There have been a few things I have been waiting for a long, long time to start.

This one was waiting for my to take a trip out of town for a month or two. That kept getting delay after delay and now is not happening at all. So there is something that is not occurring along with this endeavour but there is some hope that it will within a matter of weeks.

However I will still not be out of town.

Now I will follow this up with updates as things progress, or go sideways or go backwards and likely the last two, which is why I am posting this endeavour up.

I have absolutely no doubt that there will be hoards of people that will feel some emotion or other like familiarity, recalling disappointment and confusion. I know because I had this before.

When I did this last time, four years back, things were confusing.

If you have not worked it out by now I o not like confusing and I do not like being left in the dark, I tend to get really miffed bout it. Lol.

So what I decided to do, without the other things taking place or occurring … well not to my knowledge and not yet, I typed up a report regarding everything I do, everything I have done, all my blogs and all my subjects.

Of course this is primarily about all my data and the corruption.

I decided to test the water and sent off a wave of letters, less than half a dozen I think.

I then decided to send of s second wave of around eight or more and then filmed the envelopes upside down, in the video below, and then post about what I was about to do. Sort of an analysis and a piss take of those that think themselves a cut above those that go cap in hand to them.

Yeaahh they are not going to like it.

But they will only have themselves to blame.

Well some are not going to like it.

Now what riled me previously was this same thing I get ion a lot of professional industries, even below that of the professionals themselves, of this attitude that there way is the only way to do things, should be obvious, attitude that everyone does it the same way.

The problem with this attitude? All three attitudes are completely and utterly wrong and everyone that has contacted more than one literary agent will know that even font types, sizes, line spacing and even which chapters they want will differ from one agent or agency to the next.


Well … morons, if they have that attitude and more so when they are patronizing.

Now for me literary agents started to pop up because publishers become too big for their boots and I remember being totally confused that you would not speak to the publishers directly as an author. How effing insane that is.

It appeared to me when I become embroiled in this that the agencies were becoming too big for their own boots and I wondered how many years away we were before Literary Agents Agents started popping up? Literary Agents Agents Agents, anyone?

If I wanted to buy an Aston Martin I would not say, ‘No I do not want to deal with you, can you end the car over to a Ford showroom and I will buy it from them?’ LOL! Or vice-versa.

Although I expected to report a particular thing I did not expect it to happen so soon and I expected only to report in in part two …

But what with a six page report and a three page letter there is no way that anyone could answer what I sent off already, which is one reason I like to do things in waves. But they have.


They did not read the included report and certainly failed to visit a single blog that I provided them?

This literary agency also stated it was not a subject they do, which is quite bizarre because all the agencies I have on my list were specifically picked out because they publish non-fiction.

Remember my subjects? Corruption, Amphibians, Reptiles, Fish, Computer Science, Astronomy, Self Help, Orchids, Photography, Music and films among other things.

So along with sending a reply far too quickly, that is idiotic Bell Lomax, I also od not fit into their non-fiction criteria and they never bothered to look at a single blog?

How do these people make money?

Actually as I typed that I wondered if things with one companies might be some sort of tax front? It is inconceivable that someone that not only has my broad spectrum of knowledge, done all this with my blog and still going would be dismissed so quick by so called literary professionals?

Maybe some people just make a living only acting as agents for mimicry authors that take something that ha made tens of millions, like Harry Potter, and settle for a tiny percentage of that with each publication?

There is a whole bloody library or hugely popular things and it turns my stomach when I see people mimic other things and even in the title … I simply want to throw up.

I saw the title “Fifty Shades Of Black” somewhere the other day and was like “WHAT?! REALLY?!”

Someone said to me the other day how hard it is to get published and I said “You ever been in a bookshop or library? How many things do you walk straight past? How many really crap books get published?” he said “Yeah, that’s true!”

I do not right crap! Or lies of fabrication!

I said from the beginning this blog was a series of traps.

I also mentioned several times throughout that some of the industries would not be dealt with until the end. The other one has been falling into said traps all along and like everything else, because for some reason people do not believe or act upon one single thing alone, I had to do this and keep doing it year after bloody year until I had enough to make things incontrovertible.

If people could be bothered to look.

Which is kind of ironic if they do not because it is one giant self help book regarding almost everything! LMAO!

This Roccat Ryos MK Pro professional keyboard I have because PC Worel (there)sold me a refurbished and badly dammaged (there) (Solid aluminium plate) Corsair Vengeance K70 Keyboad. For the past month this Roccat has being missing keystrokes, adding keystrokes and drivingg (there) me up the effing wall.

You cannot even buy professional stuff without getting crap!


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