Well now there have been a few things I have noticed of late. Cannot help asking myself some questions about them and where these complaints and issue come from in sine situations?

I think these must be done complete idiots out there or people who works financially, politically or benefit via power of countries are in turmoil over immigration?

Sorry of thing that needs to be outlawed and always ignored. Well … one example.

First off was hearing of Syrians starting that there were people they see claiming to be Syrians that are not.

I test my case about Arabs and Africans, the most dishonest on the Internet from my own experience, not actually giving a flying fuck about their own people and being immoral.

Or maybe they are just the worst or most idiotic at being dishonest? Lol! One way or the other.

Angela Merkel defending something a minister said about immigration that obviously was against it. These are the idiots I referred to earlier who will benefit from immigration from turmoil financially.

Well either they benefit or they are scared of their own shadow … err I mean scared of these people and think they won’t personally be harmed if they are seen or heard of being nice, read bend over with your pants round your ankles, to these amoral and murderous morons? One way or the other.

Then I read in a report that they are now expecting 2 million migrants into the EU? Well … that’s a big number. What, you expected 2 million Tuesday night? Or over the next 2 years?

The funny thing is that despite the sarcasm and what with 200,000 arriving in like a day recently, I think it was, the first part of the sarcasm might not be far from the truth. If not now then probably before very long?

Umm .. aren’t all the Arab countries teetering on collapse, trouble, political struggle and civil war, the latter either the first time in years or once again in just a few years?

Eventually in Britain we will be wall to wall people with Brits dropping from being knifed in the back while anyone visiting anywhere between Libya and Pakistan will see nothing other than hearing the of faint cry of a high flying eagle that will outline the abandoned mass of tens of thousands of square kilometres of land.

Viewed from above there will be land going to waste in vast swathes. While on the UK you will hear a splash every now and then as someone loses their balance on the edge of the land beside the sea. Being squeezed of the edge by the sheer number crammed into the land.

They will be standing side by side of course because there are no fucking houses!!


Home Office criticised over delays in immigration cases –


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