I am on a bus I’ve never been on before.

Going to a place I have only been to once and only briefly but thought about it a lot the last few years.

It’s the only thing I could think of to do.

I’m having a bad couple of days … something of an understatement I’m afraid.

I’m not going into this right now but will at a later date … except I don’t know when … which is kind of the problem … sort of.

Many of my usual destinations have been totally ruled out for today and the next couple of days. May possibly be longer than that. Again I’ll get to this later ..  umm I hope!

Oddly the place I’m going has a lot of … shops but I have no money presently to spend. Lmao!

I needed new scenery and the pitstop between bus routes seem to suggest this may help?

I’ve found myself in a very unusual hole and it’s one I simply never foresaw. I suspected something like it which would have occurred in five days time but not this and not now.

To say the wind has been blown out of my sails simply would not do it justice.

I’m both depressed and furious in a manner of speaking but it’s the former and not the latter that has been winning that war.

I’ve questioned my faith in human nature a fair deal in the last few days.

I’ve also questioned if posting on these blogs is a good idea any longer? I won’t know the answer to that for awhile either.

I have 48 hours more of this and my phone is playing up doing this as usual but with a new trick of making the keyboard disappear every couple of minutes, like then, for no reason!

My other phone had been running apps on its own and tried to buy music or something couple days back!

Weird, annoying and worrying times indeed.

I dearly hope the scenery is very much brighter 48 to 96 hours from now?!


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