This week I have been counting up hours. Mostly daily.

I have currently lost count and so with a quick calculation in my head … umm … it has been 144 hours, not counting today.

It has been a tough week in more ways than one.

Along with the daily severe back pain I have had nausea and sickness from what I become convinced was Helicobactor pylori, a stomach infection.

At the exact same time I was waiting for something to happen. Something that would have helped me a great deal. Money was what I was waiting for and just a percentage of what I myself have paid out over the last eleven months, though it was going on longer than this.

I have never really worked it out but in the last eleven months along it would not surprise me if it totalled £5,000 or more. Never looked and did not really care.

But I was left in an awkward situation more times than I care to remember that had a detrimental effect on my health. Noted by others I got … let us say pressure from.

Some things cannot go unnoticed.

Unfortunately this has not happened and in a week that I really needed that money back.

Unfortunately this was not meant to take place at all as this was the second week I was awaiting notification on actions.

Actions that seemed to have their own plans that people thought was OK not to tell me about. Or the fact that the plan expected me to be OK with another 3 month wait on the 4 or 5 months this has continued to drag on?!

Thoughtless I am afraid.

What makes matters worse is this very subject … let us say … endeavour also gave me a huge amount of grief. Because I decided to come clean about it with everyone once I was told it was shortly to be over. Only it wasn’t shortly to be over. I lost count of the ‘one week’, ‘two weeks’, ‘two months’ and ‘another 6 weeks’ I was told.

The news was a very major thing and at first everyone thought I had lost my mind, I even overheard someone saying as much and no I was not eavesdropping. I was simply in a car when someone was on speaker-phone. I was called crazy and statements about my drugs that do not alter my mental state ”must be altering his mind” altering my mental state.

You see I knew it would come and it is not over yet and only going to get worse, unless I am not … in this damned pickle.

Remember this is in a week where my pains have been nose diving, except my feet thank God, and this terrible nausea continuing for a few weeks. I now have been prescribed pills for.

I also have been requested to do a barrage of blood tests and two separate stool samples have to be provided!

Now what I have not told … certain people and not put on here is that both my father and my uncle died in their mid fifties. I am nearly 47. I might not look it, especially with my bloody shirt off lol, but I am.

Due to the health problems I already had that have persisted for years and the sudden huge fluctuations in my blood pressure I think I will not make it much past my father’s or uncle’s age. I am the next one in that line with this genetic Fibromyalgia problem and no one in the family has my number of symptoms.

It is not exactly ‘rocket science’!

Also my health is not helped and aggravated my my home, surroundings and lifestyle. Something I cannot do anything about. Well … I have been working towards but cannot do anything immediately about.

Also the NHS are doing their Sloth rate in the hope that I buy the farm before my time for a whole list of reasons.

I also blog a great deal, though admittedly the balance of my posts on blogs has been a little off. But this was in the process of changing and due to the £5,000 I paid out I have not got the tools I had planned to get this year.

So when it starts to look like someone does not care about me and just used me along with possibly lying to me for a number of years leading me to believe that the biggest legal case the UK has ever seen has been no more than someone’s fantasy is a little hard to take.

The last person on Earth I ever thought, well thought would never, lie to me.

I also thought the very minimum they would have learned is that word ‘reciprocation’? But no.

People are now deciding that the whole thing is and was a lie. They have tried to convince me of this for a fair old while, 90% of the time since I declared what would be received from this case.

