Funny that. I heard this statement several times and I find it bloody weird.

This is of course a statement made after those shocking and awful acts of murder in the French city of Paris.

I stood stunned at what was unfolding across the English Channel despite the fact that I had long since stated something big would take place there.

Maybe they should employ me?

In times like this you don’t want to be proved correct but you just know that you will be.

It won’t end there either. There will be worse to come and not just in France either.

What made me wince in pain was listening to leaders once again coming out with those awful lines about standing up together to face them.

Well you don’t, do you?

Also the act of war statement no one had picked up on as first off we already are and there is military action taking place out there. What did they regard these as? Training? Bombing practice? Can’t help thinking that statement was made in anger because he was at a football match they tried to get into before detonating their bombs?

So he actually took it personally when it was him that was targeted? Huh, claims to be a socialist? Lol!

All this murder because a large group of people are deluded about deities they claim are all powerful and love them. Except he never dues any work at all to help them!

Also because a bunch of men are so insecure that they strive for a world where their sons can continue to murder their daughters without reprisal.

Childish, deluded, backwards and out of date modern day loons!

It is not going to be good over the next few years!

I also heard that one UK policeman stated that they were calling for more police to go down to Oxford Street to show a presence. The group of people that were told gave their opinion on this …

“A complete waste of time and money, it won’t make a blind bit of difference.”

You won’t want to hear the other things that were said. Or should I day the news media won’t want to hear it? Their constant banging on about political correctness has allowed societies to become one sided, unfair to nationals and built up a hatred, instead of having a warped idea of human rights and peace rammed down their throats.

You can guess what effects on these mindsets these attacks and others are having?

So now it’s war are they going to send aircraft out into Syria and Iraq and prepare to kick arse? Oh wait? They are already there … well on their training exercises. Maybe now they might level the place? It’s what you have to do. Hit them back a hundred times worse. Multiply the bombs they used one hundred fold and wipe out swathes of them.

It’s the only way they get several messages and learn the hard way that you cannot use everyone else, everyone else’s money like leeches, pretend to peoples faces they are nice, using everyone else’s technology, clothes, tools because your too backwards and stupid to use, make our invent your own and then have the attitude that your the master race!

Master of what, exactly?

Your proof?! Doing the bidding of an all powerful deity you claim to be as passionate as you but shows no evidence of his power? Not even a declaration of his dissatisfaction?

Your all raving lunatics and retarded to the point that you belong in the stone age. In fact that’s not correct as societies in the stone age showed more humanity and sense than you do!

You would have to go back beyond two thousand years to find someone that barbaric and backwards.

Award barbarism with greater barbarism.

What I find also infuriating is that they come to other countries wanting the good things where they get given crap like the leeches that they are but reject other things. They whine, moan and complain they want the worlds they fled reinstated in their new lands.

Do anything in their countries of origin however and they want to murder everyone and blow everything to smithereens!

Two faced, lying, murdering retards!

There is someone not speaking to me right now and maybe never will again? I just got they remembered I said this was coming and that these people are seen for who and what they are?

A dark, wart like blemish on the world that needs to be surgically removed for any chance of peace in any country in the world.

Because you can be sure of one thing … before long the murder and explosions will reach every country in the world.

Because your nice, blab on about human rights and as soon as your back is turned they sink a large and sharp knife into you until everything fades to black.

One day I might get a sign that countries are beginning to learn … well before their populace is outnumbered that is and its took fucking late?!

All that is left for me to say is how sorry I am to all the family members and friends affected by the deaths of so many and the myriads of injured people.

2 thoughts on “THE ACTS OF WAR

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