Another limbo to work through, lol.

Just getting through a serene week and now with some cash back I have been out and about.

Was fed up with my headphone eartip situation and the fiddly nature of my triple flange tips when I remembered there was a Richer Sounds store in Southgate?!

I’d been past it a few times, not sure how I forgot it was there?

I want sure if they stocked ear-tips for in-ear headphones but they damn well should do, they are audio specialists after all. Didn’t think of Audio-T either but don’t remember ever seeing anything like that sold.

As is the case of late I was awake early and was too early even for my bank as I had to visit my branch to retrieve my rent money, oh crap!!

Arriving in Southgate ten minutes early at 9.50am I was gobsmacked to discover that Richer Sounds opened at 12pm?! I was over two bloody hours early! I didn’t even know if they stocked decent headphone ear-tips, like Comply.

I mooched around Southgate and found a quirky store of cheap and bargain priced odds and ends that had far more than usual stores of this ilk. It was called Discountland … err I think, lol!

I found several little cleaning brushes, a usable pill box and some very small glass jars complete with little corks. Good for my messing around with Orchid feed, liquid seaweed and other things. Would be good for mixing small amounts of paints, for model building/painting?

Might go back and get more.

Anyway my new shoes were back on and despite stone overly expensive padding for feet from Boots Chemist, my favourite idiot company, it was getting uncomfortable. But I had a couple of hours to kill. So I caught a tube to Wood Green. Bought scissors, visited Burger King and back to Richer Sounds.

Finally got my Comply buds for my RHA T10 headphones and they are perfect. The headphones now for properly, don’t fall out and the sound is way, way better. Even Fergie’s Barracuda lost its ear bleeding harsh edge and sounded sublime.

Job done.

Since getting home I’ve been feeling ill, however. I don’t know why but it’s that sickly ill. I don’t feel like this often and just as well because I bloody hate it.

Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow?

Oddly I was expecting, and dreading, to get drenched today. They had stated several times it would rain from about midday fit the rest of the day. Never saw a single drop and didn’t get home until about 3pm.

I’ve got a bit of respite at the moment for a few days but early next week things are likely to get … difficult again.

I don’t know why I’ve had these awkward days and never been handed the … tools to simply blow them away? Won’t really matter as long as it’s only for a few more days.

I’ve kind of been expecting something to happen, you see. I initially thought it may occur between Wednesday, yesterday, and next Monday? I still have three days to go but it will become … annoying again after Monday.

I’m guessing it would have … sorted itself out by then?

Or it may need another little push?

We will see.


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