I have, if you have not read this bit by now, an ongoing personal battle.

In fact it is true to say that I have several ongoing personal battles.

I have a couple of health conditions, possibly several, that render me into world of disabled people and more details about this will be forthcoming throughout this year, 2016.

First and foremost is Fibromyalgia and of the 200 odd possible symptoms I have around 120 odd that could be attributed to this condition. It is not a nice condition. Not in my case. The combinations of symptoms from those 200 are, as you could imagine, endless.

Do not think ‘pain’ when you read symptom. A symptom is what it states.

However as well as the obvious pain symptoms others can fall into other categories just as bad if not worse than the ones within the pain category.

One category that should be obvious is feeling ill.

One other is embarrassing.

Another one is bloody annoying and very distracting and then there are the mild ones.

I experience half a dozen pains across both my feet and the same pain in each ankle, calf muscle, both knees, hip, lumbar, thoracic and neck region along with shoulder. That is sixteen pains straight off the bat. I am working with them, around them and battling to find solutions all the time. I do not get a great deal of help.

Moving into the illness category, that I am to focus on for this post, I have three symptoms that include nausea. One of these I realised recently was occurring in the late afternoons and was linked to not eating enough throughout the day. In other words worse when I had not eaten anything at all.

There are two others and I have covered both of these many times but I do not think I have covered them together.

One is literally feeling sick to the point of throwing up but without any dizzy sensations at all. Quite weird. This was initially linked by the NHS to Oesophagitis, Grade C. Though many years later one honest GP pointed out that the Lansoprazole medication I took for it was only supposed to be taken until the Oesophagus healed up and not anywhere near the 12 years I had been taking it. I pointed out that stopping the pills would result in me having the bad heartburn I also get with it.

Another symptom I get, which I do not think I initially linked to my Fibromyalgia, is that of motion sickness. I have had this fro a child but only ever occurred when I wa the passenger and if I never ept my eyes on the road.

A few years back that started to change.

I started to get occasions when the motion sickness would just appear even while watching the road while showing an extreme polar opposite to a few times when I simply would not get affected at all. I could even take my eyes off the road on some occasions and still not become affected.

Around a year or so back I would even get this bad motion sickness without even travelling in any kind of moving vehicle whatsoever! Now that was worrying.

There often odd symptoms I have that I have often worried might start occurring at the same time that was extremely worrying and had felt lucky that they had not.

Two days ago this changed.

I had started taking Metaclopramide many months ago and two days back a friend was driving down to Gravesend in Kent to drop off his son at his girlfriends house. I decided to go with him. I was OK for most of the journey going there and had taken a pill. Before I left I had the feeling of throwing up, always accompanied with coughing, that I mentioned that seems to be brought on by any trapped air within my stomach. So I rarely get trapped wind pain as the vomiting comes on long before this happens these days. On the way back from Kent I started to get the motion sickness and by the time we got to Waltham Abbey it was bad. I was also getting the vomiting feeling too and  this was the very first time that these two things had both occurred together. Really the only time the motion sickness will then pass completely would be several hours after stopping being in a moving vehicle and often only after a night’s sleep. Though not every single time but mostly.


Getting to me also is the fact that my back pain has gone from something that occurs a few times a month to a few times a week and for a large number of month now an every single day thing!

I race and battle to find solutions to these things while battling to remember to bring them up with those I should do because of one other symptom that causes temporary short term memory loss. Do not even get me started.

So two days ago the two most obvious symptoms to do with feeling ill both occurred simultaneously for the very first time.

I can honestly state that I have lost count of the number of times when I have asked myself how our own bodies can be so effing cruel to us and why on Earth we would evolve bodies that can cause such an array of symptoms with each one driving you beyond the point of distraction to the edge on insanity on occasion? How on Earth so many things can occur within one individual is beyond me and how it has gone unnoticed, disregarded and ignored by the mass populaces for so long is even more staggering. Head shakingly staggering considering the number of so called scientists that have existed for the last few hundred years plus.

Te funny thing is about this occurring now is that I had thought that a couple of months before Christmas, 2015, I would be in a position to actively pursue solutions in a completely new and NHS-less way. I have not and I do not know why just yet and now one of my fears has actually come to light.

The NHS have previously first ignored, fobbed off, wrongly diagnosed, diagnosed but not divulged and lied about my symptoms. Oddly I was asked recently if the lies were simply them getting it wrong? Well apart from the fact that would mean almost every health professional I had ever met on the NHS being an incompetent twat, around three dozen or more, no. Not when one admitted falsifying an ultrasound (on tape and on here) and another admitting that they do under orders from high up in the NHS, definitely no! I would not need the times when things were admitted to me to now that they had been lying. I simply cannot state how long for beyond around 18 months.

As for the things promised to me that then never materialise the list is endless and goes back twenty years. Oddly each and every Doctor has not considered either the consequences nor even the possibility that I might spot this and might do something about it!

Even more bizarre is the fact that they never stopped to consider of the NHS would hold their hands up if a patient either realised the truth or caught them red handed, blatantly in the act?

These are supposed to be educated and intelligent people? Each one I have met also act as if a medical Doctorate or degree trumps all other scientific degrees and Doctorates on the planet! They do this even when I point out that I was offered a Doctorate, I stupidly turned down, that involved Computer Science creating a simulation to train surgeons on how to perform keyhole surgery, so was in the world of medicine and surgery. In other words you have to be fully educated in BOTH fields, or at least will be by the end of the project.

I tell them this and it gets forgotten.

Maybe I should take my Degree in with me when I first go on a GP Surgery’s register because maybe they think I am lying? Lol!

I was offered the Doctorate by Peter Pasmore, my graphics lecturer, at Middlesex University back in 2000 because my thesis was a computer system that stored data on the animal kingdom, of which I am also an expert and have several blogs about. Oops. I did state from the outset that everything I did was connected and part of a bigger plan?! Lol. Which incidentally got interest from several zoos and museums both here in the UK and overseas including the USA. MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE

All backed up with my YouTube channel and I also have several other blogs covering other topics to boot! Oh dear!

I already have other combinations that have gone on for years but have been worried for bloody years that these combinations might, over time, get other things occurring with them.

It is hard to imagine how unbearable things would be become with the increasing frequencies of symptoms overlapping in these ways.

So you can see that things are something of a battle. No. a series of battles and I try to work hard towards something while trying, all at the same time, to uncover the truth about corruption and help other people who are victims?

Things do not always go according to plan and when they do not II have to … improvise … a lot!

Through all the negative sources and naysayers into the ring and you might just start to get the idea that things are not an easy or a free ride?

I often have to change direction and plan things differently. I suddenly found myself with a gaping hole of several months right through winter, not good, that I had to fill. I am also in need of a new high powered zoom camera preferably before the Spring arrives so I can photograph and film animals.

The fact that my getting around is extremely limited due to the pains, motion sickness and embarrassing symptoms along with a lack of a car is a major pain in the butt!

Once again this should have all changed a couple of months before Christmas and it did not and there were several posts pointing this this up and coming big change. A change that I decided would take place in mid February at the very latest, though I still do not know the reasons why there is a date, or two in fact, in mid February that are both constants and would strongly hint to things changing at that time.

Both are birthdays!

For the time being and looking more and more likely to be the case for the rest of 2016 I have to keep trundling on. At least for another 18 months and then…who knows?

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