Well it’s been a strange few days.

First off was the recent and quite peculiar series of sad deaths, each one more surprising than the last.

David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Glenn Frey and now Leslie Nielsen. Two musicians and two actors. Strange. All in quick succession. Alan Rickman was the biggest surprise I have to admit and didn’t think he was the same age as Bowie.

Damn fine class acts, all of them. A real shame and a real loss.

As I was speaking to a friend about the deaths I remembered something I had read somewhere.

A few years back long before I started my blogs I had a conversation with him about climate change, or global warming if you prefer? I explained that many of the claims were ridiculous, unsubstantiated and likely impossible to prove. I also said that not only is man not responsible for the planet warming but I also explained that it’s highly likely that if you were to get the co2 levels back to normal this could very well plunge is into a new ice age. Because we are very long overdue one and something was obviously preventing it.

I explained I had believed this and told friends this for many years, likely well over a decade.

They disagreed with me.

I reminded him of my explanation way back then and stated that I had indeed just recently read a report by scientists somewhere starting as such.

All that intelligence, all those resources and all the other support?

It’s times like this I really feel my skills and abilities were wasted away over the years while every now and then someone would come along to exploit them only to then think they knew better.


There is a list.

Those claims would be in the archives of this very blog, along with many other predictions, theories and factual events only to pop up in the media somewhere in identical or mirrored form.

Well that’s one thing finally been realised. Now they might go back to the drawing board after spending years wasting money trying to make their names famous or get screen time or even a series on TV?!

One can only hope.

I wonder how long it will take for the rest of my predictions, theories and factual elements to get realised in a wider scale?

If and when that time comes we might actually start getting somewhere when it comes to change for the better and actually progressing and evolving as a species?

Instead of this two decade long slumber we have been in which has been completely stationary for the last 6 years or so.

That’s damned father time, he has a great deal to answer for!


Carbon emissions ‘postpone ice age’ –


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