Well this is a turn up for the books. Literally.

In the past couple of days I have heard two bizarre things ..

1 That there is a song out to help save the NHS, yes it if true and …

2 The first report of a wave of people who have died due to the NHS is reported

I wonder what those involved in the song to Dave the NHS will think and feel about this latest report?

When I heard about the song, now in the charts at number 39 I heard, I could boy help but wonder if the people involved knew hire bad things were? No they wouldn’t and that should be obvious to me, no I mean have some idea that things were rotten?

I also wondered where the money would go? Would it go the the fat cat idiots in the Primary Care Trusts or those running the hospitals that hid the deaths that occurred?

It’s no good throwing money at a metaphorical piggy bank with a hole the size of Jupiter. There is no skill in that and the money disappears leaving no trace whatsoever.

A smaller hole and successes show an element of skill and when wrong there is money left lying around with not too much lost in the smaller hole.

This report only covers deaths of mental health sufferers and those with learning difficulties. You can bet the many hundreds, maybe thousands eventually will be missing a few.

This has occurred earlier than I expected it to but it is just the start. I am sure that there will be another revelation to come at a later date when the loved ones of someone who died in hospital, or indeed outside it, start looking into their own catastrophes.

This is because consistent and continuous refusals of diagnosis and treatment are happening when they cannot possibly know what the health conditions are. They avoid diagnosis, do they not?

The relatives of those who died might just start asking how many times the person they lost had been to a GP or hospital prior to their deaths?

This is something that had occurred to me a very, very long time ago and at a guess I would start it was certainly beyond 13 years. Probably around 14 to 15 years and could well have been 20. My grandmother died around 16 years ago and I knew there was something very, very wrong with her death. She was misdiagnosed for a start about a year or so before her death.

She was told she had asthma at 75 and given ventilators but I now know she had Fibromyalgia and died of heart failure.

Go figure.

So it will be interesting to see exactly what happens over this song released to help pay for an organisation that deliberately caused so many deaths. Well it had to be deliberately as they didn’t want to diagnose patients. Which meant they didn’t care.

They simply had to know this would lead to the deaths of people, you have to be some sort of incompetent twat not to realise that.

It’s simple laws of averages.

So they are asking why they didn’t investigate these deaths? Well I think the answer is effing obvious, wouldn’t you agree?

How much money will the song released make? Where will it go and will we see a difference?

In fact they have put themselves in a corner …

1 If the song fails to sell it will show how much the public distrust the NHS and all hell will break loose!

2 If the song makes loads of cash they will be under pressure to make hundreds of changes that the public will see or all hell will break loose!

Basically chances are that … all hell will break loose!

The question is will this be pre or post the second wave of reports over deaths caused by the NHS over money when there are so many making so much money over careers that have no positive effect to the NHS or its patients.

NHS trust ‘failed to investigate hundreds of deaths’ – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-35051845


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