Ooh boy! Has today been a bad one and it is only 1.30pm!

First off I am stuck between a rock and a hard place, quite literally and to say it is not stressful … well I would be lying.

It also turns out that not only have the naysayers now decreed that the positive parts including money is all bullshit, that they have taken it upon themselves to decide that all the previous stuff, much I was present at and recorded dozens of things, is all bullshit too.

Damaged egos, eh?! LMAO!

Added to that is I have a GP appointment where I am going to try once again to be referred to an Osteopath over my back pain.

Oh and the nausea.

Oh and I must remember to mention waking up to discover my left hand is digging into a tender area around the base of my neck, which was already spotted twice and then retracted by the NHS. This may be linked to the nausea, you see?

Which may be linked to the back pain that was also spotted twice and then retracted.

Being wrongly diagnosed, especially when you yourself know what it is, is one thing. But being diagnosed and then having things retracted?

Happened with not only my back, twice, but also my right knee twice and an inguinal hernia on my right side. Recordings of the Doctor in question being caught red-handed by me and admitting falsifying test results and then retracting that too! Lol.

If I ever told them in anger I was recording them I would never  have acquired as much as I have. Let them lie, let them think they are getting away with it. Move onto the next thing, let them build up a great deal of over-confidence in lying …

…carry on recording. Mount it all up … post it all on the Internet when you have far more than enough.

Watch as journalists, newspapers and TV idiots act no different to those they expose and steal your stuff, alter it, go after their own but similar story and you get nothing in the way of thanks for it.

Well I did say the whole blog was a trap?! Remember? LOL!

I have now confirmed that high blood pressure is linked to Fibromyalgia and in so doing discovered a new drug, Milnacipran (brand name Savella) that is reported to have better affects with Fibromyalgia sufferers than the totally cheap crap and wrong drugs they fob you off with, like Gabapentin and Amitriptyline.

It seems that this new Milnacipran works on specific neurotransmitters in the brain that are affected by Fibromyalgia Syndrome which itself is partly driven, or mostly, by not having the sleep where your body repairs itself, including the brain itself.

Yeaahh … imagine that next time your thinking about your friend or family member having something you do not believe or think does no exist, because of idiot medical … umm experts? I think not.

I know because I went through it for 13 years, though it turned out I had had FMS for closer to 20 years!

I am not going to get into the number of things the NHS destroyed by being both idiots, deaf and liars because I have mostly done that already. Spent 3.5 years almost doing that on this blog …

… saving money? I think not!

It also mentions the other drug which is the only one that work on the cause of Fibromyalgia, lack of restorative sleep, Sodium oxybate (brand name Xyrem).

Please note that on the page in the link below that Gabapentin is Neurontin, the latter being the brand name which they seem to fail to mention.

Sodium oxybate (Xyrem) is the drug that Dr Kirkham, specialist ion Fibromyalgia at Guy’s Hospital, had, to my complete shock, never heard of. I told him it was a shock to hear that as it is the one and only drug that deals with the core problem for people with Fibromyalgia.

In other words it is not only dealing with the pain, not masking it, but deals with he fatigue too. I think this goes double for Chronic Fatigue  Syndrome which I believe is just Fibromyalgia Syndrome in its early stages,

If you have come here about the drugs I mention of Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue, or other subjects for that matter … you can search the archive! Lol.

So I am thinking about all that … plus the two other things both concerning large amounts of money, one I do not want to be involved in and one I thought I was and now I am not … how long for and why not I am in the dark about.

Of course as I stated previously my life has been made a living hell by the naysayers made up with those with damaged egos and those jealous with envy who do not want it to be true.

For the first time in several days I pop in to get something from a friends store and am on in serious back pain. I then decide to head to town for a brief pick up and head home. I bizarrely consider catching an unusual bus route home but miss a bus.

I am then walking down a long straight road I use and I get a third of the distance along it when … WHAM! No George Michael has not crashed into another Prontoprint, or whatever it was, I get a sudden attack of one of my many other pains straight into my right foot!

I cannot walk! No buses down this road either! I stop for several minutes, lean onto my walking stick and wonder how a human is supposed to deal with this amount of pain, stress and thoughtlessness of others before trying to carry on. Two steps – bang, bang! Darn it this is seeming impossible.

Now here is the bit that no one considers nor asks about … what do I at times like this? Well I have my walking stick and I stand there and think that there must be a walk that will keep the pain from firing off.

I walk with the heel on the right foot and try not to put the ball of my foot onto the pavement, it does not always work.

I limp and lean hard and my arms get tired and I switch arms and I feel light drops of rain on my face and think “please, no! Not fucking now!! You have made things hard enough at a tough time already, do not fucking rain now, its all you have done for week on end!!”

I look at the pavement stretching off into the distance. It suddenly looks a very long way away.

I have to make three major stops of several minutes, more leaning and questioning, along with a half a dozen stops of a few second here and there.

Despite actually thinking this was going to be the first time I was going to fail to get home., because of my location far from a bus stop, I struggled, bit my lip hard, got down deep and I worked through the pain and limped all the way home.

Oh how I wish that we could get just a week or two of some clear skies and wind free! You have no idea how much I so want some of those so that I can get out on my damned bike!

Because the other things I have to deal with, harder when your avoiding people, is the ever so annoying boredom!

The link to the drug I researched that holds the link to high blood pressure and Fibromyalgia along with the listed drugs above … yes including the ones I get refused, like Pregabalin (brand name Lyrica) and the mentioned Sodium oxybate (brand name Xyrem), click the link …


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