There are several possibilities …

  • A) Subject Person ‘S’ – That fabricated the whole thing
  • B) Subject Person ‘D’ – Fabricated the whole thing as some punishment for something?
  • C) Subject Person ‘S’ – Has intervened after being made aware … this will blow up in time and destroy the whole thing as subject  Person ‘S’ was part of the damned case
  • D) Subject Person ‘G’ – That intervened directly with a wedge and an agenda
  • E) Subject Person ‘G’ with Person ‘L’ & perhaps ‘J’ – Gave an ultimatum
  • F) Any of the above could have given an ultimatum
  • G) Subject Person ‘L’ – Has an agenda with an unfair percentage
  • H) Subject Person ‘A’ – Has an agenda and a greed and will suffer in the long run
I do not like being lied to and I do not like being kept in the dark, messed about and played childish games with.
I always know what the possibilities are and little details and things said narrow these possibilities down. To one of the above. That is all of them. There are no others.
All in the list above are messages too. This means that they are clues and that the meanings can be solved by looking at the message details. Kind of a code.
Now I am going to state here that I do not believe this is anything to do with parts ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’. But some do.
I do strongly believe it has something to do with parts ‘D’ to ‘H’.
Now I will know at some point and in all honesty some of those involve me becoming very active and very loud while others involve me physically hurting people. I am not going to deny this fact. Because it warrants this and no one with an IQ higher than 30 would argue this point. Or will not when the time comes.
What I find funny is that they really have no idea of what it is they have bitten off here and added to that … neither has the one who has decided to play games.
Now if I believe I have made a mistake about one thing that’s very vital then I will have to question all that I have decided upon previously.
Much of my actions and my money gets divided up based on what I think is taking place as does that I type out and post up on my blogs. I am laughing here and how everyone always forgets about my blogs. Or what else I have at my disposal.
In fact I always find it extremely insulting to think that whoever it is has not thought for one moment that I do not have a list of contingency plans ready to put into motion.
And that leads me up to the fact that there are many things I both prepared for and bought for a plan that got blown out of the window. I put mountains of things away in my loft prior to leaving town that I am now not doing.
I was doing some printing out when two thirds of the way through a document my damned printer suddenly decides to ‘NOT RECOGNISE’ my ink cartridge. Hmm I wonder if my Epson Software updated recently. I had a row with them some time ago, everyone that works for these companies always thinks they know everything about the company and that they are smarter than everyone else! Lol! They spoke ‘bullshit’ to me when I said they were updating the software to look for third party ink cartridges and then cause the printer to refuse to work.
Bullshit, Epson. You do and in fact I would wager that you all do!
I have no sympathy for you when your cartridges cost close to ten times more than they should! If I can buy them at a 10th of the price then your either extremely greedy or extremely naive and stupid.
As your actually Seiko, the watch people, I am not happy that you want to charge £80 for leather straps for your Sportura watches either! Yes I have one and they use straps with a curve against the watch body. Something that you cannot buy third party.
Seiko? £40 qould have been taking the absolute piss … it is not a Rolex, Omega, Jaeger, Tag Heuer or Breitling. It is a Seiko Sportura, or not your own Arctura, and it is a fucking leather strap! You greed lying twats!
So yeah it has been a tough time.
Only it has been made ten times as tough by the person I thought I had a good rapport and partnership with.
I just do not know if this will continue on because the longer they leave it, be thoughtless and/or angry or even stupid the worse this gets for me. It does not get better, it get worse.
Except for one thing. Putting the plans in place I was holding back on until I was up there. These plans I am afraid have the real danger of turning your battleship over on the water.
Because fabrications and lies simply cannot exist in my world. People would have wanted to know about a huge case this size but this being a lie just turns it into a huge hoax of the most cruel and vile kind performed against the person least deserving of treatment of this kind.
Plus, of course, there was that which I endured.
I was both expecting to be requested a meeting with someone and heard my name mentioned, or told it was, several times. What happened to that? No one mentioned me?
Story of my life I am afraid, lol. But not for much longer now.
Oddly the aim was to actually do something of a bit more sacrificing. Once my own agenda was reached there would inevitably be a decision over … location. This decision has been made for me and my window area is now a great deal bigger then it was previously. It will just take a little longer, or so I think, to reach that window.
