There was something about Rugby a few years back.

Recently there was Football and before long Athletics.

Now it is tennis.

Just in recent times alone three of the biggest sports have been exposed for being corrupt. Some in more ways than one.

That’s just the ones that have been found out, of course.

I was surprised to hear of one of the biggest names in tennis play the while thing down. I was immediately suspicious with an initial thought thought he might have been involved at some point. Let’s see how that one pans out?

So many people wanting far too much or more than they have, even if they have quite a great deal. If they can’t get it by honest means they will resort to anything.

Very sad and pathetic individuals. A blemish on humanity that will eventually go the way of the dinosaur.

Sadly those with far too much do very little good with what they have, other than a free of charge appearance somewhere.

Still have their naïve devoted followers and fans though.

For once not one of my predictions, but then I can’t have eyes, ears and involvements in everything. I’m just one man. Just one man without resources and a couple of disabilities to boot.

Still, I’m not surprised. Like I said before it’s everywhere I did get involved. So, no surprises there then.

Twenty four months. Twenty four months and we would be well into my own endeavours and six months beyond a key point.

I wonder what lay in store during this time and what other things bubble up to the surface?

I still have a few predictions as well as a few endeavours in the very prolonged pipeline.

In the end it will amount to a collection of predictions, endeavours and facts that you could not get close to anywhere else. It will also said a very, very low failure rate. Possibly no failure rate?

Twenty four months is a long time and I never claimed nor am I infallible.

I’m sure glad I am not one that invested tens of thousands of pounds into one of these sports!

I feel sorry for those that did.

Unless they are of the naïve and making like the proverbial Osterich.

I find it absolutely ridiculous that no one seems to think that Seb Coe knew everything that was going on in athletics. I find it totally implausible that he was oblivious to what was going on and even not involved.

The man I ran through on this blog fit starting something extremely stupid and without a clue of his own career in comparison to good claims. Though I struggle to remember the specifics as is often the case with me. Annoyingly!

EDIT: Oh it seems there were no less than eight sports that have had scandals in recent years and I totally forgot about cycling, lol. Also found that Tennis has a body called the Tennis Integrity Unit, well that is laughable.

Tennis match-fixing ‘a secret on the tour everybody knows’ –

The eight sports with corruption scandals –


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