It is funny how things go sometimes.

I am a person that strives to do things the right way. It is all in the planning and the preparation for me and always will be. A an old friend of mine used to state how I used to knock on his door to the very minute that I text him that I would.

8pm was always a common time.

Now that I never planned, it was always an estimate of how long it would take me to get there from wherever I was.

But in many other things I plan and like to be meticulous and although I can admit that this is not the case 100% of the time I get annoyed with myself when I am not meticulous.

I thought long and hard about writing this post out and during the brief period, less than 24 hours, several things went wrong. Two of them in the last few hours.

But in my case it is almost always down to someone else, so out of my control, or it is down to something to do with me that someone else was tasked to deal with and have not.

Just as I fired up my PC to type this up I was met with an error as I tried to access my bank account to see my … balance. It is not what it should be. Though I cannot state what it will be … just higher than it is. I will get to this shortly.

No internet connection!

I looked at my Wi-Fi device and no green light. This is odd as it I plugged into a USB Hub that has been fine so far, except that sometimes when I turn it on I get no keyboard, spotted early on as I have a Roccat MK Pro keyboard that lights up blue. Or in other words … NO LIGHTS!

After this happening for around the sixth time I decided I had, had enough, unplugged the keyboard and plugged it directly into my motherboard. No more issues. Well … until a few minutes ago when I had no WIFI device.

I then realised that said WIFI device was plugged into the same USB hub as the keyboard and had not failed to come on when the keyboard had. Or so I thought but now realise that I would not have accessed my browser with no keyboard working! Umm … I think. Well I can and I know how to. I just do not think I would have done that.

I then realised, or more correctly remembered, that I have had a terrible set of experiences with USB hubs. In fact the word ‘terrible’ is an understatement and I remember even a few years back wanting to look into things on the Internet as I was sure there was some universal issue with them?

Well let me put that into perspective …

I have purchased five HUBS, one for someone else recently and four for myself over 5 years and if this one is failing that will be a 80% fail rate for USB hubs. Meaning the only thing preventing this from hitting 100% is the new one plugged into a friends computer. A computer I recently rebuilt … AGAIN because a two year old Asus motherboard’s USB ports were failing?!

YUP! You read that correct.

I have never had issues with USB ports of any kind until around 5 years back!

It also gets a little … weirder …

Yesterday I turned off my PC, with my keyboard that sometimes refused to come on now plugged into a USB socket on the motherboard. I was milling around doing some things before retiring to watch a film on Blu-Ray when I saw my keyboard still lit up and cursed myself for not switching the PC off as I thought I had, or wondered why it had decided to restart?

The screen was black. Wiggled the mouse and nothing. Hit keyboard keys and still nothing. Turned the monitor off and on again (groan) and nothing. Thought “HUH?!” looked down at my Corsair Tower Case and no blue glow from the front fans … the PC was indeed OFF?!

Looked back at the keyboard and still the thing was lit up like a Christmas tree!

Head in hands moment followed while shaking my head thinking “What the fuck is going on with everything in the world today?!”

Three hubs of the four have not worked out of the box!

That is with one motherboard’s USB ports completely failing and taking me several weeks, upgrading XP to 7 and another USB 3.1 expansion card! Now my one playing games. These are not the cheapest motherboards on the market either. One second from cheapest model of Asus and my one the MSI Gaming Series motherboard. So around £50 and £90 respectively. Yes there are much dearer motherboards, those Intel ones being a complete rip-off, but there are cheaper ones too.

The only plus note before I continue is that I have managed to stop the pain from my new shoes, after spending over £10 on over priced sticky felt, corn pads, from Boots I now do not need.

Well that is something I guess, much relieved about that.

Except, and I think I have mentioned previously, that I have been having some real hell with my back pain and then some. I have not left the house in the last few months without it being painful within minutes of standing still somewhere! Quite literally.

I have had periods of this happening but it comes and goes for weeks at a time but this time it seems to be doggedly remaining and I said to friends I am going to have to request an operation if this keeps up!

One day I took a load of Tramadol and ended up very, very stoned!

However this is not the only thing as recently I have been getting some griping with my stomach and I have no idea why. Though admittedly due to donating everything I have for another cause several times I have not eaten correctly.

But along with the griping I have also been feeling sick, think real bad travel sickness to the point of throwing up, almost every day for the past couple of weeks.

Thank fucking God I have new shoes to deal with the Plantar fasciitis type pain and sorted out the other pain the Hi-Tec’s were causing on the dorsal section of my foot. It seems you cannot tie the laces in the place I always tie laces on boots like this, second down from the top. If you do on these ones the tongue folds under the lumps that cover the lace sections and creates a series of over-size lumps that will grind into the top of your feet until it creates a sore area. An internal muscular sore area as opposed to a blister. Tie them up at the top holes and pull, or puff out, the tongue and problem gone.

The fact that I owned the previous design of these shoes and that never happened is a bit odd, I agree but this is what worked in the end.

So I have been sick several nights.

I resorted to using one of those knobbly back rollers I bought from TK Maxx a few months back when this pain had already lingered way too long. I also bought a TENS Machine at the time. Though like having skin tags on your back the GP tells you that you can deal with on your own … you cannot fucking reach! LMAO!

Those knobbly rollers, mine called Maji Roller, they feel great at the time but have no or little effect on my back pain.

So I have been pre-occupied and distracted by these things along with waiting for one of my plans to come to fruition. Well … it actually already has but I was actually waiting for that plan, involving … someone else, to sweep me up in its aftermath.

