I cannot quite believe the headline of the story in the BBC that reports hate crimes towards the disabled!

Hate crimes towards the disabled?! Are you for real?!

Hmm now let’s see … there is of course only one possibility… I don’t see Blue Badge stealing as a hate crime, though I could guess as to which group are likely to be the perpetrators.

I’ve seen plenty of evidence without having to go very far from my home location of people cheating the system. Fully fit people with not only Blue Badges but also in very expensive cars paid for by the taxpayer. I have had this pointed out so often just in Enfield alone it’s a complete joke.

Oddly enough it is always certain groups of people when one group I know, which is anyone British born, they are given nothing at all while having serious difficulties. Serious mobility difficulties too.

Yet each time I’ve had various people point out neighbours I often get to watch, as I’m always smoking outside, and see them then left scratching my head.

I certainly hope that this is what the report below states. Even so anyone disabled getting a hard time of it will always get my help highlighting this.

Anyone cheating anything will also get my wrath.

Disability hate crime: New PSNI campaign after 44 reports in six months –

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