Well here is that video I referred to in the last post.

Leaving PC World a big white and fairly new unmarked van pulled up and started wheeling white goods right through PC World’s front door?!

A van, i might add, with Polish plates on it at hat had come a very, very long way to deliver thee goods!

Knowing full well that they sell refurbished goods as new because they had done so with me, though admiittedly not as many as Argos sold me, I of course immediately thought I was catching them in the act?

Though with any intelligence I would have the stuff delivered to a central base and have my own lorries with my company name on delivering the goods. It is the sensible way to do it.

Unless they have been doing it o long they think themselves untouchable, I know they think themselves untouchable anyway. If you listen to the recording of a PC World representative raising his voice at me you will know they think themselves untouchable.

I just try to warn others …

I still buy from them because everyone is doing the same thing. If I discover, easy after a while, that the item is refurbished it goes straight back for a exchange and I tell them it is refurbished and how I spotted it.

Unfortunately this teaches them to not make the same mistakes!


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