When I glance at my balance in my bank account I never expect it to be anything other than what it is.

That is kinda sad. A sad reality. Never mind.

However things may well change.

I have spent almost an entire year not doing as much as I could, for various reasons. I am about to change that.

Pretty soon I am going to re-publish a number of things and a series based on a report I have been working on. For a particular industry.

I will publish this in certain pieces … leaving one until the last moment containing data I do not want to publish … not just yet.

I have an unusual and unexpected Christmas racing towards me.

A number of endeavours I thought I would be embarking on have been pulled from under me. But not pulled out completely. I always have back up plans and other plans can be carried out … even if not in the locations I expected to and with the obvious … backing I thought I would have.

I am about to reach a half way point in one of these endeavours. Already it has born some interesting developments and I have had some interesting things said to me.

Yet I have only just started.

It is something I have not attempted in awhile and around a year before the blog started. As that is now three and a half years nearly you can see it has been a while.

These previous attempts numbered in the dozens with two industries. The results … were … not particularly good.

The numbers this time are only at 3 for one and 5 for the other and already each one has had a much more positive result than they ever did recently.

I must be aware of secret squirrels!

Also I have had a journalist on the phone for almost two hours.

It has not gone unnoticed that there was a bomb scare in my local town centre. Sorry fellas … I was way out of town when that happened, lol.

I was not there, for once. I only know about it because locals and three friends saw it and told me about it. In fact I was told there was a controlled explosion, whether this is true or not I do not know.

I have not looked it up. (EDIT: Have now, many reports of controlled explosion)

If there was anything it is the second time something has occurred within spitting distance of my home, metaphorically speaking.

Of course the reasons why this is can be found on the archive of this very blog.

There are some groups that need to be verrrry careful. If they screw up not only would this bring me into the limelight they have been trying so hard to avoid but could well blow up in their faces. Pardon the pun!

Being targeted by various groups was not only a possibility in my mind but an absolute certainty, I just could not be certain of all of them that would target me. Took steps to hide myself you see.

Anyone dies within ten miles of me due to any terrorist acts and questions may well be asked and answers demanded.

I did everything I had to. I did everything I could do.

Did you?

What happens next is anyone’s guess.

It may have turned out to be something and covered up, like the attempt on the River Lea at Waltham Abbey three and a half years ago, just prior to starting this blog?

It may turn out to be nothing but due to the vicinity they thought it may be something?

But I am here.

I have made several attempts and several pleas to leave.

Had I done so that important information would be available here. But I have been thwarted several times in my attempts to move home in the last few years.

In other words … they have a target. Or at least a target area. Remove this and you take away their ability to target. Prevent the target from moving and one has to wonder as to their ultimate intentions and their ability to be compassionate towards human life and innocent people?

Oh dear. That will not be good.

So I have started to embark upon a new quest. Not in some desperation or fear that they might get me if indeed they are targeting me. Just starting what I was going to start about now anyway.

In about a week from now that endeavour should be well into its planning. Fingers crossed. About then I will publish pieces of a report I made out. In parts on a weekly basis, just remember I have short term memory issues, lol?

At the end of that I will explain all, for those that have not been digging around my archive and worked it all out.

After all I have been told that a bunch of people found things a rather enjoyable read.

Someone that dismissed me four years back, lol.

I will likely have furthered another endeavour by then? I may be posting about the outcomes to this too?

These cannot fail to be positive for me, whether the responses are positive or negative they fit in with what I do either way. This may come as a shocking realisation as to how I do things? Too late for many of this I can assure you.

Only a grand length of time would allow me to show the truths beyond all and any doubt.

That time is here.

So there are four things going on right now and I am trying to start another … oooh which reminds me I have to go and try and start that one up … AGAIN!

But then repeated failures also can show a story and repeated enough they become blindingly obvious!

I absolutely guarantee that once again a very large organisation is seriously underestimating me and will woefully be shown in a bad light. Well a few will but I am speaking of one in particular and I prefer not to let them see me coming.

After all … something was taken away from me. An avenue was rudely slammed in my face. Well I can slam several faces at once in response to this. And I will.

Then there is the one phase that is not far off now I have thought about since before this blog was even started up. The ultimate endeavour.

At some point I must start preparing for this ultimate of endeavours.

But that is something for some point in 2016.

Ooh … I just thought of another endeavour!

I have a particular video to upload to YouTube I have been sitting on for several days.


Yeah so I have a few things coming while I watch a rather bizarre Christmas approach and being left in the dark by the one person I could trust?

My word …. this is going to be an odd couple of months.

By the 1st January 2016 you will know exactly what I mean. Hopefully?!


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