Well this is odd.

A few days back, while I was … extremely nauseous and in all day I mentioned in a post that I had a lot of … texts in one afternoon. A lot.

I do not know many people, you have to remember, as I have lost three family members I could talk to, one friend died and another ran way without any further contact. Nearly 300 miles to be precise.

Leaving just one person.

Now everyone has their own lives these days, one serious buggered up, one somewhat … complicated and heading for trouble and three with careers to deal with.

Others are headaches. Lol.

But five people contacted me on the space of a few hours, a couple several times, and this would be highly unusual in the space of one week.

I am now finding out why this is.

I have, as I have alluded, been sort of directly but slightly indirectly involved in a legal case. Just about everyone I know, knows about this but was kept from them for a couple of years. Until, that is, it was at the end and I had some concrete stuff to tell.

This involved the one person I could talk to. The one person I stated I had left.

I kept stating that things will be divulged in periods of time but it never happened. It still has not happened.

I had a lot of naysayers that committed their opinions far and wide and I knew this could be an issue but never thought it would come to that. It did.

Family and friends were not the issue and the one thing I did have there is that they knew I was not lying about anything. Never have I been accused of bulllshitting anyone. Though I have to admit to one person I do not have much dealings with claiming I was full of bullshit. But as some found out this was down to an ego, or jealousy that has gone on for years.

They were jealous of my knowledge and ability in three subjects, the five attarctice ex girlfriends I had, though I have been single for 13 years plus, along with everything else I knew and I could do.

Yes I suppose I can do a lot and I possess an extremely broad spectrum of knowledge …

