Well here I am again finding myself in the middle of something and collecting more evidence about someone I have before.

Only this time not as much as I would have liked, in all honesty.


On walking home yesterday I spot a Swan playing a game of tag with some traffic, which was all coming to a halt with a queue of cars building up.

I do not know what the idiots thought sounding their horns would do? Morons.

There was a mother and her kids nearby watching and I crossed the road to take control of the situation and the Swan.

I was asked some silly things like “I dare you to stroke it” by one of the children not realising that it would not be a good idea to scare the Swan therefore stressing it out even more than it was.

As I walked back and forth the Swan remained away from the road but seemed intent on getting back in it, despite the numerous vehicles and tooting of horns.

Some people did eventually approach stating that they had rung someone and that they would be there in ten minutes.

The Swan was groggy either through illness or perhaps in shock from a crash landing. It was also causing some serious problems on a very busy road and walking right along the centre of it. Which could have caused an accident. Especially a young driver coming over the bridge too fast, seeing the Swan at the last minute which could have caused them to swerve off the road. This could have led to injuries and even deaths!

The lady returned while still on her mobile to the RSPCA and there was a look on her face and I realised at that moment she had not rang the Swan Sanctuary and was being told by the RSPCA that they were not going to come out.

Despite the heart string pulling adverts by them on TV about how much they care for and look after animals while showing you a young woman saving a cat from a cardboard box they do not give a flying feck about animals.

It was very obvious a great many years ago that they had become a profit making business, despite supposedly being a charity, and was more interested in making money, or rather conning it out of the mostly naive British public.

Being an expert on many branches of the animal kingdom and having an affinity with nature I am always getting involved if an animal is ill, stressed, injured or in immediate danger. A few years back I helped guide the Swan Sanctuary, via a very nice lady called Gwen, to another Cygnet with a broken leg.

Every other time I have been there when the RSPCA were called or was told about calling them up about an injured animal from birds to foxes they have  never, ever come out.

I then have to explain that they never do, make all kinds of feeble excuses and yet are always maintaining in their awful adverts how much they care and ave animals.


What they do, do is go after members of the public with any excuse they can find to state that they have not looked after their pets correctly so that they can fine them, money you see. I also point out that many years ago they spent £142 Million, if my failing memory is correct, on huge offices in St. Stephen’s Parade, opposite Big Ben, yes that Big Ben, which no doubt costs a bloody fortune to run.

The looks on their faces when they realise.

Oddly enough this was the first real organisation that stood out to be corrupt and yet years later they start reporting similar things with other organisations. Primarily realising their is some fat effing twat earning millions each year in charge of said organisation.

They have even started stating as much about other charities.

Yet with all the rules in place for TV advertising they get to advertise while quite obviously lying through their teeth. Somehow! They are being joined on TV by loan companies that despite an annual percentage rate of 30% looking like a rip off ten years ago are charging 1500%! Like Quick Quid.

Yeah too bloody right! Quick Quid turns into Quick Quids to Sovereigns! LMAO!

I was just talking about this to a friend today and he said he had noticed them on TV and a few of them and was panicking that one of his children, who is naive and thinks money grows on trees and always paying big fees for overdrafts until his Dad pays it off, would take a loan out.

He has had to order him not to take any of the loans out that advertise on TV.

So it would seem that more often than not TV adverts are becoming not only inundated with these corrupt organisations trying to defraud you of your cash to pay themselves for sitting on their arses but are gradually increasing the percentage of air time they currently take up!

So there I am thinking about the idiots at the RSPCA and how I would now like to thump one of them because I am in pain trying to protect a Swan and they cannot get off their arses.

Well over thirty minutes go by and suddenly the Swan starts flapping its wings and sprinting along the side road. It is trying to take off and it does an in the direction of the canal. A green metal fence with spiked tops is in its way and I am worried that it will crash into it killing itself.

At one point the Swan did not seem too sure of itself and it dropped its height fractionally before suddenly putting more effort into it. It looked as if it would clear the fence and it did to my relief … before then crashing down into a tiny section that is someone’s garden only ten feet from the canal!

Go figure!

I walk up the bridge to be able to look down and check on the Swan. He, or she, is on its belly with wings slightly splayed out. I ask it what it thought it was doing and it looks up and almost seems to recognise me as its recent shadow. It gets up and walks about a bit but there is no way it can take off where it is. For the next ten minutes I glance up and down the road hoping to see a van that looks like some kind of Pet Rescue outfit. Nothing.

A lady appears and talks for a bit and explains she has called someone called ‘Pet Rescue’ and that they would be there in ten minutes. I explain that four separate people have called up, starting like an hour beforehand, and they all said ten minutes, apart from the RSPCA who refused to come out at all.

Another ten minutes go by and nothing.

Eventually the mother and children I was speaking to when I was first guarding the Swan are heading out and I see one of those tiny Smart Cars coming up the street. I decide it cannot possibly be them in such a small car when I then notice it come to a stop, level with the family as they look at the driver and then turn and point at me, 200 yards or more up the road.

I sort of laugh in my head, wondering if he is going to give the car keys to the Swan and let it drive itself to a lake up in Fishers Green?! I could not see how a fully grown Swan an a man was going to fit in that matchbox on wheels?!

I am now desperate to get home and off my feet and allow my back to stop hurting, still hurting today from yesterday. I drop of a wall, waving at him as he approached and just told him about the Swan seeming groggy, too calm but was capable of taking flight.

He thanked me and I buggered off home.

I did a little video of said Swan as I was waiting for several organisations to fail to turn up ..


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