Well how about that?

It’s been ten years, well I think that’s what they stated, and after all that time they almost tell us what we all already knew.

I am speaking about the murder of the Russian ex-FSB agent Sasha Litvinenko, via poisoning by the radioactive substance called Polonium.

Ten years. I’ll say it again, ten years! I wonder how many millions the bill was to take ten years to tell us what we already knew ten years ago?

Of course the Russian government predictably react the wrong way giving away their own guilt in all this!

Spy films and novels really do these people far too much justice and attach far too much intelligence to them.

The keyword in all this is Polonium and their idiotic use of an incredibly rare bi-product of a nuclear process.

The Russian government have reacted with anger over the accusation, though it wasn’t and they only said it was ‘probably Putin’, for the second time.

Let’s say for a moment that it wasn’t what we all knew and that Putin did not sanction the assassination of Sasha Litvinenko.

If I was a Russian citizen and naïve enough to think Putin was not involved I would be thinking a whole set of other things. For instance how did such a lethal substance get out a nuclear power plant?

The British authorities would have to be completely incompetent to make up such an elaborate ruse. Did not do very well at it and no confirmation of Putin’s involvement. They only tried to give credence to the levels of intelligence that Russian scientists must have. That a substance such as Polonium could go walking out the door so easily would not just alarm the Russian government and scientists but also their entire populace. Anyone remember Chernobyl?

Therefore, for such a substance to occur wherever the two assassins, also Russian, went would have to be sanctioned from the very top.

Also in the last ten years there has been no blowback in Russia from President … sorry, just Putin add I forgot he wasn’t voted in. Or rather find a way to vote himself into power. Hmm, where was I? Oh yes, you would think there would have been plenty of reactions about a legal radioactive substance not only getting out and being used but left a trace all the way to a restaurant/cafe in London.

Not to mention any reaction from the rest of the world, the United Nations and the International Atomic Energy Agency over a trace of a radioactive substance being found all over the place.

Sometimes you just need to stop and think of the organisations and bodies that should also be involved or at least mentioned?

From the smallest of indiscretions right up to the use of extremely lethal substances the bodies that are tasked to watch, regulate, punish and prosecute are nowhere to be seen.

Makes you wonder about the handling of dangerous diseases and viruses does it not?

Anyone seen the film Outbreak with Dustin Hoffman and Renee Russo?

To think of this so called leader who struts around and feels the need to act all macho and manly but looks to be nothing more than a Mafia boss who happens to be leading a country.

I like Russia and its people and always wanted to visit but just like here I wonder to how widespread the naivety runs? I only state this as it’s worrying when you see people in the Ukraine who are Russian praising the hell out of Putin because he has done something they wanted.

All evils are forgiven purely because someone gets the benefits they want from a so called leader. That’s idiotic as well as selfish and in the long run only serves to be self defeating. Oh well.

It’s not purely confined to the Russians. I have seen it anywhere and everywhere over the years.

Oh well, another big mountain of money that’s spent ten years flowing down the drain on a pointless exercise to state what’s long since been obvious.

Makes you wonder what would have happened if the death of Sasha Litvinenko had not got such wide publicity?

I also wonder if poor Mr Litvinenko ever discovered that we are almost as bad in the UK, just in different ways?

That’s probably why we have had this ten year inquiry costing tens of millions of pounds, to make us believe they would do something?

I’m waiting for the day when someone produces a very long list in a side by side comparison of a very short list of people who are prosecuted. One list will be of people of power, money and notoriety while the other are just poor and working class people… up to a point.

I have long wondered what that point turns out to be.

I hope they provide bar graphs too? I do like a good bar graph… and pie charts!


President Putin ‘probably’ approved Litvinenko murder – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-35370819


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