Well this one was coming…but it pain me to ee this happen to a mere child.

I have posted for a very long time now about the NHS and its failures along with its corruption. I have explained how they dictate from the top down and all the way to General Practitioners to lie to patients to save money. I have secretly recorded, been informed and even had several Doctors admit to me how things are.

Hands tied behind their backs, though only excuses for a mere few Doctors, and forced not to refer patients off for anything expensive, scans, diagnosis and even treatments when the diagnosis is known.

Several Doctors knew I had Fibromyalgia and my right knee condition at least two years before I diagnosed the Fibromyalgia myself and forced them into a corner at Guy’s Hospital to diagnose it. I secretly recorded everything for around 7 years or more and much is on this blog in the archives.

There may have been other deaths other the one I have linked to below I may have missed. I have absolutely no doubt their have been many deaths tat have curiously gone without being reported.

NHS England, who I proved are just ass corrupt as everyone else, are blaming this on the ‘111’ service, oh what a surprise. If your not a qualified Doctor I am afraid your only paid in your career until they require a scapegoat, and your it!

I only hope to God there are not many more like Baby William Mead but logically I know that in time my hopes will be dashed.

In fact I have been writing on this blog in the hopes of preventing such deaths and I have gone after all involved with an iron fist or two. I have even contacted the news media on previous occasions without so much as a reply.

Oddly enough much of what I report has ended up in the media in one form or another and despite the dozens of subjects covered in corruption I would struggle to think of anything I have covered that has not featured in the media.

Now when I said at the outset that everything I provide on here is free to use I was referring to victims and not those wanting to advance their careers without doing any work and stealing the work of others. Just to recap.

Also when I say ‘dozens of subjects’ I really do mean dozens and along with the NHS there is also the DWP, Atos, two Police Forces, four Local Councils, Bailiffs, six retail chains or more and many others along with all the ombudsman and governing bodies. The latter two also being paid large salaries to do very little or even nothing at all. The latter of that sentence in my many personal cases, even with secretly recorded evidence that in each case was never, ever asked for.

There goes the neighbourhood.

I dare say there is going to be a whole raft of excuses and finger pointing going on in this case and that is how they get away with it.

Everyone points at each other and the courts decide, quite conveniently, that as they cannot prove who was to blame everyone gets off scott-free.

Oh provided that there is any Legal Aid of course, which I seriously doubt, and even if you are willing to pay your solicitor has not informed you it is a waste of time and money because of the finger pointing routine.

That is better legal advice than many solicitors can provide!


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