  • Computer Science (To which I have a Degree)
  • Amphibians (To which some would say I am unrivalled and have a Blog. I appeared in Asian Magazines)
  • Reptiles (I have a blog)
  • Fish (Specially Tanganyika, Malawi, Killies, American Darters/Dace plus Blog. I appeared in Asian Magazine)
  • Orchids (Keep Tropical Orchids of hybrids and botanicals plus Blog)
  • Astronomy & Astrophysics (Have a blog)
  • British Wildlife (Have a Blog)
  • Carnivorous Plants (No Blog)
  • Lilies (Plants, no Blog)
  • Wing Chun Kung Fu, Six & Half Point Pole, Nunchaku & Bo Staff (Very neglected blog)
  • Photography
  • Musical Knowledge (History, have a Blog)
  • Mountain Biking (Appeared in What Mountain Bike with custom built Litespeed Ocoee)
  • Also a crack shot with a gun, lol
But me personally? I do not think I have anything that others should be jealous or envious about but one particular person is. To a number of the above and my ex-girlfriends or all of the above and my ex-girlfriends.
Possibly my do-gooder personality too and that others see me as a kind of people’s hero? I have had names like ‘Modern day Robin Hood’ and ‘Sherlock’ mentioned when others speak of me. I dare say that sort of thing happens with visitors to the blog too? At least the ones that have seen and listened to enough stuff?
I can sit in a room with professional people with far too high an opinion of themselves and their knowledge and run rings around them and get them to say things that destroy themselves.
Doubt that and you quite simply have not heard enough of my recordings I am afraid. Lol.
I get a lot of things right, not all but a lot more than most others would.
So when something goes wrong … people take notice, often for completely the wrong reason. Often these would be unexpected reasons.
I was offered to stay overnight at a family members home just this morning. It was suggested when they recently visited.
As it turns out they are worried about how I have taken things in light of what recently has or rather has not happened.
They have realised that, that which they predicted was not a good theory to come true all along as that particular outcome would be … hard to take.
They think it is mad.
They think it is grossly unfair. On me.
They think it is a huge undertaking I have taken it upon myself to achieve in just this one single endeavour.
They do not understand why it is currently in the place it is. That I can understand fully as I ddo not understand it either.
Theyu think my theories are sound and have admitted as much, or some have, but still think it is an evil think that has occurred while having difficulty coming to terms with their theories being reality and how anyone could do a thing like that.
See? No forethought! Lol!
So it turns out that many have started to worry and I imagine that they thought that if it was them … well they would not be able to take it, handle it or get through it until the truth is revealed.
But I keep telling them the same thing over and over again.
This is the same thing I keep stating on here over and over again.
I plan for every eventuality. Every possible outcome.
I planned for this.
If I cannot get what I need to vindicate myself from the channels I expected there is always another way.
Plus there as always the possibility that I was being lied to.
So what is it that I do?
Well one is what I always do … not put much in the way of recordings on here lately have I?
Now 100GB is a lot and though I have only put roughly a quarter of that on here that in itself is a hell of a lot.
I still record. I always will record.
I can publish the recording where the case is explained and a figure of £850,000 is asked for by a solicitor! Oops!
As for the case itself and me looking like one giant hoaxer on-line? Well no I am not and I have told people that if I got this wrong then I got this wrong and will hold my hands up to it.
But I need something to hold my hands up to!
Now I have endeavoured to find out through my own methods but it is just too hard and the British legal system is a mess and always has been. So what do you do?
You employ … others with a vested interest to go after the documents!
I have held this back but I have three back-up plans and each of these has several … facets. I have put two of them into effect.
Some nights ago now I was called within twenty minutes of sending an email off by a journalist who then spent nearly two hours on the phone listening in awe.
Compared to an attempt to get the news media industry involved in the past that was Hyper car speed that lightning would turn green over!
Hmm … the News Media? 
Yes I said all along and from the outset that along with the legal industry and everyone else that the News Media was under my proverbial microscope!
I have not said much and that in itself has been key to my studying them.
Started by sending them a set of Four DVDs to see what they do with the contents, of which I have lost count of the mirror image stories that have appeared in the news.
I never even got a reply of thanks, either!
Now think of a national tabloid? I sent them my stuff!
I also sent them to a number of local newspapers too in Liverpool, Manchester, London and a few others besides. Nothing. Nada. Zilch!
I told them of the exact situation and told them that the payout was £750,000 … or a little over! Yes siree that was the payout and as I said I have a recording regarding details of an amount asked for £100,000 higher than that.
It should have been over £1 Million!
Something went … wrong! Never mind though … the devil is literally in the details!
These journalists mounted their rocket-ships and prepared for launch to go and so their thing.
Instead of being left in the dark for an unknown amount of time I now have people that will report (no pun intended) back to me one way or the other.
So I have written two books on corruption and things that went on prior to this blog starting up three and a half years ago.
I have a third book to write about what went on behind the scenes while writing the blog and the things that occurred. Things I did not put in this blog.
As I said to a friend, I wanted to write a book about how I managed to succeed in the end and therefore reach even more people and help other victims too. I did not want to write that book about how I was a victim to one of the biggest hoaxes the UK has ever heard about!
So people have admitted that the not knowing and unfair treatment of lack of being paid back some of the £5,000 or my PIPs money might be having a detrimental effect on me that is an understatement to say the least.
I told them what I told my GP when he expressed the to me his concern about me regarding all this and thought the treatment of me confusing and unfair.
After things I have had to deal with over the years, all in my books waiting for a publisher, it is water off a duck’s back my friend, water off a duck’s back.
I cannot control not knowing and that is down to someone else not being very fair or nice about all this. Nothing I can do but wait.
I did what I now do because I do not have a choice. The explanation of which no one would disagree with and I cannot remain in the dark indefinitely. Because it is not only down to how I may appear but I also held much of my own stuff back to improve my life exponentially but also sacrificed a SLR Camera to help me with the blogs and YouTube and also a Reflector Telescope and a few other items.
I need to be able to explain I was right or hold my hands up and state clearly that this time I got it so very wrong and hold my head in shame at my naivety, stupidity and ignoring all the signs.
There were signs for both sides of the argument.
Well now that is being done for me by a number of different groups and I still have the third one available to me. Possibly available.
That depends because if I was right and I have been … cut off then I have option number 3. If I was wrong then option number 3 is going to be extremely unlikely. Still possible but just extremely unlikely.
That countdown to finding out has now begun.
I am just not going to predict a time frame but I am hoping it is before Christmas … this year?!
Sorry about the wait … it really is not my fault. I apologise anyway.

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