Though on that last part it would be nice when this was one of those times when it happened a great deal quicker than I expected.
Previously I was convinced that by January 2016 that the possibility would open up like the proverbial floodgates but now that previous avenue looks unlikely to dead in the water.
But my next course of action can still take place, it just wont be taking place in the location I thought it was and likely will not have the backing I thought it would. Though that last part is still a real possibility.
There is something like 7 weeks until January 2016 and that I thought would take place could still take place. The link is there and undeniable provided that I thought would happen does happen.
I do not need to be there in that location. It matters not if I am here.
I also may not need this link at all?
So I can put some things in place and wait and see and by January I will know and I can still reach that milestone I wanted to and had hoped to. Mind you this is something that could have conceivably happened back in May and any time onwards. So it is running a little late. Lol.
This action I take is now my only option of escaping a living hell I am already living. One that will get worse so the sooner I get positive feedback and, far more importantly, facts and evidence to silence the murmurings from naysayers and the awkward questions the better.
I was asked again today by another party why I was still here and that they said I told them that I would be benefiting too from all this. That the solicitors had wanted to speak to me because of my involvement going on 20 years.
I may not have many friends I see regularly but I have many friends I see from time to time and an endless list of associates and also acquaintances. It will be a nightmare.
Then there are the quarter of a million or more that have visited my blogs and YouTube channel!
Unfair pressure, stress and a living nightmare while my blood pressure, fibromyalgia, back pain and itense nausea have all been dogging me badly while being skint due to the money laid out.
The words ‘nasty’ and ‘really unfair’ have been banded about and I do have to remind people that there are no facts to state what is going on. I also state that it will remain this way until evidence presents itself one way or the other.
By December though it will look frighteningly obvious.
Three more days to pay-day and Fallout 4!
That will keep me busy for several weeks while everything else starts to pan out and I can build up some wonga again!
Though it is going to take me somewhat longer to get the Nikon D810a SLR camera and a couple of lenses along with an Celestron CGEM 800 Reflector Telescope or Celestron Rowe Ackermann Astrograph or the Revelation 8 RC Carbon or the Celestron Advanced VX 8 Schmidt-Cassegrain Scope.
They were tools needed and planned early in the year and I had £1,300 towards this, half way to the price of the Nikon D810a camera body. By February that would have been in my possession and I would only need a few months to get the lenses and another few for the scope.
Yes there are some other desirable items I wanted too. An Astell & Kern Hi-Res Music Player, as I use a player most days while out. Also always wanted a pair of Shure 535’s but noted Astell & Kern do a dreamy but overpriced par of headphones, lol. Wondering about this DSD audio codec and if it is as good as I have been hearing? Think it is all fluff myself.
Being a typical guy, well part of the time, I am also into the typical male jewellery item and oddly enough nothing else jewellery wise. The classic timepiece. Always loved some of the Rolex’s and Omega’s and absolute favourites are some very expensive Jaeger LeCoultre’s, like AMVOX models. But a Tag Heuer Carrera is what I think is the most gorgeuos watch out there and have done for about 5 years now.
I am sure you can pick up my DNA from the windows of Earnest Jones jewellers?! Lol!
But the watch is the least practical of my wanted list.
I do tend to lean towards those things that can allow me to be more productive.
However … I have turned buying almost anything into being productive.
The more things I acquire the more videos and pictures, content, I take that end up on my YouTube channel and my various blogs. Along with whatever it is a write about them. The more content on my blogs and YouTube channel the faster I attract new people and the faster I get to half a million people.
But for the whole of 2015 this took second place. Well … actually it took no place at all and was put on hold while I ploughed up to £5,000 helping someone else out with food, bills and fares for trains, buses and petrol to get to and fro from courts and solicitors.
Ooh yeah maybe I should point out that this was all paid via digital banking? Ergo it is traceable. So I can prove that I did this! Lol!
I bet no one thought of that either?!
So I have that and my options still open to me.
It is just annoying when I think I am still holding back and still protecting someone when I do not even know if they need protecting?
Though if anything pops up in the news media in a big way, which by rights it should, then there is no longer a need to protect.
Also If I find out that the whole thing was a massive hoax to get back at me … lol, well then there is also no longer a need for any protecting. *SIGH*
Well not long now at any rate.

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