no idea right know of when that time will be! Autumn 2016 will be … a bit of a stretch and I have estimated I am about 14 months late, due to another endeavour that looks to now have been unproductive. I was informed all along the way that it was and indeed the moment hat it was productive. But all I have right now is a pea-souper of fog and I cannot see a damn thing! I also cannot even blame this on the symptom of Fibrofog I experience often!

I plan to instigate something, all the same. To try and get and put an end to this four year long ordeal once and for all.

Because I have spent the last three months wondering whether or not I have been a naive idiot taken for a fool. I have the absolute best excuse in the world, mind you!

Like I said, the 17th February 2016 is they key date ion all this and II had also figured in a 12 week period which has now passed. The number of weeks in that period is not finite and can be variable. So a couple of extra weeks allows things to … happen, or not, as the case may be.

While that happens I will work on a few things to keep me busy. There are a couple other things I want to work on but not quite got all the tools I require. A little worried that I will do myself a physical injury in the space I have that could easily wind up losing a digit (finger or thumb), hand, arm or even kill me! LMAO!

You gotta do something. No one can sit around on their arse all day and it drives me nuts trying to sit still for a single day! Simply not possible. Not here at any rate. Not with my current … surroundings.

I also need to go to the local council, so potentially more audio, and check what their Housing Benefit monthly payments ceiling is. Because at the possible worst time my landlord has informed me they have to put the rent up. Dammit!

I have lost count of the number of things that have occurred in the period between November to date, January 31st 2016! Even my health and particularly back pains have been going into overdrive like never before!

So I have endeavoured to turn each of these things around into something … else! Lol.

Eighteen days from now the horizon could look very different and I am hoping that it is a darned sight closer and not a darned sight further away?!

Here’s hoping.


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