Well not looking good.

Woke up around 3.30am and felt the nausea from the get go! Damned annoying!

Was due to visit a friend and as I opened my front door to leave it was raining. Great! Then I wondered if the low air pressure had some link to this damned nausea. I seem to recall it being heavy cloud the last few times this damned nausea occurred. Might just be coincidence.

As it has done each time it has occurred it persisted all day and was a bit iffy at times and I had the urge to vomit again. Last night I started rubbing heavily into my neck and I remembered a few times some months ago when I woke up digging my fist into my left neck. I seemed to be leaning heavily to really dig in deep to something. When I woke up fully I thought I was dreaming doing that?

Some days or weeks later, I do not recall, I woke up doing the same thing and just thought I was dreaming again. It was a little like the Twitcher devices, if I remember their name correctly, they use on a horses top lip. Like a wooden vice that you tighten which looks barbaric when watching one being used but presses on some gland that releases something that calms the horse. I remember have this odd nice feeling as I was digging my hand into my neck and thought it was some memory about a thoroughbred/appaloosa cross horse I used to care for.

One morning I woke up quicker and found I did have my left hand on the left side of my neck and was indeed leaning heavily into my hand so that it pressed into some tender region within my neck.

Whether this has anything to do with the nausea or not I do not know. It is not a million miles away from ground zero to the kink in the central nervous system that causes the Fibromyalgia Syndrome I have and all its many odd symptoms. As, of course, the nausea is within this region then it all starts to look a but suspect.

But syndromes are called ‘syndromes’ for a reason. They are not fully understood so it may not be listed anywhere that there is a link but does not mean to say it definitely is not linked.

Now it is 72 hours, from Monday morning but for some reason I thought it was Thursday this morning and not Wednesday. Yeah I get that a lot.

So tomorrow is squeaky-bum time, Friday the look of defeat time and then wishing to God I had moved to Sweden a few years back! Lol!

Something else I was going to type, forgot it, remembered it again and then forgot … oooh I remember … when I get the nausea I cannot even look at my computer monitor and even a TV screen without feeling ill!

Oh and Fallout 4, a PC game, is out on the 10th November and I will be so pissed off if I still have this nausea when that is released! Not looking good as I have had it for weeks already now!

Just had a phone-call from my friend to say I left something at his place too! Yeah I do that a lot too.

In fact my record number of returns to my house because I have forgotten something, after leaving to head somewhere, is four. I often wonder when I will break that record and it is damned frustrating when I do it. Two returns are quite common.

I am amazed of late that I have kept to all my appointments … umm though I keep missing my Fibromyalgia Support Group meetings, lol.


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