Now I am going to say … ooh my phones ringing and I will wager it is about this subject lol. I will say that no matter how intelligent you are you cannot always get some things right. You can narrow them down to a group of possibilities but unless an opportunity presents itself you cannot get one to stand out no matter how much you overthink it. Unless someone slips up or your there face to face it is simply impossible.

So you wind up with a list of possibilities. Some of these will not be good and are merely worst case scenarios. They may well be possibilities but like I keep trying to tell people over and over there is a reason I am so meticulous and a reason why I am right a large percentage of the time. Because some things might be possibilities to them but to me they are not because I have ruled them out using my own theory. It has always boded me well, more so in the last 5 years since I had to make some … tactical changes, lol.

Like my posts title ‘TEN’ and ‘FIVE’ I can only ever predict based on the behaviours, actions and statements of others. Yes this is referring to those posts.

I have not been able to publish the details due to it being both not the right time and positively self destructive.

I also had a prediction of when this will be.

Except that I was expecting a surprise visit by someone in a car, no not news media related but I have wondered about that it is true. That theory was also put forward as an excuse to why things had taken so long. People seemed to buy into it. I knew this would be brief.

So I decided a week would be long enough before I had to … do something. I gave nine days, almost, and … well had to say something.

Except I was told that it was going to have to wait another 3 months and would this be OK?

Well no!

I cannot place my own plans on hold for another three months.

I cannot pack up my daily pains into a box and put them away in a cupboard for another three months.

As to the naysayers? Yup, guaranteed three months of ripping the crap out of me!! I have had this for 4 months as it is for something that I was told was ending 7 months ago!

Oh dear!

Plus I have to plan to travel and … well I have planned and it has taken a lot of effort and a lot of work! All for naught now. Oh well, you live and learn but I am getting tired of how many times I have had to do that! Lol!

I have also put off being referred by my GP for both my still alarmingly high, as well as dropping way too low far too quickly, blood pressure. Or my back pain! AGAIN!

More bloody recordings to have to do now as I now cannot rely on anything.

I stated I had some proof being sent to me weeks ago now, remember? Never arrived.

I have not been able to acquire a single shred of evidence to that I have often alluded to in the last 7 months! Not looking good is it?

Pure logic, common sense and trust is all that I have had to go on and constantly promised I will prove all this at some point. But it has been going on for what seems like forever and I was asked if another 3 months was OK?! That is provided that just like that last 7 months there is not another delay or even series of delays?

If the latter was the case we would be looking at an entire year after I was told it was all over. An entire bloody year!

Oh plus it has cost me in the region of £5,000. Story of my life that would be fully understood if I explained it all.

Except I am not, because I am still protecting someone. Or several people actually. Still, a pain in the effing arse!

Ooh so maybe I could do something? Maybe I could move to get away from the negative people and the piss takers?! Except I have no cash! I will have in about two or three months but it is no good to me then!

Buy something? Been thinking about a few things lately actually. Nikon SLR D810a and an Astell & Kern Junior player. Except now its winter not much to take photos of and not feeling very jubilant and wanting to listen to music. Oh yeah, and I have no bloody money! Lol.

So what else can I do? How do I prove it?

  • Paperwork? Tried that, did not arrive

  • Money? Trying that now

  • News Media? Out of my hands

I do in fact have another option. One I was going to do once I travelled out of town for a couple of months.

I have mentioned this option previously and have stated that I could have taken this option at any point in time. But decided to wait because the longer I waited the easier it would be.

I do not have to wait any longer and I have decided I am not going to wait any longer.

Now this will take a small amount of money, I still do not bloody have right now, and it will take time. Except it wont take four months. In fact it will not take three months.

I have attempted this previously … very, very previously! It can take a week to a month but at least when it does and provided I get something positive I will put it on here.

So I have two options remaining and one is supposed to be taken place today, waited 24 hours for a role reversal that I have done in minutes.

Despite having 24 hours to do what I did in return in minutes I am not expecting it to happen today, if at all.

My word, how bad does that sound? Lol.

In fact someone said to me that now that you have turned the tables around I bet they do not act as fast as you have acted, doing the exact some thing?!

Oops! Clever point to make that one, one I cannot argue with either. All I can say is just lack of thought, forethought or consideration.

Plus I have had something I had forgotten about brought up in conversation. Something that happened that looked decidedly bad and handled really badly at the time. Yup … that was true … this event did happen and it did look bad. I simply could find no argument to that one.

Yup, well it has been a full 24 hours now since making that request and I am afraid nothing has changed in the bank statements.

Someone said yesterday that “It’s just another excuse and another delay. Delay after delay, excuse after excuse.” there was some other things said but I am not going to go into that right now.


I dropped enough hints about this.

What they decide to do about the request is up to them, but it is to release me of a fuck load of pressure and provide me with proof that what I have been told has been happening … well, has been happening!

They can honour the request and it still may not prove anything, quite the opposite in fact!

So things are a little on tender hooks right now. Because what may take place or nothing taking place will be decidedly final in more ways than one!

Though it is which of these finalities that remains to be seen. Hence the tender hooks!

Fashionably late is not out of the question and this can be anything up to four days. So in the event of nothing taking place the tender hooks can last anything up to four days.

Tender hooks is a regular occurrence in this particular subject. Admittedly it is rarely these days but these are events whereby each of which no one person on Earth would want to have to deal with.

Many? Death or the funny farm spring to mind when I think of others endurance to these things, lol!

Was that enough crap?

Well just this morning my stomach griping has turned into crap! Literally! LMAO! So I am now stuck indoors when my pets need food as the usual place was unable to obtain my usual regular purchases. Always down to others!

See? The Mega Crap!


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