It has not gone unnoticed by me of the troubles that have been brewing because of immigrants entering European countries.

I did see the reports of the despicable assault on women that went on in Germany and the link to one of these reports is provided below. But I stated ‘European countries’ and did not single out Germany alone.

As if to prove me correct in a disagreement I had with someone several years previous that was to cost me dearly…something has been going on in Sweden, of all places, too.

Except there the Police have been covering it up it turns out.

Reason given?

The same stupid reason that morons in local government here on the UK would use that only serves to price that left wing people only believe you should have freedom of speech if you say the same things that they do! ‘We did not want the Democratic political party using it politically’?!

There are sooo many things wrong with this statement that it’s simply not true! That’s forgetting the obvious that you have now only served to make the very thing you claim to be avoiding now ten times worse. How you could ever think it would be any different and you had to have many dying cells within what you call your grey matter.

Secondly … well would that then mean that other political parties have different rights than the ones you don’t agree with?

Would these people have then persecuted Germany for deporting people or anyone else for that matter? While all the time hiding the exact same issues in your own country?

Had they thought about the message they was giving to their own nationals by covering this up?

It sounds to me that before long many in Europe might know what it feels like to be a British person living in Britain? I can only hope.

The shocking thing is this isn’t the odd individual doing this or even a small group of two poor three but dozens and dozens. Working together to do this. In several different cities. In Germany alone! Now you don’t think that the entire criminal elements almost knew each other in each location and all went out on the same night together? No, no, no we are talking mathematics here. I imagine it will turn out there are many large groups in each large city.

I also know that these groups will have nothing to do at all with the groups that were the only ones people were worried about. Radicalised Muslims with terrorist intent. These are so driven with their goals that they would not be stupid or think enough to go parading around in full view of everyone and all the surveillance cameras. No, no, no these are just ones that think they are superior to other nationalities despite the fact they possess little to no grey matter at all.

I know this because I’ve had to deal with several of these idiots and cannot shake this worry that I may have to again at some point! I dearly hope I don’t have to do it again because next time it won’t be from afar while controlling everything. I did that and I posted and published that and no one anywhere had learnt a damn thing.

If there is a next time it will be very up close and personal and I can promise everyone on that fact. If it’s the last thing I ever do it will be worth it. Though that won’t be obvious until much later afterwards and unlike some morons, no one whose innocent would get harmed.

That’s provided, of course, that it does not go ‘belly up’ in a very serious way in one or more countries first.

And that’s why what the Swedish Police did was absolutely brain dead ludicrous. Because when you keep brushing things under a carpet the trouble is the lump keeps getting bigger. Eventually someone will notice the lump and look or someone will see something being swept away and look and find it all.

When this takes place and there is enough of the farm secrets to be revealed the backlash can and will be proportionate to how much they have been kept in the dark. Or how bad the message comes across that you don’t think they have the intelligence enough to know the truth or cone to their own conclusions. Unless they are your conclusions of course!

This is the attitude that had infected and poisoned idiots in the UK that think themselves far more intelligent and wise than they really are. More annoyingly is that despite this lack of intelligence they still think themselves more intelligent and mire worthy a life form than those they are manipulating.

Rather funny. The job does this, the career. But from what I’ve seen only idiots are employed deliberately because they cannot see what is right in front of their own faces.

So reading these things… well they are shocking, yes. But surprising? Well, no. Not really. Only in that these men who think they are superior to women and other races are so fucking thick it beggars belief. To do these things like they did, in front of cameras and so soon after being in their respective European countries. Well despite how thick I have claimed these people to be, bit even I thought they were quite that thick.

No more intelligent to the group of deluded morons I successfully manipulated from 250 miles away.

As fit the ones that were involved in .. hmm, let’s say ‘apprehending’ them. Well they were not a great deal higher up the ladder to be honest!

Remember what I said about employing idiots. Idiots that cannot see 2 metres above their heads and can blindly follow orders while morals be damned. Yeah, right.

At least I have good reasons and a long list of them for my faults, what are yours?

As to this sorry mess gradually occurring around Europe? Well I’m afraid it’s only going to get worse and mainly because these people know that Europe is full of bloody idiots to protect them and that they can carry on behaving however they want.

A year or two from now will just show these predictions to be correct must like many other things I have seen from around ten years ago and longer.

What was hilarious was reading that when it was reported that Angela Merkel was to make deporting immigrants easier there was violence?!

Was this the lefties thinking that immigrants should be able to behave like animals in their own country or the criminal element of these infants reacting angry because they heard they could come to Europe and behave good they wanted?

Pegida are going to benefit from this and I have absolutely no idea whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. Because I know little about them.

What you cannot possibly do any further from this point on of to state that anyone’s fears are unfounded and highly likely to happen. Because in the case of the latter part of that statement the exact opposite is true. As time goes in this will become the case in more and more places right into the farthest reaches of Europe and all its quiet backwaters.

Cologne attacks: Pegida and police clash at migrant protest – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-35274105


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