Of all the oddest things to hear spoken about in the news media one I never thought I would ever hear is that of loneliness.

Especially being named as a health problem and hearing the word ‘death’ used.

Loneliness is the strangest of topics and yet as the years have gone by I have cine to realise it’s one of the easiest things to put rhyme and reason to. This does not provide answers, only the causes.

I have sat and watched people for decades and still do today get drawn back into their own worlds and away from others. This normally starts out with friends or more correctly, loose acquaintances before affecting closer friends and eventually family members.

To me this appears to be the same issue that dogs most of the world as far as it’s leaders are concerned. It comes down to us falling back on the one dark area of us all we try to pretend, or just shore an outward appearance, of being far removed from.

Us behaving like animals.

We gravitate towards the things that interest us most. As you get closer you inevitably become more focused on this. As we direct more of our focus towards these things it therefore is easy to understand that other things will lose our focus.

We only seen to be able to take on so many things in our lives.

This is compounded by the fact that we are expected to take on mid and more work and responsibility while others, like public services fur example, shed off more and more info our shoulders.

If we go back several decades to when our parents were young or better still our grandparents there was far less to deal with. All you have to do to see this is to compare the number of bills someone in the 1960’s would have to pay to that of today.

The one bill that everyone today would likely have that never existed a few decades back is, of course, that of the mobile phone.

If I then turn to one other thing that was not around a few decades back this one thing alone not only has it’s own bill but to that are connected many other bills that could run into a dozen for some people.

The Internet.

Companies use crap packaging because it’s cheap and the general public are now meant to not just post for this but use our own time, therefore less of theirs, to divide it up for those paid to take it away.

The list can go on and on and on.

For me … well I’m a little different and I have a long list of interests with many in sciences, martial arts, cycling, nature and would love to travel more. I also like a few of the typically seen as ‘male’ interests too. Making myself different further I am interested in areas, especially technical or at least would be, in other things. In other words if I dated someone who was a meteorologist, volcanologist, marine biologist or one other in another long list I would show an above average interest in what they do.

Yet along with one other thing I should have been doing, or at least had, over the years I have been without it. These two are linked, despite the fact I have deliberately not stated the other, in a peculiar way.

I have, regardless of people regarding themselves with more intelligence than they deserve, been single for over 13 years … I think … at last count … and I can’t remember when I last counted! Lol.

It is for this reason, at least in part, that I have learned everything I have done about corruption, acquired all that I have and published soon that I have. I have been aware of this for a fair old while.

But now they are speaking about loneliness in the media? Not sure why the word ‘death’ was mentioned.

I can’t imagine myself being anything other than alone. I also wonder what others will think about if they hear of the topic in the media? Likely not very much.

In recent times I’ve been glaringly aware that my conversation has not been welcomed because before long I’d be doing and acquiring many things they used to have or dreamed about. So much so that it became obvious with some that they didn’t want it to happen. This topic was even brought up with one person and he said this was natural human behaviour. Of course I had no doubt this would happen online with some people. People would simply refuse to believe what I was saying and all that I was doing and had done. This is why I spent several years gathering as much evidence as I had.

I still one that people would be resistant to believing to the point of absurdity and even being rude and insulting. This means nothing to me and will only serve to be self destructive.

Very recently there was world war three in my world and I stood on the bylines despite being in the front row.

Yesterday I found out that something was said and that something rather big and surprising had happened.

“I didn’t realise and cannot believe how much Martin had changed” was said between at least two members of my family.

Someone else then said “I think Martin changed a long time ago!”

Only a few weeks back it was Theory City among these family members and like always the winds whisper gently in my ear. Though not as much as they used to judging from some of the things I got to hear lately.

I had also been praised repeatedly by someone who normally does the exact opposite. Because I helped him, or rather his son in a situation that got completely out of hand.

Who said this to me?

The other person in the world war three scenario.

The other thing they realised over that ever so short and significant period in time is that I was not in the mood they was expecting. Not even within a million miles of that mood.

In trying to get through to people now eager to hear what I know, what I do and how I am like I am today I told them the how’s and the why’s buy told them I was not going to pretend it was easy. I explained it’s not something you can do overnight. Or two dozen nights for that matter.

I also realised that the real culprit, who I had singled out in my mind only before world war three even ended, was trying to close ranks and divert suspicion. Because I had deliberately asked them a question I already knew the answer to and I told this warring side about this. They were initially dismissive when I mentioned it before. Not any longer and I told her that you can’t see clearly when your like that.

I also told both of them that the one that overreacts first … LOSES. The one that remains calm in any conflict will win, by default or otherwise.

I think they left realising I had changed more than even they had previously realised.

This was one faction that I knew would be a headache because of the fact I had not gone on the traveling I was supposed to. The traveling plans I had alluded to on here since last April, 2015.

Rather surprisingly I completely defused a situation, well as much as was possible, and in the process showed a whole bunch of people enough to stop and take notice.

A shame I cannot do this with everyone. Still, it’s a start that I didn’t expect to reach until later in 2016. Much later in 2016.

The other problem factor, well in my own continuing endeavours, may have been sorted out too, thigh there will still be others. One with their own theory that I quite calmly blew into pieces. Not realising I had he said “… but not lately …” to which I said “Umm, yeah … lately. I just decided not to talk about it”

This not only told him his theory was dead in the water but that maybe I can read faces and body language as well as I say I do and van yell what people are saying when I’m absent, like I I say I do?


But I can’t imagine myself being that lucky twice in a matter of days and over the time I thought would be the hardest of all and had wondered if I would get through in one piece?

