Well … do you know what I am going to say?

I’ve stated from the outset that I have a gargantuan amount of digital data of evidence of corruption.

I stated that I will, did and still do get a great deal more along the way.

I also stated that I will rip the crap out of news reports, political figures and other things and make some predictions of my own.

I also said that you should keep an eye out and make notes because copycat stories to mine will appear in the news media.

Working or acknowledged me is just too hard, especially when I consistently show up how bad and overpaid you are.

I also pointed out that my theories and predictions would reveal themselves to be true in time.

Is it safe to assume that your now thinking I am working to to something or things?

Sebastian Coe is a complete dick!

Now he is proving it, even if he thinks most don’t realise yet.

You simply cannot make political statements like he did without being both a dick and a hypocrite.

This is coming out as yet another sport is now being ripped apart over doping accusations.

Now it’s the Russians and of course it’s state run. Ooh that means I get two birds with one stone?! Vladimir Putin.

I’m starting to think it is looking increasingly impossible to find something out somewhere where there is no corruption? Or lies or manipulation of a countries public that are either mostly naive or will just openly support a political figure that is a liar, a dick, twat, dictator, whatever because over particular aim supports you personally.

Or is a like to call it, your completely selfish and amoral.

Luckily they are also in the minority as it’s also been obvious for the longest time that Russian elections have been rigged.

Seb Coe complains about people on benefits, not working when …

    • Running for an hour a day is not a job

    • Cheating is attempting to avoid waiting and therefore WORKING, you fucking idiot. Feel stupid much?

    • Stupid statements made regarding ‘working’ when the world is full of people make a music album, film etcetera and make enough to last a lifetime.

    • The rest want to be like this … which is both the reasons why capitalism works, almost everyone is greedy, and communism doesn’t.

    • Attempting to argue about how very little work can still be a job will have me point out that the word ‘work’ is scientific and means ‘working’ against gravity … we all have jobs! Called ‘getting up in the morning’

    • For some that ‘getting up’ might not have many things throughout that day worthy of getting up for? But we have to do it, just the same.

Except for cheaters of course. Because they could have made enough in that day to buy a new LaFerrari? Or enough property so they don’t have to work again.

That’s the bit that really, really annoys me and that if I met enough famous people live on TV there would be a while library of me breaking peoples noses out giving them black eyes. Lol.

As would those that actually think that lying and manipulating people to cause heartbreak, pain and suffering is OK but would frown upon anyone threatening broken teeth out a black eye.

I’d give those ones both!

Then I would remind them that they are still alive, moaning about any violence insinuates murder so they should feel lucky.

Then I would remind them that what I just did would heal up in a very short space of time.

Then I would point out that the effects of their own lying, manipulating and desertion would not heal in a few days, weeks, months or even years and ask ‘Now which of us two of the greater evil?’

Few medical idiots suffering with delusions of grandeur I would like to put that and do that too.

Because ignorance needs a fucking good kick up the arse before the morons being ignorant (and completely WRONG) wake up.

Plus I can record it and post it on my blogs and YouTube channel. Just to price to even more ignorant people, lol.

So then? More and more coming out to be rotten then? Yup I spoke to someone about a report that stated they might have found evidence of alien life in another solar system far more advanced than ours … why would they come here when every single government, political group, country or sports people cannot do things honourably, honestly or do an honest days work or be honest to each other?

What chance do you think they would have?

I replied with this when the words ‘load of bollocks’ was replaced with ‘they would have already seen us or been here’.

The odd thing is that I am absolutely certain that they would all answer ‘your not being realistic’ upon asked why they do this.

I would answer ‘I would wager that there are many civilisations far, far more advanced than ours that refuse to communicate because they think that exact same thing about you?!’

Prevention of the advancement of a species because of personal gain, money, power or idiot religions.

I just gestured with my head, titled forwards, to place my head in my hands … before remembering they are currently busy!


Ooh would you look at that?

I’m working!

Athletics doping: Wada commission wants Russia ban –


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