Nahh … his or her name is not TOPO!

I just called he or she that, lol.

There is a ‘Topo the Tiger’ though, lol. Topo is something that featured on my blogs on corruption and several other places on the Internet.

He crops up from time to time. Scared the living bejesus out of one chap too! Good old Topo. Likely scaring the bejesus out of many other people too, that fully deserve having the bejesus scared out of them and then some!

Been awhile since the mysterious Topo got a decent mention.

Hmm maybe you should ‘Google’ ‘Topo the Tiger’? Lol.  (Just one, or three, of many subjects I cover 😉 with the latest stuff being on Alytes muletensis, Euproctus platycephalus, Andrias davidianus and Cyprochromis among others)


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