A couple of weeks could, of course, see us all back at the beginning.

Why do these troubles plague, dog and bother them and therefore me?

Well they have too many things going on in their lives and too much stress and pressure.

I’ve had nightmares like this in spades and for over two decades, three even but I spent 8 months, thanks to idiot court judges, on the precipice of ending all my issues quite literally overnight.

As it turned out no one wanted to hear that.

So if you won the lottery you might want to think carefully before telling anyone!

Someone told me that this was good everyone is. I asked him for an example of me being like this. He couldn’t think of a single time, to his surprise.

But I’ve gone a long time with very little. I have more reason that anyone that I know or ever met to act this way. But I don’t.

So being single … well … it’s not easy and its been a long time, I won’t deny that. But I didn’t allow ask that time to be wasted. I wanted to do some very big things and knew I was capable.

I’ve been busy buying some things, not air quickly enough but better late than never, now that my money is my own again.

I’ll spend the next month buying some things.

The plan was to buy an Astell & Kern music player but I’ve decided that desire his much I want one it is something that will not be that productive. Well … beyond doing a video and blog review of it though followed by new headphones.

As I stated, I’ve decided not to do that. Instead I’ve decided to go for some gadgets, five thus far with two electrical, that will make those unproductive periods far more productive.

I have my eyes on at least three more electrical items and several other accessory items. Then in about a months time I can get around to putting these at work.

Plus an unrelated item also electrical linked to something else in the house I will start work on, rearrange and start providing videos of.

That’s two completely new branches, subject material, for me to include to help boost everything and hopefully the wildlife area will be productive this year where it was crap, due to weather, last year?

How do you deal with the loneliness? Keep busy doing something you enjoy, even playing video games, lol.

These days and for me it cannot be just this thing or that thing and has to be many things.

The other option is to find people or a potential partner where the attraction guess beyond looks alone, something very few I know do. I only want someone with intelligence, a spark and with interests that along with mine, complement each other’s.

Maybe people should learn to switch off and tell those ravenous wolves to feck off and concentrate on your personal and social life.

Ignoring the absolute cocks you get online who like to be nasty, abusive, sarcastic and without any intelligence at all who think themselves far smarter than they are and hide behind their monitors under a false name in their bedrooms, of course! *sharp intake of breath*

These people only take up natural resources of this planet they thoroughly don’t deserve. Or just haven’t grown up. Worst still, won’t ever grow up.

Oh and then there are the evil ones, one of those I attack on here, that feel like they have to for something, equally as stupid, in an attempt to make an honest person look like a liar.

It’s quite funny really as I imagined the first few years to be rife with wars of words, that wouldn’t last long I assure you, with morons of one of the above two groups.

I have … something … I think it is close to that? I’m not really sure, lol. Something about idiot blog writers … somewhere. Not sure if they was saying I was or it was someone that thinks blog writers are idiots but I got their attention? Lol.

I’m not your average blog writer mainly because I’m not your average idiot. I’m an exceptional idiot!

Oh and I forgot I did manage to see Star Wars The Force Awakens within all of the other shenanigans.

Well … it was kinda OK. Bit weird as I was not that interested, then saw the trailer a few weeks back and was sold. But it was not as good as I was expecting.

Ended like that which I hated Empire Strikes Back for, end of part one crap. Kylo Ren, the antagonist or one of, turned out to be an average boyish looking spotty teenager and the voice was over saturated in the trailer to make him sound more menacing than he was in the film.

My friend laughed and said afterwards “Did you fall asleep?!” and I said I nearly did twice and that’s never happened before on even watching Sandra Bullock’s The Net years ago. That was the first time I felt as if I was mugged going into the building to the point I might take some pepper spray next time.

How tens of millions of pounds hey spent on a film that ends up garbage is beyond me. I don’t normally take notice of what others say but luckily enough was said about Fantastic Four, or Fant Four Stick, for me to save my money. Lol.

Unlike the aforementioned travesty I will buy Star Wars The Force Awakens when it comes out. Don’t read too much into my falling asleep add I do have a sleep disorder. Lol. Still … if it was gripping from beginning to end, which I thought it would be, I wouldn’t get closer to falling asleep.

I will be in the cinema in March and guarantee you I doubt I will even blink, let alone fall asleep. That would be Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice!

I am beginning to believe this may happen with the new X-Men Apocalypse movie too! Doctor Strange too?!

Well let’s hope every time I go to the cinema, which looks to be a lot through 2016, I don’t ever feel I’m going to fall asleep, not even once!

So yeah … Star Wars is OK. I don’t think JJ Abrahams did a good a job with Star Wars as he did Star Trek. But it’s good, just a bit slow in places and I did feel the trailer showed at least most of the best bits. Though there was one nice surprise near the end.

My estimation on who Kylo Ren was, was a little … out. Only a little, mind you. Glad it wasn’t the character I feared it would be, that might have destroyed the while movie for me. Lol!

In fact I thought my friend was mad because he had already seen it and said it was OK. He did day it was better the second time around. I said that I had initially thought he was mad as everyone what raved about the movie but this time he was spot on. He rarely is. Lol.

Well he thought Wolverine Origins was the best X-Men movie based on Deapool, got excited when I told him he had hid own movie and watched the clips, seed the posters and hates it. In his words? Acting like a gay hero and dues not have those blades he had in Wolverne Origins … you can lead a horse to water.

No he is not and never was a comic reader and not familiar with Deadpool. I was a comic reader but not familiar with Deadpool but realise he was popular enough that I should take notice!

My mate? No Katana Swords out good hands … he’s out! Lol!


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