Well … now it will never be a long time to wait.

Previously though that has not been the case. Regarding the … case! Lol!

However I realised it was pointless saying any more until I was absolutely sure. I was absolutely sure three weeks back but I still decided to wait.

Well Id did initially start by stating I do not trust anyone. I also stated that I was right in 100% of my investigations but was not able to investigate courts and judges. I needed to be able to go through the entire process … though I did this indirectly … kind of. Lol.

I could reveal it all but this would be foolhardy…due to the fact that some very unsavoury characters, two in particular involved directly in the case and both shaking with fear regarding me right now, as I made promises I have kept and intend to keep!

I really need to … well, be there. Prevention is better than cure and all that jazz.

Well I am in the dark right now about this … I am … unable to plan and give a date because I suspected that the planning … well might be taken out of my hands. Not in a bad way.

Recent statements have actually shown that I look to be quite correct in this, though still al little fuzzy in the details.

So all I can state right now is that after several really annoying and lengthy extensions that it is not only over but has been over for a while now. Trust me on that one.

No doubts on that score at all … just not too sure how it is going to play right now. There could be a waiting period over a … let us just say ‘purchase’ and then a surprise might be sprung. God I better act surprised when it happens, having the closest person to you being sop smart that you can actually predict the actions of someone that you are not supposed to know that well might be too disappointing?

Because of this I do not give it much thought into working out exactly what and when it will happen but it has had a couple of days to be put into practise. A couple more days and it might well be in place and I am suspecting that anywhere between this Wednesday, the 28th October, and the following Wednesday at the latest, the 4th November, it will be sprung.

This is the ‘taking things out of my hands’ I referred to, lol.

I am also starting to think that with each day now that passes that anyone visiting here that have been wondering what in the hell I have been on about will actually find out elsewhere. Like in the News Media. In fact it may even turn out to be the case that visitors here may read about it or hear about it in the coming days or couple of weeks and not even realise that what they are reading about is me and what I have been alluding to.

Trust me when I say that if this does turn out to be the case with some of you that despite all the I have alluded to previously there will be utter shock when the link is made. Absolutely no doubts on that particular score!

In fact once the dust settles there will be stunned visitors, maybe even many that stopped returning for whatever reason, who will then be hit with “oh my bleeping GOD! So this is what he was referring to?!” when they thought I was being over the top or pandering to some goal or another.

No goals. Just straight forward truth and when the time comes it will be abundantly clear why I was cagey about it and did not reveal all the details.

In fact I have spent several days now with my mind turning towards other aspects of all this. The possibilities that will present themselves with the fallout. I also need to advise my ‘partner in crime’ on what they should do, or ask what they would like to do, now all this is done. Well … not really ‘done’ as such, just the very hard and lengthy part is done.

In comparison to the last four years and because things needed are now not so needed any more and that being a very long way off … things will happen relatively … quickly. In comparison.

This may well be all relative. It may not appear quickly to some … umm even me, lol.

Oh God there I go alluding once more! Well not for long … I just have to make sure that it is safe to reveal things and right now it is not. I need to know a few things first. I need to be somewhere else when the local reveals are made. I need to assess the situation for any pitfalls or dangers.

After all the hard work and the waiting I just want to be sure that in a short space of time it does not all come to naught?!

Umm … yeaaaah … when things are revealed you might exclaim as to how this could possibly happen, when your aware of certain … details? Trust me when I will explain this too … and I will even point out that most of the details have been on this blog for a very long time too!

One or two smarter visitors may well have worked all this out and know exactly what it is I am going to reveal … except for the … details of the final outcome, so to speak?

In fact this is regarding what would be considered the most outlandish story and claims I have ever put on here, make no mistake. No matter what else I have put about anyone else, though proof is provided for all … I think or nearly all, this is the most fantastic of them all …

Proof final and ultimate of the outcome of my most outlandish … hmm was going to put anecdote but that … just does not come close to qualifying!

My most outlandish and horrific story and claims?

Yeah that sounds better.

All the while for a few years before I started and the 3 years plus I have been posting and all that I have done and all that I have shown and the 4 cases won and my 100% record and all the while something absolutely humongous has been waiting in the wings.

Something I have invested the most time in, made the most sacrifices for and paid out the most money, all my PIPs for the last ten months and then some, to complete.

No exaggeration and there will be others that will come on here and state … errr things! Lol.

And no they ont be stating them on here exclusively either. Like I said … a news media ban is to be lifted, if it has not done so already. A solicitor has stated repeatedly for four years that they want to go to the media. A solicitor that has stated all along that the case just keeps on getting bigger and bigger to the point that judges started to say this too.

As i understand it there has been well over 30 court appearances alone, not including meetings with solicitors off course.

  1. Magistrates Court
  2. Civil Court
  3. Family Court
  4. Crown Court
  5. High Court
  6. Supreme Court
These are the courts I have heard mentioned.
I also believe a little squirming and wriggling out of things has occurred but I will not know this for sure until I have read all the legal paraphernalia.
I am not even going top bother to TAG (label if your Google) this one. Just for the regular visitors anyway.
However where one big giant door closes this now leads to many other doors that are not off in the far distance that no matter how fast you run appear to stay the same or get smaller, or further away. There are now several doors and some with both names on and some with only theirs or mine on.
In fact it has been within my power to get one of these days opening, albeit slowly, at any point along the way. As a matter of fact one of these doors has always been a little open from very early on in the life of this blog. Someone who was paying attention to me and the blog, at least they was in the beginning.
Who might this be?
Well that would be a Literary Agent, though I am not stating which one!
I could have started that ball rolling at any point on the life of this blog but I decided not to. In fact I decided that many things that I could do, as I have so often done in the past, will be put off or delayed until things are well and truly over.
Though my love life has been non-existent for soo long I am not sure I could find one now … or even if I wanted one?! Lol.
So you want to know how sure I am? Well I do not lie and it is a fact, it is done and all dues are paid and if I maybe add that I have typed up both a report and several letters witht he intentions of sending off to several literary agents?
Not … just … yet. By the weekend though, most definitely!
There were some … difficulties … I could say a couple of dark days about a week back but these were quite unnecessarily caused by people I know and were to do with all this, yes. But that was lived through, dealt with and avoided. Others are now wise enough to keep the greyhounds at bay. Umm look up what they call the … things they put greyhounds in before the off, lol.
Hmm … maybe if a literary agents does not reply with blinkers or very dark Ray-Bans on I might get to tell them of my other 11 blogs and their subject matters?! Oops, lol!
Hmm maybe I might even get the time and space to continue the novels I started writing a little over ten years ago I gave up due to …. umm well all this! Or more specifically public services not doing their jobs, lying, refusing to help legitimate people using more lies, fraud and other bollocks.
Hmm stay tuned sounds corny. Hmm so does watch this space. Listen out for thunder might be more apt?

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